Friday, October 26, 2007

A special posting because Monique tagged me to tell 7 things
about myself. Please try to stay awake for this....and I'll try
to keep it short (ha!!) and sweet.

1) I have a rare blood type - AB RH negative.

2) I don't know how to drive a car - I've never wanted to
learn to drive a car.

3) I'm an only child.

4) My DH has one sister who never had
kids. So I have no nieces or nephews either. Bummer.

5) I'm a loner. I love being by myself. (See only child
reference above)

6) I find it hard to talk to people, especially people I
don't know.

7) I've been to England 4 times.....with my parents in 1978,
by myself in 1980 and 1982, and on my honeymoon with
DH in 1990. I would love to go again. And to Scotland
(Hi Karen), Wales and Ireland too.

There. Hope I haven't bored you all to tears. I'm not that
interesting a person I'm afraid.

I hope to write a stitchie post sometime this weekend, but
it's going to be one of those weekends where we'll be running
constantly, and be home rarely, so I'm not sure how that'll
work out. So maybe I should just keep going here, instead
of balancing my cheque book, which is what I'm suppose to be
I don't think that I've ever posted a picture of this piece . I stitched
it back in my first cross stitch period, 10 years ago. It is a Dimensions
design, the designer being Barbara Mock. The only thing left to do on it
(I think) is put french knots (here we go again Dani) around the little
boys head, and that will be his hair. I stitched this on white Aida,
which I don't like anymore. I'm a linen/evenweave snob now. Anyways
I have a companion to this piece which is about 3/4 stitched and I
suppose should be acknowledged as one of my UFO's. It's also on Aida.
It's called Sarah's Friends, also designed by Barbara Mock. Perhaps
And what I read this week. This book I admit being attracted
to initially because of the beautiful cover.

"Constance was adopted into the Thorne family. But she feels
herself to be an outsider, even before discovering that she
was adopted. She is a gifted musician, her sister is deaf.
She is dark, while her sister Jeannette is sunny. Her mother
and her sister share a closeness that Constance cannot feel a
part of. But she and her sister fall in love with the same man.

Constance runs from her family problems, forges a
successful career, and finds a refuge in Bali for a number of
years. Then she gets a call from her estranged sister, who
is dying, and suddenly they must both face the bitterness
between them over the past, and find forgiveness."

I'm paraphrasing the description from the back of the book
here. There's also a secondary story running through the
book involving Constance's nephew and a girl he meets in
the streets of London, who's visiting England but wants to
settle there and make herself into an "English girl" rejecting
her life in her homeland of Uzbekistan.

This was an enjoyable book, although at first I thought that
the secondary story was a bit jarring, and wasn't sure I
wanted it intruding into the main story. But eventually
everything fit together, and melded into one cohesive
unit. The characters are well written, and three
dimensional. The background story of the sister's
lives growing up is told in flashbacks, including how they
both fell in love with Jeannette's fiance Bill, and the
inevitable heartache which followed.

I will be checking out more books by this author.

Must go.....Moonlight starts in a few minutes.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Cheers.


Beatrice said...

I must say it was fun learning a little bit more about you!!
I find you a wonderful writer and most likely a very interesting person in RL as well!!!

You asked me about Halloween!!!
We have lived in this house for 10 years Halloween night and have had 4 little trick or treaters one night 4 years ago.
I always have candy in case they come..All be it stuff we like... and that night they got it all.
They never came back!! go figure.
It was chocolate bars. The little size but lots!!
We live a long way from the main they were driven.

I also have switched to eavenweave and linen. All my Aida is if I am stitching the whole piece to cover it all.
I still like to see any stitching and it doesn't matter what the fabric is.
Stitch with happy fingers.

Gina E. said...

I like these questionaires! Agree with Beatrice that you are an excellent writer and very interesting person. Hard to believe that you have difficulty in relating to people in person, as you are so open on your blog.
That is a cute piece of stitching you have unearthed from your past...LOL at the comment about being a linen/even weave snob!!!
Thank you for your kind words of support on my blog; I'm finding that my cyberspace friends are equally if not more so, concerned about my state of mind as my in-the-flesh friends.

Shannon L. said...

You were in Sutton ? You drove right by my door ! :D By the way, tell your Mom she looked smashing on Thanksgiving - I love the outfit she's wearing... and her feline companion looks pretty happy to sit near her in that pic too :)

Your UFO is destined to be a UFO forever if you're not a linen/evenweave snob. And let's face it, you won't stitch it again on linen/evenweave because then you'd notice the difference between the two and it would drive you buggy. I've been there. sigh.

That book sounds rather intriguing :) Trust your blog to feed my "what new author should I read next" cries. lol

I agree with Gina and Beatrice - you're a fabulous writer, and I love reading your blog :D And one of these days if I stop being such a nervous nelly, I'd love to meet you in person LOL

Karen said...


I loved reading your seven things too. We have a few things in common. I find it difficult to talk to people I don't know and I'm a loner too. I grew up with a sister but while she always likes the company of other people I prefered to lose myself in a book. My mum was like that growing up although she had a brother and a sister.

The dimensions kit is lovely. Are you planning on finishing it? I am not a huge fan of aida either. I will use it if it is part of a kit or if I think whatever I am stitching will go better with it. I do prefer evenweave and linen though.

Oh, and you are welcome in Scotland any time. My ideal place to visit is Japan. Actually I have a whole list but Japan is at the top.


monique said...

I don't think that was boring! It's interesting in particular that you don't know how to drive! How do you get around? I was an unusual kid because I didn't rush right out to get my license; in fact my parents MADE me after I turned 17 (16 is legal age here) just in case there was an emergency and I needed to drive someone to the hospital LOL I still don't care to drive, but I can't imagine not being able to.

samplerlover said...

You and I have a few things in common as well. I have a sister and I enjoy being on my own so I am a bit of a loner. I also have been to England in 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1982. I also have a copy of the book you have posted but as yet haven't got around to reading it.

Your little people is quite cute. If I remember rightly I think their was a chart in the Cross Stitch and Country Crafts mag that although not the same was similar.

Lynn said...

I was surprised to find you have difficulties relating to people in person. You are so open on your blog and I really enjoy reading your entries.
I have been to England once as a teenager but my DH has been a few times and plans on taking me back with him.
Your new read sounds interesting. I might just check this one out!
Like I have time to read lately, lol!

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, Thank you for the kind comments that you left on my blog. Yes my Mum was an amazing lady who loved us all very much. She had been ill for a long time.

I am going ok my Dad, Sister and my family are coping well. We all tell ourselves that Mum is no longer in any pain and is at peace. I have started stitching again. I am trying to finish The Token for my friend Karen. I have 3 samplers planned to do. I find that my needlework is what gets me through when I suffer some sort of tragedy.

Its nice to know that I have made so many nice stitching friends.

By the way my friend Karen is getting Victoria magazine in her beautiful shop called Dragonfly Dreams so I will have no trouble getting a copy. Hopefully it will be in next week. Thank You again - Sandra.

tkdchick said...

OMG Judy, get those FK's done or as I do ... colonial knots. Too bad Toronto is 5 hours away I'd stop by and teach you how to co a CK!

AS for there being lots of stichers in Ottawa. I know they're out there but I can't find a group of ottawa laides to stitch with. In terms of the usual suspects I had over... the cosest was Christin who lives about 30 minutes from me. The rest of the ladies had at least an hour's drive to my place. I love getting together with others to stitch... its just not happening with Ottawa ladies so don't feel bad!