Saturday, December 14, 2013

What do you do when you have a few days off in 
December???    If you're me you bake!!!    Lots!!!

Everything that I've made so far sits on the old car in 
the (cold) garage.    I baked on Thursday and on Friday
with the tally so far being as follows:

Shortbread cookies  60
Ginger-Butterscotch cookies 50
mini pumpkin loaves   8
Hootycreek cookies - about 70
Peanut butter temptations  48
Creamy chocolate fudge - not pictured
Fudge cakes     2

Hootycreek cookies have white chocolate chips,
dried cranberries and chopped pecans in them.
And no, I haven't a clue why they are called that.

The peanut butter temptations are a peanut butter
dough, cooked, which then has a mini Reeses
Peanut Butter cup shoved into the centre.
To Die For!!!!

Last year I made maple flavoured fudge which
for some reason never set.    I ended up with
maple flavoured sauce instead.   It didn't go
to waste as we used it on ice cream and to dip
goodies in but it wasn't quite what I'd had in 

This year I tried a different recipe which used,
among other things, marshmallow fluff as
an ingredient and it turned out perfectly.

Some of the baking will be given as 
Christmas gifts to neighbours and the
rest will be served to anyone who drops
in to visit during the holidays.

You're all more then welcome to come
and partake if you're in the area.

Oh, I still have raspberry tarts, mince meat
tarts and perhaps Marzipan Squares to 
make .... all of which require at least
two batches of home made pastry.  And
I'll also make Cream Scones but I'll do those
closer to Christmas.

In the mail this week I received a sweet
surprise from Paula in Portugal (no blog).
This dainty little Christmas tree.   Paula
has stitched in gold thread neatly all around
the outside of the tree with perfect stitches.
Since we don't have a tree in the kitchen
that is where this evergreen treasure has
taken up residence for the holidays .... where
I can admire and enjoy it often.

Thank you Paula.

We've had some snow here today.  Probably not as
much as other areas, but enough to cover the grass
and give us hope for a white Christmas.

It's the first major snow storm of the season.   It's
been bitterly cold here this week which is funny
because a few months ago the weather service
was telling us that we were going to have a milder
then normal December and January and a green 

Or not?

On Tuesday I took the Go Train into
Toronto and met my friends Darlene
and Elaine for a day of fun and Christmas

The picture (above) was taken in the Eaton Centre
mall before the stores opened.   This tree
dominates the centre of the mall.  Those
reindeer seen to the right of the tree in the 
above picture are made up of steel bands 
and ornaments and lights and are to be 
found all over the mall.

Looking up, into the centre of the tree.
Pretty cool, the ornaments are inside
the tree instead of on the outside.

And this is me posing with the head of
one of those reindeer behind me.

We had lunch at Swiss Chalet with all three of
us ordering the Festive Special.    Quarter
chicken, stuffing, fries, cranberries and a crusty
roll.   And hot chocolate!!   Delicious!!

Our next destination was the Distillery District
a half hours walk from the centre of downtown
Toronto where there was a Christmas market going.

The Distillery District is the site of the Gooderham
and Worts whiskey distillery.   The buildings are
of the Victorian era and have been beautifully
restored and turned into shops, restaurants, 
art galleries and theatres.

It has a definite Dickensian feel to it as you can
see in the pictures.

One of the Christmas market stalls.   

I don't know if these people had heaters or 
something in those stalls with them, although
I suppose that might have been a fire hazard
since the stalls are all made of wood, but it
would have been pretty darn cold without
something of the sort.

Carollers performing on the stage.   

We walked around the cobbled streets,
popping into the stores both to check out
their wares and to warm up a bit.   It was 
a windy, bitter cold day to be outside.

I loved the old buildings .... so full of 

And here are Darlene and I freezing along
with a deer friend of ours. 
Ahem.    Sorry.

We walked back to the centre of Toronto
afterwards with one more stop at a Tim
Hortons for more hot chocolate and
cookies before heading our separate
ways home.

I've got most of my Christmas shopping
done so now it's time to begin the
wrapping and decorating and making
sure the cat (Rupert) doesn't end up as
a part of someone's gift ... given how
much he loves getting into boxes.


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Brigitte said...

Oh Judy, I wish I'd live in your area - then I could drop in and taste all your delicious cookies. And I think I wouldn't appear only once, lol. Just the names of all these delicacies make my mouth water. And the best name of all would be Marzipan, that's my absolute favourite.

We actually have the weather that was forecast for you - all the snow has melted and it's like the beginning of spring, warm and sunny, and you would never think that in a couple of days it's Christmas. Perfect for me.

Great pictures from your day in Toronto. It seems you had a lot of fun there.