Sunday, July 08, 2007

Awhile ago now I mentioned DH's car in my blog and Gina asked for
pictures on behalf of her DH. I promised her that I would dig out some
pictures to show her, and then spent the next two months or more
remembering my promise, and then forgetting it again. Getting old, you
see. Anyways, I finally acted on my promise and got DH to provide me
with the pictures that I am posting here.

My apologies to Gina for taking so long with this. And I apologize for
the questionable quality of these pictures, but we don't own a scanner
so I ended up taking pictures of the pictures and reproducing them here.
They're blurry, but you get the idea anyways.

So here we have DH's baby. A 1955 Buick Special, 4 door hardtop. All
original, interior and exterior. These pictures were taken 20 years ago
at our first house, when DH was still a bachelor.


Karen said...


Thanks for the info on Elantris. Will definitely take a not of it as a future read.

The bookshelf is looking lovely. I think that most avid readers would love this piece. I look forward to seeing it finished. Peaches is also looking lovely. It's cute that the three girls are just as excited to see it's progress.

Great stash collection! Those threads look so silky and the colours are lovely.

I will also have to look out for all these bloggers you mentioned (I love reading new blogs).


tkdchick said...

What a great car, Todd would love it!

Gina E. said...

Thanks so much Judy - it was worth the wait! Ken had a close look and was very impressed! He is more into bikes than cars, but still admrires restoration on any vintage vehicles - bikes, cars, trains, whatever!