Saturday, December 07, 2013

The traditional Christmas events that make the holiday
season so special and so much fun are happening now
as we enter December and the days leading up to 
Christmas pass by.

Last night was Holiday Magic .... when the shops
on Georgetown's main street stay open late and there 
are special things on offer such as cups of hot apple
cider and cookies, and free colouring books for the 
children at the White Rabbit second hand book store
and horse and buggy rides around the side streets.

Knox Presbyterian church - which is located right 
in downtown Georgetown - had a Christmas market in 
their basement with vendors selling everything from 
garden produce to home baked goodies, hand made 
jewellery and hand knitted winter wear plus lots more.

I figured it would be a great opportunity to do a
bit of Christmas shopping and so arranged for DH
to meet me there after work.   Good sport that he
is DH acted as my parcel bearer making occasional
trips back to the car when his arms could no longer
hold everything.

I crossed a few names off my gift list and we had
fun listening to various groups of carollers and to a one 
man band and we laughed at the antics of the
"tin soldier" on stilts.  

In the front window of one store was this
tree that snows.   Snow comes out the top
and sprays downwards until it is caught
in the umbrella like skirt below and recycled
back up (through the trunk I presume) to 
fall again.

A novelty but not very practical to put in
a typical household with kids and/or pets
I would think.   And yes, these are available
for sale.    I can just see my two cats jumping
into that umbrella skirt and "snow" flying 
everywhere.   No thank you.

And speaking of the cats.   Here's Rupert in one
of his favourite boxes.   I've put a blanket in this
one so if he wants to nap in there he'll be comfortable.

Phoebe under the Christmas tree.

The tree skirt is forever being pounced
on, burrowed under and pulled at as
the cats play tag and generally get 
rambunctious below the branches
whilst the tree overhead sways and the 
ornaments jingle and someone (me) 
starts yelling.

Tonight is the Christmas gathering for
DH's work.   We're going to Tucker's
Marketplace which is someplace that
I've never been before.  I'm told that
its a buffet which is great because I'm
greedy  I love having multiple choices
of dishes instead of having to try and 
make a single meal choice.

 I went to the hair dressers
this week and had my hair chopped off
and coloured.    I've been growing it out
this year but I'm afraid that I don't have
a lot of patience when it comes to fussing
with my hair and the longer it gets the more
frustrated and annoyed I get with it. 

I reached the end of my rope this week.

Since I wanted it to look half decent when
we went out for dinner Saturday night I
had the deed done.   I'm relieved.

I have one day of work this coming week
and then I'm off for four days.   During
that time a trip into Toronto is planned
to check out the Christmas decorations,
do a bit more shopping and lunch with
friends.    Then I plan on getting as 
much of my Christmas baking done as
possible.     And perhaps some gift
wrapping as well.    We'll see.



Andrea said...

I'm afraid Christmas, shopping and me don't go together. I love the idea of going to get all of my presents but then you're just overwhelmed with all these crazy shoppers. Rupert looks really at home in that box, it's ideal isn't it. Hope you had a good night out.
I have sent you an email, I hope you have received. Thank you!

Brigitte said...

It's the same here - Christmas markets in every town and Christmas get-togethers with friends and colleagues. This year I only visited one Christmas market with some retired colleagues and it wasn't that bad because we went in the early afternoon so the crowds weren't there yet, lol. And yesterday we had the last Christmas get-together with our dance club. And as I have already bought all the gifts I can lean back now and stay relaxed :)

Wishing you a great Christmas season.