Saturday, December 21, 2013

For all that we live in the so called "Great White
North" it's actually rare for us to have a true white
Christmas.   A slushy, rainy Christmas perhaps and
on occasion a green one too, but a true white 
Christmas with snowfalls a foot deep or so (or at
least deep enough to cover the still green grass) is
frustratingly rare.

We (I) were resigning ourselves to yet another green
Christmas until last weekend when we had several
nice dumpings of snow.   Everything was buried in
a lovely, crunchy blanket of sparkly snow and a
white Christmas was tantalizingly close to being a

Then the temperatures began to rise on Thursday.

And here is the results as of this morning.   It rained
quite a bit overnight and this morning everything
is covered in a thick coat of ice.    Trees, bushes,
the car and (worst of all) the roads and sidewalks.

The thing is last nights storm is not the
BIG one that the weather forecasters have
been warning us about all week.   That
storm is due to hit tonight in the form of
a "significant" ice storm.

Just got a call to let us know that church is
cancelled tomorrow morning because of the
expected dangerously icy conditions and the
likelihood of power outages.   Which is a
shame because it's the Sunday before 
Christmas so there would have been lots
of carols sung, and all the joy and excitement
that the most wonderful day of the year 

Usually we do our grocery shopping after
church on Sunday but because of the 
weather decided that it would be prudent
to get it done early today instead.   

This afternoon I baked 8 dozen mini raspberry
tarts and another batch of shortbread cookies
and a dozen mince meat tarts.   The power 
went out briefly in the middle of it all but 
thankfully that only last for about 10 

I'd bake tonight but I think that'll be pushing
my luck if the storm is as bad as they think
it will be.    I don't want to have a batch of 
something in the oven and the power suddenly
go out.

Just got a call from friends who live in Georgetown
as well but they are on the other side of town from
us.   Their power went out an hour ago and they
wanted to see if we still had ours.   

A bit of stitching has been done this week.   I watched
White Christmas on DVD last night and worked on
this project while listening to Bing, Rosemary and
Danny sing!    Love that movie.

Last Sunday was the Christmas cantata performance
at Church.   Phil has been working with the rest
of the choir, plus extra volunteers, practising every
Thursday night since October and Sunday night
they nailed it!!!   They do a cantata every year for
Christmas and it's something everyone looks 
forward to.   After the performance there was
cookies and hot apple cider for all.   Yum!!

The Christmas tree and Poinsettias at
the front of the church last Sunday 

So, we will be keeping busy tending to the 
last of the Christmas preparations in the 
next couple of days.   Hopefully once
this nasty weather passes it'll be nice
for Christmas Eve and Christmas



Rowyn said...

Merry Christmas Judy. I hope you and Phil have a wonderful festive season.

Andrea said...

I hope you and Phil have a very Happy Christmas. Take care.

Brigitte said...

We usually have green Christmas, just occasionally there is some snow, and very rarely there's a lot of snow. Our "real" snow falls in January and February. Also this year we have had wonderful warm weather before Chrsitmas and I'm always glad about it because it's always so nerve-wrecking when my sons have to drive ob icy and slipperys roads in order to get here for Christmas. But fortunately we don't get ice storms in our region. I hope it wasn't too bad where you live.