Sunday, January 27, 2008

I've got lot's of picture stuff today so I'm going to do a post
about my stitching and then another post after it about books.
Jaimie tagged me for a book quiz and so answering that might
take up a bit of space. My postings are not known for their
brevity. My latest project is from the book Sweet and Simple
Country Cross Stitch by Lori Gardner. Very colourful
with lots of quarter stitches and back stitching. But it
is a change from the projects that I've been doing and
I've had my eye on this design for some time now. It
will be just a section of the overall design that's in the
book, plus I'm taking an image from another part of
the design and adding it onto the end of this section.

As mentioned last week I'm still finding the coloured
squares for each thread change a bit hard to tell apart
which can be most frustrating, but I'm managing and
so far I think I've made the right choices. There will
be a lot of colour used by the time this is done. I love
the little blue bird.

This week I got two stash deliveries. One came from
Stitching Bit's n Bobs and the other from MaryKathryn.
Continuing to add to my collection of basic beige/brown
or neutral fabrics are three packages of fabric's that run
from light to dark.
Then we have charts. A few LHN and CCN of course, and
most of the others are all new designers to me. Stitchy
Kitty's Snowman Trio caught my eye as soon as it was
featured on the various stitching store sites and I love it.
I still have to order the special buttons that go on it but
I've ordered the threads and I think that this will be a
fun stitch.
Actually, this is a bit of a winter/Christmas themed order
with snowmen and Santa's and winter scenes. Oh well,
Spring is two months away (insert groans and moans here)
so what can you do but go with the flow.
Many people have stitched the Tea Room and it's such
a pretty design, and since I'm a tea drinker it's quite
appropriate for me. The problem with all these new
charts is that I want to start all of them NOW!!!
Fortunately by going to all your blogs, and seeing you
stitching some of these designs it allows me to live
vicariously and satisfies my need to start 10 projects
at once.

I've been enjoying (insert sarcastic tone here) a bit of
a cold for the past few days. Nothing major. It's
mostly a stuffed nose and a bit of a raspy throat. More
annoying then anything. And my nose is so sore now.
I've been plastering it with creme to try and ease the
soreness but then I sneeze and....

DH and I went out looking at new TV's yesterday.
Our currant TV is almost 20 years old and beginning
to show signs of it's age. We figured it's time to invest
in a new one before the old one craps out for good.
Unfortunately for us we're not much for technology,
and in twenty years TVs have changed....a lot!!

We hear advice from friends, and listen to the spiel
from the salesmen at the stores and we feel our
heads start to spin, and our eyes glaze over. It goes
right over our heads. As I told Monique on her blog
a few weeks ago, it's like Fred Flintstone looking for
a new vehicle in a George Jetson dealership.

Enough to post the bookish portion of
my weekly blog.


Kerry said...

You've done some great stashing there. My favourite is the Ladybug pattern from LHN. I think that is just so cute. Now you have to choose what to start, which will be difficult.

(And thanks for the lovely post over on my blog the other day.)

monique said...

Oooh... great stashing! I hope you feel better soon.

And good luck with the TV buying! Did I tell you I found out that there's even a recommended TV size based on the distance you'll be watching from? I can't remember the details, but for us we "needed" a 26" because our couch is about 6 ft away from TV. The best thing to do is research online and then go to the store, I think.

Pumpkin said...

I like colored charts to be honest. I find them very easy to follow. I had a hard time going to b/w. If the b/w chart is large enough, I'm okay. Otherwise, I do a lot of coloring ;o)

WOW! Great stash. I'm green with envy ;o)

I hear you when it comes to technology. I try to keep up but it's almost impossible these days! LOL!

Beatrice said...

Yippee a new TV. Have fun. I'm addicted to ours!!47in LCD.
Wow you managed to find lots of charts the Santa is so cute. They all are.
I Hope you feel better soon.

Vonna said...

We just got a new LCD flatscreen right before Christmas, I think ours is 49" or something like that...can't remember, but my DH did the reaserch and got LCD instead of plasma for some reason, I think the glare. BUT we cot a Sony Bravia...and it is AWESOME! first "new fangled" type of TV we've owned and it's super! LOVE IT!
Your stash enhancement is amazing! I love your choices!

Carla said...

Great stash!!! Love the snowman trio cute!
Your wips is looking great!

Lelia said...

Wonderful selections of patterns ... [books too, btw] ... wow - you will be stitching a lot this year!

I totally know what you mean about charts with color squares. They are just difficult!!!

Are you feeling any better? I hope you are on the mend!

Lynn said...

Wow, great stash! I'm waiting for Stitchy Kittys to arrive and I've got LHN Snowflakes all kitted up. I want to start everything at once as well. Just wait until after the Nashville releases!
Our TV died a slow death at the end of the summer. We ended up with a Toshiba LCD but only a 26 in. Great picture!

stitcherw said...

Lovely new stash, you got a little bit of a lot of stuff. The LHN and CCN's are my favorites (surprise surprise). I loved doing the Gingerbread Cottage. I'll enjoy watching the different ones when you start them. Your new one is looking so pretty too, I love the little bird.

Good luck with the TV. I'd be in the same place you are if I went shopping, I am so not into new technology. However, my TV is about 25 yrs old now, so it is on borrowed time as well.

Sorry to hear you've been fighting a cold, hope you're feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Oooh, fabulous stash - no wonder you want to start everything right away.