Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well, this afternoon I decided to sit down and see if I might be able to
teach myself how to do colonial knots. I found a likely tutorial site, with
fairly clear diagrams, and step by step explanations and began a few
practice attempts. It didn't go too well at first. And I'm not the greatest
when it comes to perseverance, but I kept going anyways, and finally
had a couple of successes in a row. So I picked up Peaches and started
to work on giving my kitties eyes and, in one case, a nose. The results
you can see above. I'm fairly pleased with how they turned out. Okay,
truthfully? I'm damned proud of myself. Chest puffed out, big grin on
face etc. There's no stopping me now. Whoo Hoo!!!!

Picture is clickable for a closer look, if you'd like.


Pam said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats to you! I am not good at any kind of knots myself.. well, unless you coung the kind that seem to end up on the back of my stitching a few rows back, when I finally notice them and have to rip it all back out LOL

stitcherw said...

Give yourself a big pat on the back from me, I think it looks wonderful. Peaches is so cute, I love the colors and the cats. You did a gorgeous job.

Karen said...

Yeah, good for you. I have never tried colonial Knots. I used to use beads in place of french knots. One of my first projects had dozens of them. Thankfully I think it looked better with glass beads in it's place and I have since learned how to do them.

Peaches looks lovely!


Litla Skvís said...


Beatrice said...

Good for you!!! Dani will come up with something very nice. I know, she always does.

Beatrice said...

I meant so say your Peaches looks great.

tkdchick said...

Hi Judy, you won the 800th post draw at my blog... please get in touch with me at

Gina E. said...

Good for you - my ability stops with French knots!