Thursday, February 15, 2007

This is the second "large" cross stitch project that my Mom did
for me during the time that she was stitching. It sits on the
counter in our kitchen behind the table and it's really nicely done.

I want to thank Barb, Lelia, Becky and Shannon for the
encouraging words regarding my PS project, and the sunflower
"alteration" in particular. I'm so eager to see this one finished
although I have no idea when it'll get framed. I have a friend
who has offered to help me frame some of my projects and I
must take her up on that offer someday soon.

I'm very excited because this year is shaping up to be a musical
year for me. Last year I saw only one live show and that was last
Spring when DH and I saw The Lord of the Rings at the Princess
of Wales theatre. Darlene gave us the tickets for Christmas, which
just blew us away.

This past Christmas I gave DH tickets for us to see The Irish
Descendants at the Rose theatre in Brampton on March 17th. We
have seen these guys twice before in concert and they are fantastic.
Great voices, and lots of humour, which is about what you'd expect
really from a group who hail from Newfoundland. It will be a great
St. Patrick's Day treat.

Then DH gave me an IOU at Christmas for tickets to any show that
I wished to see this year. So when tickets for "We Will Rock You"
were offered through work at a great price I told DH that it was my
choice and we ordered the tickets. That show is in August, while
we are on holidays and I think is at the Cannon (formally the
Pantages) theatre, in Toronto. I love the music of Queen, so this
should be fantastic.

Then I got an email at the beginning of the week from Quinlan Road
announcing that Loreena Mckennitt was doing a North American
tour starting with dates in April at Massey Hall in Toronto. I'm a
member of her fan club (yes, how dorky am I?) and we get first crack
at ordering tickets. So I did. This will be the third time that I'll
have seen Loreena in concert and I can't wait. I so love her music.
My credit card is wilting a bit around the edges, but can't
hesitate when an opportunity like this comes along. It's been a long
time since Loreena toured and I'm not going to miss her.

And as if that's not enough I see that a live version of Dirty Dancing
is coming to Toronto, also in April. One of my most favourite movies
of all time, with fantastic music and incredible dancing. And Patrick
(sigh!!!) Swayze. I'd love to see this show too but I'm afraid that I
just can't afford it. Drat.

Rupert asked me to thank all his fans for the lovely comments
that they left for him, and to let you all know that he appreciates
every one of them. Above is himself curled up for a nap with
DH around Christmas week. Hmmm...Dignified? I don't know
about that Shannon. He didn't look very dignified that time when
he tried to cram himself into a box that came in the mail with
DVD's from Columbia House in it. Or when curled up in the
laundry basket with a pile of warm laundry piled on top of him.
Or the many, many times he chases his tail....or....well, you get
the idea.

We've had a good foot of snow here thanks to a storm on Tuesday
night and it's been windy and so very cold too. Our neighbours
are down in Costa Rica right now, and we're looking after their
mail and stuff while they're away, so DH shoveled their driveway
and walkway for them and cleared their car of snow, so it looks
like someone is home there. I shoveled our driveway. We got off
fairly lightly compared to Hamilton and other areas south west
of here.


Lelia said...

Rupert is a beauty! My cats are lazy bones today ... snoozing indoors. It is bitter cold outside ... like -4 degrees.

My daughter LOVES Dirty Dancing. She has the movie, soundtrack, and even a vinyl album. I didn't realize there was a live show touring.

Your Mom's cross stitch is lovely! Very nice : )

I'm nearing the end of The 13th Tale -- and have a bit more to do on my bird block [afghan square].

enjoy your week-end

Gina E. said...

Ah Judy, that is another stunning piece by your Mom - you are so lucky. My MIL called me tonight to tell me she found yet another item she embroidered when she was in her early twenties (70 years ago). She has been finding bits and pieces for years...I'm always wondering what she'll come up with next! When I get it from her, I'll be putting it on my blog, so keep an eye out in the next few weeks!
That is a darling photo of Rupert...don't you just love those dear little pink pads on their paws? Topsy's pads are all black - even cuter!

Shannon L. said...

I love Loreena Mckennitt ! I didn't know she was coming anywhere near here for a concert. That will be fabulous. Definitely a very musical year ahead for you :)

Ah, dignity in a cat is something my little sweetie is sadly lacking, so compared to him yes, Rupert is dignified ! LOL