Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's time to celebrate. Well, actually I've been celebrating for a week and a
half now, since I finished The Bookshelf that long ago. This one means a lot
because it's not just another lovely design, but also because it represents
a love of mine that has existed for as long as I can remember. My love of
books. I'm not sure where I'll hang this once it's been framed. The logical
location would be my library, but the room is wall to wall tall bookcases
so there is no room there, unfortunately.

I've been terribly remiss in keeping my blog up to date, but the weeks
have just flown by and I've never had the time to devote to composing an
entry. Last weekend we had company all weekend. The weekdays have
been filled with work, and when I've been home I've been sitting outside
cross stitching. When I am on the computer I've been reading everybody
else's blogs and stuff.

Darlene was here last weekend for a movie weekend. Betcha can't guess
what we went to see? A little movie called "Harry Potter and the Order
of the Phoenix". We'd planned to go the weekend that it opened here,
but something came up and we had to postpone it a week. No matter,
since it was well worth the wait. DH actually accompanied us to see this
one, since he's also read all the books, and has seen all the movies in the
theatre. We all thought it was an excellent movie, and I think that
Daniel Radcliffe has really evolved into a fine young actor who has made
this role his own in every way. Loved Imelda Staunton as well.

After the movie we headed to the bookstore so that I could pick up a copy
of the last Potter book. Sniff! Can't believe that the last one is here and
we'll have no more to look forward to. At the store I chatted with the
check out clerk, and she said that the store was open until 1:30 am, with
two long lines of people snaking through the store and out the door. All
waiting to either pick up the book that they'd ordered, or just to pick up
the book without ordering it ahead of time. She said that it was a fun and
memorable night, but also exhausting.

I also picked up a few other books and things this week. I added two more
Maeve Binchy books to my collection. I love her! I have about a dozen of
her books now and I just about devour them when I read them. They
are stories that I can really loose myself in.

I also picked up the DVD of The Queen, with Helen Mirran. I've been so
eager to see this movie, but it came and went in the theatres around here
pretty quickly, and we never had the opportunity to go. But I planned to
add it to my DVD collection anyways, and when I saw it in Zeller's I
grabbed it.
Here is my latest project. Samplers and Such - Spot of Tea 1. Oh, this is
going to be a fun stitch. I love all the little motifs and look forward to
creating each one. This is being stitched with the recommended varrigated
thread - Philadelphia Red from Olde Willow Stitchery - on 32 count cream
coloured fabric. I'm not used to stitching on 32 count, and find it a bit
hard to see what I'm doing. And I'm using a smaller needle, instead of my
usual, old favourite needle. The smaller needle has a sharper point to it too
and I keep stabbing myself in the same finger with it. Well, at least it keeps
me alert.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words about Peaches in my previous
blog. It's great to share my love of stitching with you all, and your advice
and encouragement is invaluable. Hmmm. It seems that I'm not the only
one with French Knot issues.

Imagine my excitement last weekend when I read Dani's comment on my
last post, advising me that I'd won her draw for her 800th post!!! I was
beyond excited. What a thrill, and honour, to be chosen to receive
something made by her. I'm still dancing around the house because of that

My latest reading finish is by my favourite mystery writer, Elizabeth
George. This one features Deborah and Simon Allcourt-St James and
takes place on the Isle of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands. As
always with Elizabeth George, I was immersed in the story from the
get go. Full of wonderful, fully drawn characters, with lots of
interesting history about the time during the second world war when
the Nazi's occupied the Island. If you haven't read Elizabeth George
and love a good mystery I highly recommend her, but I also
strongly suggest that you read her books in order. The back stories
of her main, featured characters (usually featuring Inspector Lynley,
his wife Helen and his partner Barbara Havers as well as the St
James) really need to be followed in order as their relationships
unfold and develop in each book.

I am now reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yum!

Phoebe reserves the final word! Meow!


Dar said...

Hi there,

Well now that your have "The Queen" on dvd, we'll have to watch it the next time I'm visiting.


Kerry said...

Thanks for your comments over on my LJ. I'm feeling more human now, which is lovely.

Your bookshelf is just lovely. So many people seem to love this pattern and have stitched it. Maybe I'll have to add it to my own wish list.

Good book haul too. Happy reading. We have HP7 waiting for us at the bookstore but haven't had the chance to pick it up yet. Much as I'm looking forward to reading it, I'll be quite happy to do so with the accompanying hype so don't mind that I haven't got it yet. We will soon.

stitcherw said...

Bookshelf turned out lovely, congratulations on such a beautiful finish. This is also in my stash to do sometime. At the moment I'm still working on Peaches, I liked your finish of it so much I couldn't resist it any longer. :)

I just saw the newest HP movie today and really enjoyed it, totally agree with you about him growing into a very good actor. All the kids in this are doing so well, they did an amazing job casting them for the series. I wish the next movie could be here much sooner than it will be.

While I did get the newest HP book haven't had a chance to read it yet. However, have read several in the Inspector Lynly series, they are very good. Seems we have similar tastes in books as well as stitching.

Your new project Spot of Tea will be lovely, and Phoebe looks very comfy in her seat.

Karen said...

The Bookshelf looks lovely all finished. Congrats on your happy dance. I'm almost sorry that it is finished though. I have enjoyed watching your progress and seeing what else will appear. Your new project looks good too though.

How are you getting on with Deathly Hallows?


Michelle said...

Congrats on the Bookshelf - it is gorgeous. Why not frame it and then stand it on one of the shelves in front of the books? I definitely need to stitch this one. Enjoy The Queen - I thought it was an amazing film!

Gina E. said...

Meow indeed! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful kitty!

Gina E. said...

Now that you've finished The Bookshelf, shall I keep an eye out in the mail for the pattern?

Shannon L. said...

I love Elizabeth George ! I'm a book or two behind. But her stories always grip me :)

Bookshelf is fabulous. I'm always looking for a book/reading related design to stitch for my book obsessed mother. That one might have to be added to the list :)