Saturday, September 22, 2007

Well, back to a posting dedicated to stitching...mostly. Another weeks
work on Faith and I'm well past the half way stage. I was a bit worried
at the start that some of the thread colours would not show up too well
against the Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan that I chose to stitch this project
on. I did a floss toss, but a full skein of thread will show up better then a
double strand, so I still wasn't sure. In the end I might have wished that
the Magnolia colour, which is what the flower is stitched in, showed up a
bit more, but it's not too bad. I am very glad that I decided to stitch the
boarder in Rosy Glow instead of the Magnolia though. And I am quite
enchanted with the little snail climbing up the stem of the flower on the
left. How cute is that??

I went to Stitching Bits n Bobs website. I wanted to check on an order
that I'd placed for threads and a couple of charts about three weeks
ago. I went through some of the "new" arrivals. Not a good idea.
Before I knew it my finger was clicking on the "order" button, over
and over again. It must have been a muscle spasm. Or a nervous twitch.
Would you believe I was possessed maybe??? Sigh!! I'm so weak!!

My currant read. This would be classified as Epic Fantasy. Book
four in this series. The problem with this series is that the author
tends to release a new book with a wait of about 2-3 years in
between. It's been 10 years since the first book came out. This
one's been out for a year. These books are wonderful reads, but
the author has crammed each book with characters, and with
detail. Lot's and lots of detail. And I'm having trouble remember-
ing everything that's happened in the passed, and also keeping
all the characters and their relationships straight.

You get the complete background of each country involved in the
story. You get it's mythology, it's religion, the history of it's rulers
and it's hero's, it's traditions, it's enemies, and it's allies. As you
can imagine, each book is big. And because of all this, it's hard to
remember from book to book what's happened to each person
featured, as well as to each country, province, city, town, and village.
You've heard the expression "a cast of thousands"?? Well, in each
of these books that is very much the case. And each of these
characters has a history too. This author makes Tolkien look like a

I could read each of the previous books again, and then read this
one, but they are dense reads, small print, and it would take quite
a while. I'd probably forget everything again by the time that I
got to book four. So I'll just keep plugging away. In spite of all this
I'm still loving the book.

It'll officially be Autumn when we wake up tomorrow morning, so last
Sunday I pulled out all of my Fall and Halloween decorations. I love
these colours. This is the divider between our front entrance way and
the living room. The weather here has been unseasonably warm, if not
downright hot at times. According to the weather forecasters we're in
for a warmer then normal Fall, and very dry.

It's also election season here. Our provincial election is in about three
weeks. In the States the equivalent would be an election to pick a new
governor for each State...I think. As usual the accusations, and the
denials, the claims and the counterclaims, are all flying fast and furious.
And we're suppose to wade through it all and make sense of it, and
ignore the blarney. All so that we can (hopefully) elect an effective
leader/party who'll run the province, and not ruin it. It's going to be a
long three weeks.

We went shopping for a few things this morning. One of the things that
we needed was cat food. Phoebe will only eat Fancy Feast Turkey.
Rupert is on special food from the vets. When we got home and unloaded
the car we dumped everything in the front hall to get sorted. And
here's Rupert sitting on top of the case of his food. My question is....
how'd he know it was his???

Does anyone know what's happened to Tempest Fugit's blog??? I
believe her name is Ann, and she's in France somewhere. And she
stitches the most amazing samplers. When I try to follow my usual
link to her blog I get a message saying that the requested page
doesn't exist. My Favourite Things' blog is gone too. It's message
says that it's been deleted by the author.

Shannon, the Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan is lovely stuff to stitch on.
A nice hand dyed piece, with the colour nicely layered (if that's the
right word for it). A subtle change in the colour. And I love working
on evenweave. It's a nice soft piece of fabric too. I don't like a stiff
fabric, since I don't stitch in hand.


stitcherw said...

Faith is looking lovely, and it does look nice on the Queen Anne's fabric. Who makes this color? It looks like it would great for a number of pieces.

Fall is coming to my area as well. The leaves are turning and starting to fall, and the chill is in the air. I love the color and feel of fall, but would like it even better if it wasn't the heads up that winter is on its way. Ugh, I hate winter.

Yup, there is doggy ice cream. It is called Frosty Paws and comes in little cups. The cups are like the tiny cups that people ice cream sometimes comes in. They've done something to the dairy in it so that it doesn't upset dogs tummys the way real ice cream sometimes can. Both of my dogs absolutely love it.

Carla said...

Faith is looking so beautiful!
Love your autumn decoration :)

tkdchick said...

Faith is looking great have you thought of a little BS to pop out that flower a little?

Hmmm my cats always seem to know when I'm bringing a bag of their food in the house. I think they recognize the sound!

I'll be getting your giftie in the mail this week!!!!

Karen said...

Faith is looking lovely. I think the magnolia flower looks good on the fabric. I totally agree with you, the snail is very cute.

I went on to my favourite sewing website and did the same as you. I actually only meant to order some floss and came away with a couple of Christmas ornamant kits too. If it's a weakness then I suffere it too, lol.

I read the first in this series a while back and loved it too. At the time I had read a few other fantasy books by authors who are highly thought of in the fantasy field. I really didn't enjoy them and thought maybe I was just growing away from the genre. After reading that one though I realised it was just those books.


Beatrice said...

Oh I love the fall. Your decor looks all warm and cuddly.
Faith is so nice. That is very pretty fabric.
Sorry to hear about your weakness with threads and charts! I'm not sure that it is curable. Oh well maybe T&C anonymous will help...LOL. I'm sure I need help as well!!!!
Have a great day.
Love those books!!!

Lynn said...

I just received Faith in my last SB&B order. I think the Queen Anne's Lace is a nice choice. I've yet to find fabric for mine. I have that same weakness whenever I visit my online shops. It's just so easy to hit those keys!!
My cat also seems to know which bag is his when we get home with his food. It's like he's psychic or something.
As for the election... I don't want to think about it. I've given up on most of the candidates anymore!

Gina E. said...

Chuckling over here at Rupert recognising his food! Topsy knows the difference between her cans of food and the dog canned food! If I get the dog food out of the fridge or pantry, she doesn't even look in my direction. But get the Whiskas out, and she's right there under my feet!
It must be an American 'thing'- to change your decor with the seasons! I never met anyone in Oz who does that. Mind you there are another 20 million people that I have never met here, so...

Michelle said...

I am still able to get to Tempus Fugit's blog I believe that Karen V. did delete her blog, but not sure why. On the Focus on Finishing blog Anne stated that she was taking a break from blogging. Faith looks beautiful btw!