Monday, October 08, 2007

A happy dance. Finished Faith by Little House Needleworks last
weekend. Made a few alterations to accommodate the colours of
the fabric that I stitched it on. The boarder was Magnolia, but I
changed it to Rosy Glow. The flower and butterfly that were
stitched in Magnolia I backstitched with Clay Pot to make them
more visible. Thanks to Dani who suggested back stitching to
make these two motifs more visible. I'd been considering doing
just that myself, but having you also suggest it gave me the
little bit of added confidence to go ahead with that solution. The
small butterfly in the upper left corner I also changed the colours
on, skipping Magnolia there.

Linda (stitcherw) the Queen Anne's Lace fabric is from Stitching
Bit's n Bobs site, and is listed as their hand dyed Jobelan. There
is no other info on the site for this fabric, so I'm wondering if they
dye these fabrics themselves. I haven't ordered any other type
of hand dyed fabric so I can't offer a comparison to others for
sale out there, but I really like the way the colours are layered
on these fabrics. And the colour choices offered are beautiful.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and the weather has
been unbelievable. Today the temperature is in the high 20's Celsius
with the humidity making it feel even warmer. Saturday we had rain
for much of the day, and several thunderstorms. Since I love the rain,
and thunderstorms, I enjoyed that day very much. It was also hot
and muggy that day as well. Yesterday it rained a bit, and was cooler
with the temperatures in the low 20's, and by evening there was a
heavy fog covering. Today we are expecting rain and probably more
thunderstorms in the evening, and this will be the final hot day we'll
have this year. By Thursday the temperature will be around 15
Celsius, which is normal for this time of year.

My Mom, and SIL came for the traditional Turkey dinner with
all the trimmings yesterday, and SIL stayed overnight. She
made the pumpkin pie and the stuffing and the cranberry sauce.
We did the turkey, mashed potato's, acorn squash and niblets
corn. Oh, and the whipped creme for the pie. It was a delicious
feast, and we'll be having the left overs this evening. And probably
for lunches this week too.

Here is Rupert and my Mom sharing lunch yesterday.

A week ago I joined a friend to drive up to a small, privately
run cat shelter which is located about half an hour north of us.
This is a no kill shelter, run by volunteers, with a feline
population of around 40 - 50 cats at any given time. My
friend goes there every Sunday, usually with a partner, to
clean the rooms and feed the cats. Her partner was doing
the Run for the Cure (breast cancer run) that day so I went
up instead to help as much as I could. Probably spent most
of my time petting the cats, and grooming them, and having
a ball playing with them. Below are photos of two of the
residents. Don't you just love the eyes on the white cat???
Most of the cats have free run in the main room, but the
kitty in the cage in the bottom picture wasn't fussy on other
cats and so had to be kept separate.

Thanks for the info re: missing bloggers Michelle. I found a link to
Tempus Fugit's blog and am pleased to be able to read her again.
Sorry to hear that Karen V. is no longer blogging.

Hello and welcome to Lynda at Hedgerow Hallow, a fellow Ontarian
and a lady with impeccable taste in decorating, former costumer,
gardener, crafter and fellow fan of Victoria magazine. Lynda, I had
no idea that Hearst publishing was publishing Victoria again, starting
in November, until you left your first comment on my blog. I was
stunned...even more so then usual! I went to the magazine's site
right away and put in a subscription request. Oh boy. I can't wait
to get that first issue. And this time I'm hanging on to every issue.
I'll find someplace to put them. Somewhere.

Do any of you folks collect a magazine?? One you wait for eagerly
every month, or bi-monthly. That you can't bear to pass on to
someone else after you've read it, or to cut up or whatever.
I have been collecting Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion for
years, have kept every issue and reread them over and over again.
I have also subscribed to Entertainment Weekly and have done so
for almost 10 years. I don't keep those, except for the Oscar issue.

I took out a subscription to Cross Country Stitching last January
because I loved the designs that they showed from previous issues
in their catalog's. Typically, since getting the magazine every
other month I have not found one design in any of the issues that
even remotely appeals to me. Sigh. Wonder if any one out there
would like to take them off of my hands, since I'll never use them?
No charge. They're just taking up space anyways.

I'm expecting two parcels from Stitching Bits n Bobs this week.
Threads, charts and fabric. Oh my!!! Can't wait. I've also
started a new project, which I'll show on my next post. It's a
Linda Myers design.

Cheers all, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Beatrice said...

Happy Thanksgiving Judy!!!

What a lovely story about the Cats.
They are both so pretty. It sounds like a nice place for them.
Your Faith is beautiful..The colors are perfect.
The weather sure is warm. I'm with you, bring on the Fall.
By the way the waterlillies and rayon floss are for the Moonlight Dragon that I'm going to stitch in a SAL with Christin...That's why she sent them ! Just to get me started on the kitting up of it. She is a Gem!!!
Have a great day.

BeckySC said...

Hi Judy :)
I love how Faith turned out :) Congratulations :)

Love the cats...and what a wonderful shelter for them.

Have a lovely week :)

Lynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Our weather here cooled off after Sunday but we've been lucky up until now.
I love the changes you've made to Faith. I started stitching this last week and don't really think the border will work for me in Magnolia either.
I enjoyed hearing about the cats. I'm a real cat lover and I'm afraid I'd come home with all of them if my DH didn't stop me!

Barbara said...

Happy (late!) Thanksgiving, Judy! The Canadian T'giving always sneaks up on me because I expect it to be in November.... You'd think by now, I'd be able to remember!

Your happy-dance finish is great! Just love those soft colors! Good call on the backstitching - it makes such a difference. :)

Carla said...

Faith looks wonderful! Love the colors in that design!

Pam said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weather to go with it! I sure wish we were getting warm weather over this way, it's been cold and we already had snow, brrr! LOL Faith turned out beautiful and I think the backstitching is a perfect touch. Adorable kitties, I wouldn't be able to come home without one LOL. Looking forward to seeing your next project =)

Michelle said...

That kitty in the cage looks just like my Hamlet. He's a little fussy too. I love going to help out at the no kill shelters, but my problem is I want to bring them all home! Glad you were able to get to Tempus Fugit's blog. Faith is gorgeous - I love the changes you made, they came out perfectly. I love my Mary Engelbreit Home Companion. I used to love getting Martha Stewart Living, but then my interest in it just sort of petered out. I'm thinking I may have to jump on the Victoria bandwagon now!

tkdchick said...

Hey Judy, your finish looks great and the BS really helps the flower and butterfly pop.

As for the hand dyed Joblean its from Wichelt (one of the fabric production companies) and they dye it. I love this line of fabrics and have quite a bit of it!

Sheryl said...

Dear Judy,

I found your blog on my cousin's (Lynn from Kearnel's Korner) and just have to ask. The cat shelter you visited...was it Cats Anonymous and was the kitty who is antisocial with other cats Suzie-Q? If it was, we almost adopted her but unfortunately it didn't work out but with Tish's help, we found another lovely is a wonderful shelter for sure. I cross stitch as well (but am nowhere near the pro Lynn is!!) but do so enjoy it. We don't get together very often as she lives near Ottawa and I just outside of Mount Forest but when we do we thoroughly enjoy chatting and stitching.

Must scoot...