Saturday, November 30, 2013

In the early 70's until the early 80's I use to watch 
episodes of Doctor Who on our local Public TV
station.   Hosted by Canadian Sci-Fi author Judith
Merril we had episodes from the time of Jon Pertwee
onwards.   I remember some of the Pertwee years
and I watched some of Peter Davison too ... but the
episodes that I never missed featured the fourth Doctor
... MY Doctor .... Tom Baker.

When the newest incarnations of the Doctor began
with introduction of Christopher Eccleston I watched 
the premier episode but somehow wasn't as enchanted 
with his portrayal of the Doctor and did not continue
with the show.   I would probably have liked
David Tennant's Doctor a lot but never managed
to catch most of his episodes, nor those of his 
successor Matt Smith.

I did make a point to watch the episode during the Tennant 
years featuring the return to the series of my favourite Who 
companion Sarah Jane Smith, played by Elisabeth Sladen 
and found it to be quite an emotional reunion for me.
As a Buffy fan I was also delighted that the villain for
that episode was played by Anthony Stuart Head.  He
played "nasty" really well in that show.   Oh, and K9
featured in that episode as well.   I was in my happy 

Well, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was 
celebrated last weekend with a special episode
which ran here Saturday afternoon on Space
channel.   DH and I made a point of watching
and we enjoyed it thoroughly.    DH had 
kept up with the new Doctor Who episodes
even though I hadn't so he was familiar with
the 10th and 11th Doctors and their histories.

But the part of the 50th anniversary special 
that had me bouncing up and down on the 
couch ... and in tears of joy... was at the 
very end when Matt Smith had an encounter
with an elderly gentleman with curly white 
hair and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
Of the surviving Doctors from the "old"
days the only one the creators chose to 
bring back was my Doctor ... Tom Baker.
Happy, happy, happy.

Then a friend provided me with this link
to a half hour long special made by Peter
Davison featuring the other three surviving
Doctors who were not included in the 50th
anniversary special and it is a wonderful,
affectionate send up of it all.   If you 
are a Who fan and haven't seen this yet
you must watch it!   It's chock full of 
cameos, inside jokes and fun adventure
with Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester
McCoy trying their darnedest to make
some sort of appearance in the special.

What I've been reading lately.

A series that I first began reading
back in 2012 which was my first encounter
with author Jacqueline Carey. This was her very 
first book and it knocked my socks off.    
Epic fantasy at it's most lyrical, enchanting and
mesmerizing with an alternative Earth history 
written in incredible detail.   If you love
the stories of George R.R. Martin then you
might be interested in this very talented female
author's take on epic fantasy ... and Carey
publishes much more frequently then Martin.
I've reread books one and two in this series
and am well into book three right now.
Once of those series you don't want to end.

No stitching, no doodling and no scrap
booking going on right now.  I'm in Christmas
mode which means ticking off my "to do"
list for the season.   Just finished the overseas
letters and cards and will be starting the local
cards after I've finished this post and a short
break for lunch.   My tummy's growling
so I'll wish you a happy weekend and
head for the kitchen!



Judy S. said...

Interesting post! And you're way ahead of me in the card department.

Brigitte said...

I've heard a lot about the Doctor Who series but have never seen it. I'm not sure if it ever featured over here, maybe it did but didn't capture my attention. So nice for you that you could see "your" doctor again in the anniversary special.
Have fun preparing for Christmas.