Sunday, January 27, 2008

After the trauma of shopping for TV's DH and I required
some relaxing time, and so we went to the big Chapter's
bookstore in Brampton. I had gift cards from Christmas
to spend, and was craving a visit to a bricks and mortar
store, instead of the on line shopping that I usually do. I'm
glad that we went because I found a few books that I would
have likely missed on line. I've read the first two sets of trilogies that Robin Hobb has
written in this series, but the third set I didn't have yet in
my library. I do now. I might just read all three books in a
row, if the mood hits me. These are fantasy, by the way.

The book on the Blitz was on sale. Sarah Ash is another fantasy
author who's Tears of Artamon trilogy was excellent. Tracing the
Shadow is her latest book, which I didn't even know was out.
Peony in Love is a book that I've had my eye on for awhile. I've
noted that other bloggers have read it and enjoyed it, so I grabbed
it yesterday when I had the chance. We've all heard about the
movie Atonement that's out right now. Well, I'd heard that the
book is an excellent read, and the story's ending an unexpected
twist, so I've been wanting to read it.

Now, I've never read anything by Julia Fox before, but I was so
intrigued by this book of hers. I've read a lot about the Tudor era,
and especially about Henry and is multiple wives. So I've met
Jane Boleyn, (SIL to Anne and Mary, wife to George) many times.
In every book she is the outsider. The one who betrays her husband
and SIL's when Henry is looking for an excuse to rid himself of his
second wife. She is portrayed as jealous, petty and prim. An

Now this book was written with much research
(or so claims the cover) into documentation and letters about the
real Jane Boleyn and promises to reveal her in a truthful telling
of what really occurred back then. Not the nasty, jealous and
betraying woman...the villain that we've always been told about.
I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

And this weeks read was Jan Karon's latest book Home to
Holly Springs. A Father Tim novel which does not take place
in the familiar environs of Mitford, as in past books. This one
takes Father Tim back to his own home town of Holly Springs.
A place that he has not visited since the death of his mother
38 years earlier.

Father Tim is retired, and at the age of 70 has settled into
a contented life with his beloved wife Cynthia, dog Barnabas
and adopted son Dooley. Then he receives a cryptic note in
the mail, with only two words written on it. "Come Home".

Home. Father Tim's memories of his life in Holly Springs
are conflicted and tinged in sadness. His mother and her
family were loving, devout and close. His father was cold,
aloof, at times cruel and estranged from his grandfather.
Peggy, their housekeeper, was a second mother to the
young Tim and greatly beloved by him. But she disappeared
suddenly one day when he was in grade 5 and he'd never
been able to find her.

In the previous Mitford books there were hints about
Father Tim's past and his relationship with his parents.
Now we find out the full story of his early years, and
the reasons for his estrangement from his own father.

Compelled to answer the call of the mysterious note,
and to face the past that has haunted him, Father
Tim returns to Holly Springs, seeking long lost
friends, answers to mysteries unresolved, an end to
the conflicted feelings of love and betrayal connected
to his father, and finally to find peace with his past.

The Mitford books are about people and their faith.
But they are not cloying, or preachy. They are
warm and amusing, and full of colourful characters.
You feel a sense of welcome, and comfort when
reading these books. Like coming home. You don't
have to be a deeply religious person to enjoy these
books. You just have to appreciate the importance
of love, family and community.


Kerry said...

Wow! Great book shopping too. That's some serious retail therapy.

monique said...

OK, you have just caused me to go bookshopping!

Did you enjoy the Jan Karon book? I've heard many mixed reviews on that one.

Pumpkin said...

Thanks for posting bits and pieces about these different books. I miss book shopping and have been going to the library. I'm always jotting down new authors that others recommend :o)

Jaimie said...

Bookstores are my favorite places to go! Looks like you have some good ones there. Great answers on the meme!

Beatrice said...

Well haven't you been busy. Wonderful shopping and great books.
You asked me about the time I spent in Bagdad. My father was sent there with the company that he worked for [Bata] and the whole family went. That was the time that war broke out with Iran and Iraq. 1961. Because of the upheavel my brothers and I moved to the Netherlands and stayed with family there for 2 years when my fathers contract was up he didn't resign it so we came back to Canada. [back to Bata in Batawa.On.
Bagdad was the same then as now. Fighting and war. Not safe for us. My mom chose to stay with dad and that was a great choice for her. A hard one mind you. I was 13. My brothers 17& 18.
We are no worst for wear and I'm sure we all learned a great deal from the experience.

Have a great week Judy.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,
How are you. School holidays finished today, (yipee she says) so I will be able to get back to my blogging. What an amazing book stash.
Thank you for posting the book by Jan Karon. I have read and loved alot of the Mitford books. I will have to keep my eye out for the new one.
Let me know what you think about The Atonement. It is on my list of books to get. I have been trying for a few weeks to get Water for Elephants. Will have to wait until I next go down to Sydney. - Take Care _

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,

Yes Queen Mary was supposed to marry Prince Albert, the Duke of Clarence. I agree with you that she got lucky. I have also heard the story of him being Jack the Ripper. I have tried to find on internet if there are any colour photos of the rug but so far I haven't found any. I think it would be stunning. I could see it on the floor in Windsor or Buck Palace.
With the doll house if you had seen it you would remember as it is about 5 feet (in old money as they say) tall and probably about 4-5 feet wide. What is amazing about it is that everything in it works. I think the scale was 1 to 12. It has lifts that work, you turn on the tiny taps and water comes out etc. All of the tiny books are written by famous writers of the time and so are the paintings (famous painters).
Because I am currently trying to finish hand quilting a quilt for my son I haven't much to post at the moment so probably next week I will post some photos of the dolls house on my blog.
You and I seem to have similar tastes. I also love history royal or otherwise. Actually I'm very good on royal history.
By the way did you get your Victoria mag. There was a huge stuff up with the second copy coming to Karen so as yet I haven't got mine. Hopefully the second issue will be in the newsagents nextweek. Anyway I quite enjoy my chats with you. Good luck with the weather. We keep having really bad thunderstorms with hail and blackouts. The other afternoon the hail was golf ball size. Luckily I was home and not in the car otherwise I could have same damage to the car - Anyway have a lovely weekend - Sandra.

Lelia said...

Oh, tv shopping ... I'm thinking more and more that I could probably live without one!! Now, my boyz & DH are a different matter : )

I enjoyed Atonement. I read it a couple years ago. I read about 1/2 of it & set it down -- so it would sink in, then I finished it.

It really is one of the great books.

I had mixed feelings re. Jan Karon's latest book. It seemed slow going. Maybe it was just me.

Lynn said...

Don't you just love Chapters? I could spend the whole day in there!
On average how long does it take you to finish a novel? I find that now that I'm stitching more my books are collecting dust on the shelves. It seems to be one or the other with me.

stitcherw said...

You found a bunch of lovely books, you'll be quite busy for a while. The Robin Hood ones look interesting, I may need to check those out.

I really like the Jan Karon ones, they are a warm comfy read as you say, they make you feel happy reading them. Have you ever read any of the Harmony series by Philip Gulley? They are a lot like the Mitford series. If you like Mitford you'd like Harmony as well.