Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello everyone. I've been tagged by Lynn of Kearnal's Korner
and thought I'd post my answers to this list of questions now,
before I have to go make dinner. Warning: the following
post may put you to sleep if read while sitting down in a
comfortable chair.

Four jobs that I've had:

Stock taker at Canadian Tire
Cashier at Beaver Lumber
Bank teller at Bank of Montreal
Multiple positions at CIBC

Amendment: Very first job I had was year end stock
taking at a Canadian Tire. A friend who already worked
there got me the day long job. I was 15. We worked for 12 hours
straight...counting everything from nails and screws
to lengths of piping and all manner of hardware
in between. Finally, filthy and exhausted we finished off
and headed home.

Two hours later my friend phoned me at home and
told me the store was on fire!! It was gutted.
All that work for nothing!!! My first job. I really
set the place on fire.....ouch!! Sorry. Moving on....

Four movies that I watch over and over:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Independence Day

Four places that I've been:

British Columbia

Four places I have lived:

that's it.....

Four tv shows that I watch:

I love and adore home improvement
and decorating shows.
Ummmm.....Don't watch much tv now.

How about four shows that I'll always love but
aren't on anymore:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Four people who email me regularly:

Bobbie at Stitching Bit's n Bobs (What can I say?
I order from them a lot.....sheepish grin)

Four favourite foods:

Chinese food

Four places I would rather be:

England or anywhere in Great Britain
British Columbia
The East Coast - Newfoundland or Nova Scotia

Four things I look forward to:

The next Harry Potter movie
The new releases from Nashville
Retiring - preferably after winning the lottery....soon!

Four people to tag....Um, let's see.....

Sandra - Sampler Lover's Blog
Michelle - Cozy Egg
Shannon - This, that, the other
Dani - TKDchick

Okay everybody, that's it....wake up!!
We're done here. You can go now.



Pumpkin said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you about your question but I didn't have your email :o( Yes, the mittens were done on 14 count plastic canvas and then felt was glued to the back to cover the mess ;o)

Barbara said...

I loved Bewitched!!

stitcherw said...

Fun entry. How frustrating to have had the place catch on fire. However, with the inventory they had a great record for insurance as long as they backed the information up, so not a total loss.

I love Independence Day and the Lord of the Rings too. Did you see where Peter Jackson got permission to film the Hobbit? He's going to do it in the same area he did LOTR, so it will have a consistent feel. That's one movie (in addition the remaining Harry Potter's) that I can't wait to see.

Beatrice said...

Thanks for sharing it's fun reading things we don't know about people.
Now I know a little more!
Peony is very pretty!!!