Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Checking in......

Cross Stitching....

I started Prairie Schooler's "A Prairie Garden" in the spring. I decided to stitch all the squares for the project first and then fill each of them in with the flower design once the less interesting part was done. There were twelve squares to stitch. It took awhile.

Surprisingly I didn't loose interest during this phase of the project. It was a bit of a mindless task (yes, I know, right up my alley) which also turned out to be quite relaxing as it went along. I just had to remember to keep an eye on my stitch count to make sure that each square was 55 stitches up and 55 across. A perfect square. Then I ran out of the green required for the boarder, and for the leaves of the flowers in each square as well. The LNS in Acton didn't have any thread (DMC) in that colour in stock. Neither did the wool shop here in Georgetown which also stocks DMC. So I had to wait for an opportunity to get to the Michaels in Brampton.

I put the project aside and picked up the "antique woven coverlet" pattern from the June 1995 issue of Cross Country Stitching to do. I finished that one early last month. I promise a picture of the finished piece someday. Really.

Meanwhile, during the summer, I'd finally gotten to Michaels and picked up a load of DMC threads that I needed for various projects. Thus once the "coverlet" was done I could once again pick up "A Prairie Garden" and continue with my squares. I finished the squares about three weeks ago and am now in the process of filling them in. I've got three squares done. It's a fun easy stitch with no back stitching and no half/quarter stitches. But quite pretty. I've had this pattern for a good 10 years now I think, perhaps longer, and I don't think that it's available to buy any longer.

What I've been reading:

Kim Harrison -Dead Witch Walking -Fantasy
Lynn Flewelling- The Oracle's Queen -Fantasy
Jacqueline Carey -Kushiel's Scion- Fantasy
Susan Vreeland -The Forest Lover -Fiction
Marcia Willett -A Week In Winter -Fiction
Diana Gabaldon -A Breath of Snow and Ashes- Fiction
Maeve Binchy -Whitethorn Woods -Fiction

My "Books I have to have .... really, really can't live without" list is growing like Alice. It seems many of my favourite authors have decided to publish in the last little while, when I'm trying desperately to save my pennies for Christmas and for a new winter coat. I do buy the odd book here and there when it's an author that I adore above all others. Last Friday I got Elizabeth George's latest book. She is my favourite mystery writer. Such amazing stories she writes!! You've never read her??? You must!! Now!! (Note: Read her books in order of publication. I suppose you could read them out of order a bit but the emotional impact in the back stories of the main, reoccuring characters would be lessened).

Work has been busy for various reasons, time of the month, short staffed, computers going wonky, etc. This is good because I need the money for Christmas, books, winter coat, books and food.

And speaking of food, DH is out having dinner with friends from work so the cats and I are on our own. I'd better go see what they've made us to eat. I'll try and be back soon for all you loyal readers. Hi Dar! Cheers!

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