Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, my two orders from Stitching Bits n Bobs arrived last week, which
made four long, busy days at work a bit easier to bear. Above is the
group of LHN and CCN charts that I chose to get. I'm adding the CCN
flower packs to my stash as they come out, and when I have them all I
think I'll stitch them on one piece of fabric, altogether. They are so
sweet, but I have to say that Peony is my favourite so far. I now have
LHN's Little Blue and Little White Houses charts, and I'll get the Little
Red Houses chart next. I love all of them and they'll make a great
grouping, someday.
A mix in this group. I didn't realize when I ordered the chart for Debbie
Draper's Lacy Pinks that the thread to stitch it with was included. It's
Carrie's Creation Magenta, and boy is it Pink!! I love the silhouette
part of this PS chart and will probably stitch this before the larger
design. The Just Nan chart is a project that I've seen several people do
and I love the colours of it. There's specialty stitches in this one that
will be a challenge for me to do.

I also ordered two fat quarters of hand dyed Jobelan, in 28 count Sand
Castle and Bittersweet. I love these hand dyed fabrics, and the many
beautiful colours that they come in. And of course I got the new
Christmas Ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. There are about half
a dozen design in there that I'd like to do, although I don't think some
of them are really Christmasy. I also received a pile of hand dyed
threads in a multitude of colours for various projects that I want to do.
And most importantly, I now have the thread needed to finish Spot of
Tea 1. WooHoo!!

Why is this man smiling??? Well, here's DH in his equivalent of stash
shopping....I guess. He bought himself a new car and brought it home
today. There have been a few sleepless nights for him as he fretted
and considered his options before deciding on what car to get. He had
been driving an Chevy Impala for the past 5 years, and he's always been
fairly loyal to GM when buying cars. But this time was different. He
went elsewhere to test drive a few cars, and in the end he chose to break
with tradition!
So here she is. A 2007 VW Jetta. Pretty, isn't she?? DH was looking
for a more fuel efficient car, and even test drove the Diesel powered
version of the Jetta. But that proved to be beyond his budget, so he
ended up with the gas powered version instead. We also weren't sure
that he'd be able to fit into a VW car, since he's 6'5 and very long in the
legs, but he was pleasantly surprised at how roomy this car turned out
to be. He also chose to get the standard model instead of the automatic,
so now he's getting use to driving with a stick, which he hasn't done for
a few years. We spent the morning driving around the area, running
errands and allowing him time to settle into driving the new car.

And one of the stops this morning was the Needle Gnome in Acton,
because I needed some DMC thread for my current project. I left DH
sitting in his new car, reading his drivers manual and poking at buttons
and turning knobs, and went into the shop for I'm
not sure, but I think I was in the shop for about half an hour. I came
out with the two charts, some 28 count Jobelan in a nice beigy colour,
some DMC threads, and extenders for my largest Q-snaps, to allow
me to do some of the bigger projects that I have in my stash.

Thank you everyone for your comments on Faith. They mean a lot
to me.

And yes, it was hard to come home from the cat shelter without an
armload of furry felines. But two is our limit here, and so I forced
myself to behave. My friend Nolle, who is the one who volunteers
there every week, has developed a love for many of the cats there,
as many of the volunteers do, and that's why she's got four cats at
home! And each of her siblings, and her parents have cats too! And
her in-laws! Lol!

After the balmy, humid weather on Monday we waved a fond
farewell to Summer and embraced Autumn with open arms, and a
heavy sweater. Monday it was 33 Celsius here, today it's 11. But
I'm not complaining. The furnace is on, much to the delight of
Phoebe, who lies on the vents and toasts her tummy while the
rest of the household freezes!! It's dark when we leave for work,
and because of my long days working, it's also dark when I come
home. I'm beginning to feel like a Vampire.

Which reminds anybody else watching the new show
Moonlight??? The writing is nothing special but the guy who
plays the Vamp hero (Alex O'Loughlin) is quite yummy. Be
warned, since I'm watching this show, and liking it, it'll
probably be canceled before too long.

For some time we were wondering why the clock hanging on
the wall in our living room was often hanging crooked. We
don't get earthquakes very often in this part of the world, and
no heavy traffic or anything else that we could think of that
would shake the house. Then one day we came home from
somewhere and saw this.....

That's our boy!! Honestly, you've got to wonder what goes on in
their heads sometimes.

Happy stitching everyone.


tkdchick said...

Wow what a stash haul!

Oh yes your hubby looks very happy with his new toy!!!

Our cats may be strange ... but we love them!

Kerry said...

Fantastic stash haul - for you and hubby both. Congratulations. Hmmm, feeling like stitching now. Please, keep inspiring me.

Karen said...

Nice stash! Your hubby looks thrilled with his new car. :)

Funny kitty picture. :)

Litla Skvís said...

First of all, NICE STASH!

Second of all, great car!

Third of all, your cat cracks me up! LOL!

Glenda said...

Jettas are good! We've never driven anything else. And we splurged on the diesel. What we've saved in repair bills with diesel engines as more than made up for the difference in price.

monique said...

OMG!!! That picture of your cat is great!! LOL!

Congrats to Dh on his new car, and wonderful new stashing on your part as well :)

Carla said...

Great stash!!!!
Congratulations to your husband for his new car!!

Lelia said...

Oh my ... a new car, new stash & a very funny pic of your kitty : )

all the joys : )


Pam said...

Kitties do the funniest things,gave me a smile LOL. Your DH looks so happy with his new toy, the only VW I've had was my first car, a 68 beetle, fond memories LOL. Love the new stash you bought. I especially like the LHN's, I have lots of them in my stash but not stitched any yet... need to fix that LOL. Also, you'll really enjoy stitching the PS four patch, it was quick and easy to stitch! I just finished my last project (will post it later on my blog) so now I get to decide what next! Seeing your new stash is giving me new ideas LOL.

Beatrice said...

Niiiice Stash. You did it up right!!!
The cat is so funny. you wonder how they do it some times?
You DH looks very good in his new car. Nice choice!

Lynn said...

Love your new stash! I'm a big fan of LHN. The Debbie Draper piece looks interesting too.
Congrats to your DH on his new stash! My DH is considering a VW for his next purchase mainly because of all the gas we spend commuting.
I got a kick out of your cat!! Don't you just love them!

Barbara said...

That is a brilliant photo of your cat on the clock!! The things they get up to, huh? ;)

Great stash haul - also for your DH! :0) I'm a VW lover at heart, but I'm very short so it's easier for me to love even the legroom-impaired models. ;)

Lelia said...

You have been awarded the You Make Me Smile award. Thank you for making me smile.

Beatrice said...

Hi There.
I have a surprise for you on my blog ,have a look!!

samplerlover said...

Just scrolling down your blog and I noticed that you are a Victoria Magazine lover. Did you know that its being republished by The Hoffman Media (JCS Mag) and The Hearst Media Co. The first issue is due November/December. They have a web site with all the details if you want to check it out. Hopefully it will end up in Australia and it will make my day. I used to love that magazine
Love your blog and work by the way.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,

Thank you for your lovely comments left on my blog. Yes it made by day when I discovered that Victoria was coming back. As you said I just looking at it. I have about 14 years of them and I still love to sit down with a cuppa and go through them. Even now I always find something to enjoy about them.

My collection of needlework has taken quite a few years to do and I still have a few photos to post. I used to love Cross Stitch and Country Crafts mag and have done a few things out of them. I also have a few years worth of them. But as I have grown older my tastes have gone back to antique style samplers. I find that now I have better access to finding them and I am getting quite a nice collection. A few years ago I decided that as I have 3 sons it would be nice to do a collection of samplers for each one and that when they moved away they had a little bit of me. One son has moved away and has taken his with him. I think he cherishes them and he gets a lot of lovely comments about them. Its nice having a chat with you. My email address is - Sandra.

Karen said...


Faith looks lovely all finished. Congrats!

Wow, you really have been stash shopping. However are you going to chose what to stitch next out of it all?

There are a few magazines that I buy every month and can't live without (or at least can't live without for now as it changes every so often). My favourite sci fi magazine is SFX and have bought it religiously for over a year now. Not surprisingly my favourite part of the magazine is the book reviews at the back.

My favourite craft magazine for now is Scrapbook Inspirations. I love it for all the ideas it gives. Doesn't just show you how to make baby and wedding pages.


Michelle said...

Great stash! Love all the things you got! Congrats on the new car for your DH, Eric has been having bad car karma all week. Hopefully it is over with!! And I am glad you solved the Case of the Clock Jumper - how funny!

Lynda said...

Great stash, Judy! I love LHN designs and you've bought a few on my wish list! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog in your post below! ~ Lynda ♥

lapplisor said...

Oh what marvelous sewing sample, and so much at one time.
I love it also, and wish you much joy with the work!

The car drives hopefully marvelously, because also my daughter drives VOLKSWAGEN = VW ;-)

Greetings Barbara

stitcherw said...

Wow, what wonderful stash you got. Several of the patterns I have in my stash as well, and the fabric you got is gorgeous (as is your DH's new car).

Loved the note on the kitties. My cat Bug also loves to lay in front of the heat vent and warm his tummy when he has the chance. Also the picture of your clock with your cat on it was great, they do seem to decide to do the oddest things.