Sunday, September 09, 2007

I have some progress on Spot of Tea, but it's just one motif, and a
start on another. I'll save an updated picture for next time. So
instead I'll post some more pictures of my library, and make this
more of a book posting. Above are some of my box sets, at the very
top, romance, bodice rippers, and supernatural romance on the
next two shelves, and on the bottom shelf are my collection of Jean
Plaidy historical fiction books. Many of these I brought back from
my first trip to England, about 30 years ago. All shelves are double

Please note the carton of very rare cow eggs on the one shelf of this
bookcase. I believe these are eggs from the Holstein breed of cows,
hence the black on white markings. Cow eggs are very hard to find.
The females hide them well in fields and under bushes. These are
taking a heck of a long time to hatch, but I'm hoping for some sweet,
mini-holsteins to run around in the back yard and keep the grass
trimmed. I figure the cats will get a kick out of them too.

These shelves hold my Star Trek (classic) and ST-TNG books. I
gave up trying to keep up with these years ago because there were
so many of them coming out at one time, it was impossible to keep
up. But the ones that I have are old favourites that I refer back to
again and again. The bottom shelf is books related to tv series,
such as the original Battlestar Galactica, Beauty and the Beast,
Forever Knight, ST-TNG, and V. The middle shelf is all
classic Trek in paperback, and the top shelf is all Star Trek, in it's
various incarnations, in hardcover.

Hmmm. I guess you could classify this collection of books as reference
books. Bottom shelf are books on everything from fantasy art, to
books on the making of my favourite Sci-Fi shows, to travel books,
a few history books, and cat books. Second shelf is my collection of
Reader's Digest publications, my "Chronicles of..." series, a series on
the kings and queens of England, and a Time/Life series "What Life
Was Like in...". Top shelf is my collection of kids books in hardcover.

All pictures are clickable for closeup inspection of titles, if you so wish.

It was the family barbecue at my Mom's residence yesterday. We were
over there by 11:00 so that we could get a good parking spot before the
crowds started really gathering and parking a problem. There was a
lovely selection of food (as always) and we ate well. Here's my Mom
enjoying her lunch. (She's going to kill me when she sees this picture...
This is the outdoor patio, where the food was prepared and plates filled.
You could sit outside to eat, or eat in the dinning room if you preferred.
We ate in because of the pesky bees (sorry Becky) flitting around outside.
After lunch we visited for awhile in Mom's room, then DH went home to
mow the lawn, and Mom and I settled in a sun room at the end of the hall
in her section of the residence to cross stitch (me) and knit (Mom). It
was lovely with the sun streaming in, which also made for good stitching
light. We chatted, stitched and snoozed (Mom) until DH came to pick me
up around 5:00.

Michelle and Linda, the thread that I am using for Spot of Tea is Olde
Willow Stitchery-Quaker Colours, Philadelphia Red. But you should know
that the colour (to me) is more of a dark rose to a light rose, then actual
red. The most recent progress picture is very dark and not a true represent-
ation of the colour.

I'm reading Kathy Reichs newest book Bones to Ashes at the moment and
it's a fast read so will probably be done by tomorrow. It's sitting on the
kitchen table, and every time that I pass by I pick it up and read a few
more pages.

Cheers all!!!


Shannon L. said...

I love the Holstein eggs ! LOL

Your library really is a dream. You must be thrilled. I went hog wild this weekend and bought myself 6 books - I don't know when is the last time I splurged like that on books ! I'll just blame it on you :)

Your mom looks like a fun lady :) What a great BBQ that looked like !

tkdchick said...

LOL Bodice Rippers! LOL... Looks like I see some Joannah Lindsey in there!

Karen said...

Thanks for more pics of your library. I am still very jealous. I used to have lots of Star Trek books too. Due to lack of space I had to give them all away. I had to chose between those and the rest of my book collection and they lost out along with all of my Star Wars books. They did go to a good home though (a fellow sci fi fan). You taste is definitely very wide and varied.

Looks like you and your mum had a fantastic day.


Beatrice said...

It sounds like you had a ball. Your Mom is a lovely lady and eats burgers good for her!!!!
Love the books! Enjoy your day.

Lynn said...

What an awesome library! Sounds like you have a real variety. When I'm finished a read I end up taking it in to the local used book store where I get credit for it or just trade it for another. I'm a member of Doubleday but haven't placed a recent order. Kathy Reichs is a favourite of mine but I'm hooked on Jodi Picoult right now.

Carla said...

Nice library! have a LOT of books!

Lelia said...

WOW!!! Your books are incredible. I stopped buying and shelving a few years ago -- just wasn't enough room in this tiny home of ours.

I usually borrow from the public library & return. Lately, I have not read much. My GF loaned me an Anne Rice book - I forget the exact title; however, it is a religious sort of story based on the childhood of Christ. I didn't get very far into it [yet].

I've had lots of 'visits' lately -- eye appt, dental appt, more dental work, taking the pets in for their annual check-ups. I'm really quite tired of it & look forward to some sort of routine to develop.

Anyhow, enjoy the day : )

Michelle said...

Your cow eggs are great! I love seeing more photos of your library - so inspiring. Thanks for the info your thread for Spot of Tea.