Saturday, November 16, 2013

This week I had Monday off for Remembrance Day
and after watching the memorial service from Ottawa
on TV I spent part of the afternoon packing up all of
the Fall decorations plus stowing away the rest of the
nick knacks that are usually out throughout most of the
year, all to make room for the Christmas decorations
that we're putting out this weekend.

Every year my friend Darlene comes for the weekend
that we consider the official beginning of the Christmas
season.    You see this is the weekend that Santa comes
to town.   He arrives in Georgetown tonight in a night
time parade and he arrives in Toronto tomorrow in the
109th annual Toronto Santa Claus parade.

We'll make busy like Santa's elves decorating the 
trees and the house while Christmas music plays
on the stereo and egg nog cools in the fridge.  DH's role
is to haul the boxes of decorations out of storage and
bring them upstairs for us.  He'll also brings the tree
up and sets it up for us.   Then he leaves us to get
to work.

It'll take Darlene and I all afternoon to decorate the
main tree and put most of the decorations around
the house.   On Sunday we'll be decorating the
small tree and putting the finishing touches all over.

Tonight we'll head to the pub for dinner and some
Christmas cheer.   

Summer memories.

We've had some fairly chilly weather at times this
week ... cold enough to force me to dig out my 
long johns and my warmer scarf and mitts.  I walk
a lot around town and getting from point A to point
B can be unpleasant when your legs are freezing.

It's times like that (Tuesday night -  walking home from
Loblaws - freezing) that inspires memories of the past 
summer and some of the fun things that we did ... in 
the warm weather.  Sigh. Such as when we went on a 
dinner cruise around Toronto Island and Toronto 
harbour in August.  The cruise was arranged by DH's 
work and we had a fabulous time.  The above picture 
is of the boat that we sailed on.

And here is DH and I on board the ship as it made
it's way around the Toronto Islands.   The cruise
ship left the dock around 6:30 and we got back to
our starting point at 10:30.   

This picture was taken at Crawford Lake
Conservation area ... also in August.
I am missing green, growing things
already.   But soon Christmas lights
and decorations will be popping up,
and some can even be seen in some store
front windows right now, and that will 
help a bit.

This is a short post this week because of
time constraints due to the start of all of the 
traditional Christmas decorating which 
will be followed by the traditional vacuuming 
of all of the Christmas glitter and dust coming off 
of the ornaments and the boxes that they've 
been stored in all year.   

Let the season begin!!!!



Rowyn said...

I hope you'll share photos of your Christmas decorating.

That's a lovely photo of you and your DH on the dinner cruise. It looked like the perfect night weatherwise.

Have a lovely weekend!

Andrea said...

Christmas! I know it's nearly time for Christmas when Canadians and Americans start to decorate. You're usually a couple of weeks in front. Please show us photos when you're all decorated. Lovely photo of you and DH on board.

Judy S. said...

It's sure fun seeing you post again. Wow, I can't believe you've already decorated for Christmas. I am so behind; it seems like someone has put all the clocks on fast forward!