Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I stitched this chart from an issue of Cross Country Stitching.
I believe that this was one of a set of three, but I only stitched
the one. It's just stitched on white Aida. It's been sitting in
my Done Drawer for quite some time and is not framed. Don't
know quite where I'd put it.

Lelia, you mentioned in your comments on my previous post
that one of your favourite books was written by Brenda Rickman
Vantrease, called The Illuminator. I was curious to know more
about it, so I looked it up on the Canadian bookseller Indigo/
Chapter's site to see if it was available and what it was about.
I found it in hardcover, read the description and was intrigued
by what it was about. Then I checked the price, and discovered
that it was on sale for $6.00 Canadian!!! Well, of course that
clinched it. So here it sits on my desk, ready to be read as soon
as I finish the Nora Roberts book that I'm currently reading.
I might add that the cover is quite lovely. Yes, I'm afraid that
I do sometimes judge a book by it's cover. Thanks for the tip
Lelia. Hope you and your daughter had a lovely weekend

Gina, I'm afraid that I don't have any pictures of DH's old car
handy. I'll have to do some digging over the weekend and see
what I can come up with. I can tell you that the car is two tone
blue, with blue and white interior. It has fins on the back, and
a ton of chrome work, which is in excellent condition. The car
is all original except for one fender, I believe. When riding in it
we tower over all the other cars on the road, except for Vans and
trucks, and it feels strange after driving around in our modern

Did everyone watch the Academy Awards this weekend? I
usually do, but this Sunday night we were out for a pot luck
dinner with DH's Praise Band choir and didn't get home
until after it had begun. I had put in a tape to record it, but
I haven't looked at it yet. I never use to miss watching the
Academy Awards, and looked forward to it every year. Loved
the fashions, and the stars, and sometimes the opening
montage, which was great when Billy Crystal did it. But in
the past few years I've gone off it. And I can't manage to sit
up until all hours watching it anymore. Hanging in until the
bitter end, around 1:00 am, and then getting up for work at
5:30 just did me in. I'd be asleep at my desk by 11:00. But
taping it isn't the same either. I know all the major winners
because you can't miss hearing about it on the news, so that
bit of excitement is gone. I'll bet I end up not watching the
tape at all.

I am on the last square of PS "A Prairie Garden". It won't
be long now. Regardless of where I'm at, I'll post a picture
by the end of the week. Promise.

We had a nice snowfall yesterday, which stuck to trees and
bushes, and covered the dirty bits left from the previous snow
fall and made everything pretty and magical. Big flakes of
snow drifting through the air. It was lovely to walk through.
And I'm a weird person because I enjoy shovelling the drive.
Except at the end where the plow makes a big, soggy mess.
Thursday they're calling for freezing rain. UGH!

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