Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Okay, after several attempts I've finally gotten Blogger to accept
some pictures....and we're off to the races!!!

Hello! Happy New Year to one and all!! Hope that everyone
has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. Don't
know where the time has gone. As always the season has
just flown by.

Of course the fact that we spent the majority
of the time wrapped in pj's and blankets, plastered with
Vick's and dosed with assorted cold remedies meant that
the days passed in a medicated haze. We appreciate all
the wonderful good wishes that you all sent our way and
I like to think that they helped as much as the drugs to
chase the nasty germs away at last.

Some stitching did get done during the week, although I really had
to watch what I was doing at times, and a wee bit of frogging was
necessary before the job was done. This is such a pretty pattern.
I do so love the bees. From A Gift of Stitching on line magazine, a
collaboration of LHN and CCN, which can only result in magic.

A bit of stash enhancement, with more to come. Thanks to Sandra
at Sampler Lover's Blog I remembered what a beauty the Token
was and ordered it. It'll be a lovely partner for A Spot of Tea 1
someday. These Quaker designs are so much fun to stitch
because it's so exciting to see each small motif develop.

I'll be stitching the Cottage Garden designs by CCN as one piece,
having ordered the material to stitch them on from MaryKathryn
at Handcrafts Online. I've just ordered the last design from her.
The colours that each of these little designs uses are gorgeous!!

A lovely card, and some gorgeous thread from Dani made a
sick day a bit more bearable. So I dubbed this picture "Treasures
from Dani" and included the needle book that she
stitched for me in the summer. This thread colour is so rich and
I love looking at the variegation, one shade into another. Thank
you Dani!!!

We celebrated Christmas on December 30th, with my Mom
and SIL here. We retrieved the roast beef that had been
put into the freezer for safe keeping during the plague and
thawed it out and cooked it, with yorkshire pudding, mashed
potato's, turnip casserole (which DH hates, but the rest of us
love) and corn. Dessert was pumpkin pie made by SIL. It
was the first full meal that DH and I had eaten in over a week
and it was so good!! Mind you, we were both so stuffed after
wards, but it was worth it!!

And another winter storm came in early this morning and dumped
a pile of snow for the New Year. DH and I went out and shoveled
the stuff and dug out the car, although we have no plans to go
anywhere today. This is the heavy stuff, which required a bit of
work to clear, but it clung to the branches of the trees, as well as
just about everything else, and it looked so pretty. It wasn't too
cold out either, but that is suppose to change this afternoon, with
a sharp drop in temperature and strong winds.

And as has been something of a trend this winter, after a pile of snow
and cold temperatures, by the end of the week it's suppose to get
much warmer (double digit temperatures apparently) and a good
portion of this white stuff will disappear. We actually had some
heavy rain one night last week. It's been a wild winter so far.

Now I must go and visit blogs and catch up on what all of you
have been doing during the holidays. Once again, many thanks
for your visits, and your good wishes during this past week. I
enjoy hearing from you all so much. Cheers!!


Vonna said...

Oh my that's quite a storm....and your Bee pinkeep is looking good...I stitched this last year for a friend...I hope to stitch it this year for me :)
Happy New Year!

tkdchick said...

We're getting that storm now! Ick! We actually drove home fron Kingston in it today... our 1.5hr drive turned into a 3 hr drive but we made it safe!

You stitched up a lovely little design during your convalesence!

Glad you like the flossie!

Carla said...

Glad to know you're doing better :)
Congratulation on finishing the bee pinkeep, it's such a lovely design...I stitched it last year and it was my first pinkeep ever :)
Stay warm! Happy New Year for you and your family!!!

stitcherw said...

Your Bee piece turned out lovely, the colors on this are so pretty. Great new stash as well. I have Winter Sampler in my stash already, and recently ordered BlueBell as well (along with Rose). I'm not planning on doing all of the cottage series right now, but am planning on doing Bluebell, Rose, Daisy, and Violet as a grouping of four on one piece.

What a sweet gift from Dani, that would certainly help to cheer you up from feeling ill. Glad you felt well enough to enjoy some of that delicious sounding dinner.

We haven't gotten that much snow, so far only about 8 inches. But it is the wet heavy stuff too, which is such a pain to clear. Not sure if we are supposed to get anymore or not, I haven't been brave enough to listen to the weather reports lately. Hope you all have a wonderful new year.

Lynn said...

Happy New Year Judy! I'm so glad to hear that you and DH are back in the land of the living again!
Today's lovely storm kept my DH in Windsor at his Mom's. We heard the 401 was pretty bad from Toronto to Montreal so he stayed put. Unfortunately he missed out on our big dinner which I'd prepared for my 3 boys and my granddaughters who are visiting. At least I had help shovelling!
I love your piece with the bees. It's really pretty.
Great new stash too. I'm expecting some new stash soon!
Hope you can get lots of stitching in now that you're feeling better.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, first of all Happy New Year. I'm so sorry to hear that you both have been quite ill over Christmas. I hope you are starting to feel a bit better. I haven't been on the computer much since Christmas as I have in my house what I call "computer hoggers", (DH and sons). So I haven't had a chance to update my blog. I hope to do so in a day or two.
My you are having alot of snow. In one way I think it would be a magical experience, but in another quite frightening.
I spent my Christmas with my family at my Dads and Sisters. We stayed there a few days and had a lovely time. My sons enjoy going there as they have a swimming pool and the boys spend a lot of time in it. My two youngest sons also spent a few hours in the surf and came home water logged. While we were also down there my DH and one of my sons braved the sales looking for clothes for the wedding which is only a couple of weeks away. What a nightmare experience that was. We spent hours just standing in queues just trying to pay for what we wanted to purchase. The queue to try things on was so long that I gave up and just picked a couple of things that I thought would go together. Anyway I found something that would be ok. I just have to hope that on the 19th the weather isn't too hot or humid. Luckily for me, my sons wedding is at 10.30a.m. so it shouldn't be to bad then.
Your bee pinkeep is looking lovely and I'm glad that you got The Token. What are you going to do it on. The one I did for Karen is on 40ct. = Hope you are feeling better = Sandra.

Wendy said...

Hi Judy~ I enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at all your lovely projects...and great new stash too! I hope you're feeling better!!

Jaimie said...

Wow that is some storm! Be careful! Great finish on the pinkeep!
Happy New Year!

Pumpkin said...

You must almost be done! It's looking so lovely and the colors are beautiful :o)

Oh stash is good. VERY good! LOL!

I'm glad you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being sick for the holidays.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Hope you're feeling a little better. Your bee piece looks wonderful.

Lizzyblack said...

Wow, what a lovely site you have! We have things in common: the love for books, cats and cross stitching ;)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! So sorry that you and your dh spent much of the holidays felling ill. I'm glad you're starting to feel better now. After you wrote that you had received your first issue of Victoria, mine arrived a couple of days later ... literally days before the next issue! Your stitching projects are beautiful! I hope to get back to stitching soon. Happy New Year to you and your family! ~ ♥ Lynda

Beatrice said...

I LOVE the bees. That is so cute.
I'm glad you feel better.
Isn't the snow amazing. I like it.
I was out in it on New Years day...Went to church with my Mom. Can you imagine we were nuts but I wanted her to be with us that day.
By the time I took her home things were better. My brother and his wife came over for coffee in the afternoon. We Dutch are hearty folks.
Happy New Year.