Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catching up with my is the project that I've been
working on for the past three weeks now. This is a Linda Myers
design from leaflet #80 ~ Favourite Quilt Blocks. I am thinking
this might make a nice companion to the red snowflake patterned
piece that I stitched at the beginning of this year. It's not the most
stimulating pattern I've ever stitched, but I have to be on my toes
because I've found 3 errors in the pattern so far. Not hard to spot
them thank goodness, but it makes you worry about what errors
might be there that aren't easy to spot.

I'm going to visit with my Mom and have lunch with her tomorrow
and I'll be taking something to stitch on, plus all my new stash, to
show her. May take Spot of Tea 1 and work to finish that off. I've
missed working on it and the hole with the missing motif is taunting

I've placed an order for fabric from MaryKathryn's on line site,
which is the first time that I've ordered from her. I've ordered the
fabric that she's offering to stitch all the Country Cottage/Crescent
colours design collaborations on together. And fabric to stitch the
Sampler Game Board on, plus other neutral fabrics.

I was cleaning up my craft cupboard last weekend and came across
some stitching projects that have been laying in my finishing drawer
4-ever!! This piece was stitched by my Mom, and I have got to get
this framed. It's so pretty, and I love the colours. Becky, this would
make a nice companion to Bird Bath, that you stitched for your Mom,
don't you think??? We do get all these birds at our feeders by the

I haven't posted about my reading hobby for quite awhile
now, and am shocked about that. So here are two recent
finishes to tell you about...starting with the above by Gail
Tsukiyama. I enjoyed reading this book very much. It
takes place over a span of about 30 years, and follows the
lives of two brothers, raised by their grandparents. One
wishes to train and become a Sumo wrestler, the other a
designer and maker of the traditional masks used in the
Japanese theatre. Part of the story takes place during the
second world war and that alone is an interesting and at
times harrowing period to read about. I will be reading
more of this authors books in the future.

This is only the second book by Pauline Gedge that I've read.
I really need to get the rest of her books because she really is
an excellent writer, especially her books that take place in
Egypt. This book tells of the early life of Huy, a young peasant
boy who's wealthy uncle arranges for him to go to a prestiges
temple school in a large city, away from his home and family.
Huy does well in school, and makes friends with the son of a
wealthy family who treat him like one of their own. Then,
when he's about 12 years old the jealous actions of another
classmate result in a life changing and transforming experience.
As much as this is a story based on Egyptian history, I would
also venture to classify this as a fantasy of sorts as well. I
expect there to be a sequel to this book, since it ends when
Huy is 19 and you just know that there is much more of
his story to be told.

I have to thank Lelia, and Beatrice for nominating my blog for
a "You make me smile" award. I was flabbergasted when I
read your comments and checked out your blogs. It made
me feel quite pleased, although I have to acknowledge that
a lot of the smile inducing credit probably should be shared
with the cats, and Rupert the ham in particular. Thank you

Monique, Sandra, Karen and Glenda ~ all new commenters.
Welcome to you and thank you for stopping by and leaving
your comments. It was so exciting to come home from long
days at work, open my computer and read all the comments
that had been left. Then to travel to your blogs and gaze at
the pictures and read the posts. Very relaxing. And very

The first week of driving his new Jetta kept DH on his toes
as he practiced his standard driving skills, and got use to the
quirks and challenges and differences from his old Impala.
The car has endured it's first rain since we got it, it's first
run on the highway, it's first 650 km's, and it's first bird
pooping on the hood. DH has also been kept busy picking
tiny leaves out of the car's nooks and crevices, which fell on
it when it was parked where he works.

We had an Octoberfest barbecue at work on Thursday.
Hot dogs cooked on multiple, extra long barbecues. Quite
yummy. No beer though. I don't drink, but isn't the beer
the whole point of Octoberfest???

We're off to a party this evening to celebrate our friends
Ron and Charlene 20th wedding anniversary. The party
is in the town of Sutton, near Keswick and on the shores
of Lake Simcoe. It'll be a bit of a trip, taking about two
hours. I wish that I could stitch in the car, but find that
there is too much movement. It's subtle, but I do notice
it. Are any of you able to stitch in the car???

I have a day off on Monday...guess what I'm planning on
spending the day doing???? No, go on....guess! :)

Taken on Thanksgiving. After a pile of turkey and trimmings what
do we all do?? My Mom is going to kill me when she sees this.....
(grins wickedly). Cheers all. Have a great week.


samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,

Thank you for your thoughtful comments in regards to my Mum. She has a bulging disc in her neck area which is causing half of the trouble along with the cancer. They have filled her up with morphine and she's off with the pixies, and she's not doing too well. We are traveling down to see her and my Dad within the hour. My sister said that they are going to ease her off the morphine today and hopefully by the end of the day she will be feeling a little bit better. But she's also having a lot of trouble breathing so I don't know. Doesn't look good.

What a lovely bird piece your Mum has done. You have a beautiful collection of birds in your bird feeder too.

I have to admit that my "girl with the rabbit" took me quite a while to do. Its one of those that you do a little bit put, it down and then do a little bit more five years later. The part that didn't motivate me was the back ground as its done on cream linen. For me it was "Thank God Its Finished." If I did it again I would use the color linen that they recommend. At the time when I did it I couldn't find it here. Thats why the cream was used. It think also thats why I have never done the little boy.

Beatrice said...

Your stitched piece are so nice.
Oh By the way Pauline Gedge is one of
my favorites.It's even on my Profile. She hasn't written enough books but I have not read This one so I will look for it.
Thanks for the tip!!
And the picture of your Mom...We've all been there. Just not on camera..LOL

Carla said...

o_O Your mom is going to be so mad lol
Your wip is looking beautiful!

Glenda said...

You're welcome.

After your DH gets used to driving standard, he'll never go back to automatic. It's so much more fun to drive.

monique said...

What a sweet picture of your mom and kitty :)

As far as stitching in the car goes, I do "car projects" which are smaller designs on an easy-to-see fabric like Aida or 18ct linen. That's when I'm riding... if I'm driving, I need the 7ct LOL

Lili said...

Hi Judy,
since we've been commenters on Karen's blog for some time now, I thought it was high time for me to visit your blog and I'm happy I did!
I'll be back,
Take care,

Lynn said...

I love to see what you're reading. It always leads me to try out new authors. Favourite Quilt Blocks is really lovely. Sure doesn't look like there are mistakes in it!
As for stitching in the car - nope, tried that many times and it never works out. Just when I think I'm doing okay my DH hits a bump and I mess up. It's just too frustrating!

monique said...

I just tagged you :)

tkdchick said...

That blue quit piece is so lovely! Yes its hard to keep motivated with pieces that don't challenge you enough!

That piece by your Mum is just lovely... you definately must get it in a frame soon!

lapplisor said...

Hello of Germany,
I is an inspired sewer in the car. I knit there also sometimes on our long travel to Sweden.
My cloth is a 32ct or a 33ct linen, it goes to practicing now well ; -)
The lost hours of the travel are so well filled out.

Your Blogg is fantastic - I am very inspired by your work.

Cordial greetings from Barbara