Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Bookshelf is now self explanatory. One section left and this project will
be done. I hate to speculate, since it's hard to judge how much stitching
time I'll have in the coming week or two, but it's possible this could be a
finish soon. Hedging my bets, I'd predict that it'll be done by the end of
this month. Hope I haven't jinxed myself now.

The kids across the street (Naomi, Hannah and Laura) all really liked
Peaches a lot, and kept asking for progress reports whenever they saw
me. Well, it's about done except for the eyes and a nose on the little cat.
Thanks to suggestions from both Dani and Shannon I will be researching
how to do colonial knots instead of the recommended french knots.

And now for some stitching stash and equipment news!! To start, behold
my new Ott-Lite for stitching at home!! I am so tickled with this light.
I have terrible eyesight, and none of the lights in this house were any
good for stitching. If in the house stitching, I'd sit in the bay window of
our living room for the daylight coming in. But it wasn't comfortable, or
practical. And the cats have first dibs on it anyways, so I had to share
with them, and Rupert kept stealing my threads. So now I can sit in my
comfy chair and stitch away, and actually see what I'm doing. Huzzah!!

Latest arrival from Stitching Bit's n Bob's....threads to stitch an assortment
of projects, including some Brittercup pieces. Such pretty, pretty colours.

And these threads are to be used to stitch "A Spot of Tea 1" by Samplers
and Such. I think that this will be my next project after "The Bookshelf"
is done.

And of course, a couple of charts. I really love the "Home" chart on the
right, and I suspect I'll choose to stitch the top right pictured piece sooner
rather then later.

I have had some new visitors to my blog in the past week, which had me
all excited! Welcome Ladies.

Dani...I've been reading her blog for quite some time now, and she is one
amazing stitcher. You should see her Noah's Sub that she's been working
on for awhile now. I've seen that piece finished and hanging in my LNS
(The Needle Gnome) and it's jaw dropping awesome! Dani also does
model stitching on occasion, especially for Dragon Dreams.

Michelle....wonderful stitcher, as you might expect, but she has been
putting together the most beautiful Kimono quilt and I love it!! She's
been collecting the materials for this quilt from all over, and she has
a keen eye for colour and patterns on fabric that compliment and enhance
one another. She also ends each of her blog posts with a "what I'm
grateful for.." sentiment, which is so sweet.

StitcherW....A new blog to explore and stitcher to get to know. Has
many furbabies. Well, consider me happily at home in her world. Her
daughter just ran off to join the circus! Lol! Truly! I'll be exploring
this blog further.

The drought continues around here, and so does the watering ban. DH
has mowed the backyard this afternoon because it's shaded by trees
and manages to stay mostly green and growing. The front yard however
looks like Death Valley on a bad day. Tiny wisps of straw. And the
filthy, rotten squirrels are continuing to dig in my flower pots, picking
the flower heads off of my straw flowers and throwing them around the
deck, and eating the leaves off of my geraniums. My neighbour hangs
baskets on our mutual fence, and the squirrels have picked all the
geranium flower heads off of the plants in them. We've never had
them behaving so badly before, but this year they're going nuts!

I've almost finished reading "Belladonna" by Anne Bishop (hi Kerry).
Its the sequel to "Sebastian" which I read last month.

This is getting a bit long, and I've got to go make some salads for
tomorrows dinner because we're having company. Cheers all.


tkdchick said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love comments (well who dosent?) and I always follow them back to visit their blog in return.

Also thank you with all of your wonderful comments!

I'll be anxiously awaiting your finish on the bookshelf. I think I should get that and stitch it for my library????

stitcherw said...

Your Bookshelf is looking great, you're going to be done before you know it and have a lovely finish. I think what I enjoy most about this piece is it combines two of the things I love, stitching and reading.

Peaches is so cute. I do not do well with french knots either, they never seem to look right. Colonial knots seem to turn out so much better that I almost always do them instead. I hope they work as well for you as an option.

Lovely stash, I'm sitting here drooling on my keyboard over your beautiful flosses. I'm not familiar with Spot of Tea, but it sounds interesting and the color you chose is gorgeous.

Gina E. said...

I just LOVE The Bookshelf!! You asked what I would like in exchange for the Mouse kit I sent you...any chance you would send me the pattern for The Bookshelf??

Michelle said...

Thanks for the welcome and compliments on my quilt! Your Bookshelf is looking fantastic - I really must stitch that one!