Friday, December 01, 2006

Above is picture of The Drawn Thread's "Spot of Autumn".

I got stash today!! As you may have guessed from the projects that
I've been stitching this year, my stash is rather dated. My stuff is
mainly from around the mid 90's and before. Then I stopped
stitching and collecting charts for about 10 years. Now that I'm
back in the "game" and cruising other stitcher's blogs I see all the
new designers and their lovely cross stitch designs and I want them
all too. But these things are expensive so I'm trying to go slowly and
make sure that the charts that I buy are the ones that I really really

My favourite designers? I seem to be leaning towards the following:
A Prairie Schooler ~~The Drawn Thread ~~Just Nan~~Lavender and
Lace~~Little House Needleworks~~

Today's stash delivery is all designs from The Drawn Thread. They are:
Spot of Autumn~~Spot of Summer~~12 Houses Sampler~~Halloween
House Sampler.

Of course, now that I have these nifty new charts, I need to order the
specialty threads to stitch them with, and the fabrics to stitch them on.
But that will have to wait until after Christmas, when all the bills are
paid and I can afford them.

Oh, and I then need to quit work and stay home so that I'll have all the
time in the world to stitch all these projects, plus all the others sitting
in my crafts cupboard.

I'm currently reading a biography of John Gielguid, written by Sheridan
Morley. A wonderful read and quite funny at times. Sir John had the
unfortunate tendency to unintentionally stick his foot in his mouth when
talking to people. He was quite famous for it. Or would that be infamous?
Anyways, he didn't mean to say the things that he said, or how they would
sound once spoken aloud. But it makes for humorous reading.

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Gina E. said...

Quit work so you can work on your cross stitch stash? I wish you luck. I "retired" 7 years ago when I turned 51, with the intention of spending at least an hour or so a day stitching. HA! Pigs might fly...backwards. I got involved in voluntary work with the aged, then got part time work in that field. So much for retirement. But I will one day. I hope.