Friday, February 23, 2007

Another family member is represented here. This cross stitch
project was stitched by my SIL for DH's birthday a couple of
years ago. It's done on white Aida. I don't know the designer's
name. DH is into old cars.

DH has a 1955 Buick Special, 4 door hard top. He bought it
many years ago, before we met each other. He is only the
second owner of the vehicle, and it's in great shape, all things
considered. Well, it does need some serious TLC to get it in
tip top running shape, but that is an expense that DH is
reluctant to put out right now.

It's too bad because it's an amazing car to ride in. It's been
used many times over the years in many weddings, both for
our friend's, and our own special occasions. It's been used
in movies and in advertising.

I remember one day we were grocery shopping, and were
walking down the aisle where the cleaning supplies were,
and all of a sudden DH did a double take, and pulled a
package of cleaning shammy's off of a shelf. On the front of
the packaging was a close up of the front of our car. There
were about three different styles of packaging for that
product, with a stove pictured on one, our car on another,
and I can't remember what the third one was. But whenever
we were shopping and passed the packages in that aisle,
we'd stop and make sure that a package with our car's
picture on it was on top of all the others. I wonder if we still
have a package around the house.

I am now half way through the stitching of square eleven of
the PS "A Prairie Garden". Getting there. I need to make a
trip to Michael's to look for some more evenweave fabric
for new projects. I've ordered some fabric from a LNS in
Ottawa, but that order is being held until everything that
I requested is in stock, so who knows when that'll show up.
I'd like to stitch Little House Needlework's "The Bookshelf"

I've been reading Stephenie Meyer's books "Twilight" and
"New Moon" which I'd read about on other blogger's sites.
I basically devoured these two books in a matter of days.
They were fabulous! These are suppose to be "young adult"
books, but they are very well written, and I would heartily
recommend them to anyone. The only trouble is that I've
gotten so "into" these books and become so attached to
the main characters that I'm finding it hard to leave them
behind and move on to another book. I picked up a Nora
Roberts book and I'm enjoying it but I keep thinking about
the Meyer's books. I believe that there is a third book in
the series coming out this summer.


Lelia said...

Hi Judy: I just found out that Brenda Rickman Vantrease has another 'historical fiction' out. Her first book was The Illuminator [which I could not put down] & this book is called The Mercy Seller. I cannot wait to find out more about this book!!

I, too, heard of Stephanie Myers & have those on my 'list' :O my list is sooooo long.

Our family had the station wagon with the wood -- for many, many years. It was an odd green. My brothers loved it : )

Looking forward to seeing an update on your PS project, too.

Gotta run, DD is visiting this week-end & we need some groceries.

Karen said...

Your SIL project is lovely. I loved the story of you and your hubby rearranging the cleaning products to make sure the one with your car was at the front. Sounds like something I would have done too.

I love it when you get a book that won't leave you. Will have to look these books out as I love children's and young adult books.

Gina E. said...

Judy, you have some sensational stitched pictures! I wish I had a friend or family member to do something like that for me! The Car one is fantastic! Any chance of a photo of DH's 1955 Buick? Ken would love to see that!

Gina E. said...

Judy, you left a post on my blog regarding the mouse cross stitch. Can you email me direct - your email addy doesn't seem to be available here.
Gina (my email addy is on my blog)