Sunday, February 09, 2014

These days my blog posts are pretty repetitive ... or
at least so it seems.   Its snowed ... again!!!   This
time it was on a Wednesday, not a Saturday, so we
had to drive to work during the full brunt of it.
I worked the full day but Phil's work sent him home 
at noon so he spent Wednesday afternoon shovelling 
the driveway ... over and over and over.   

Since we haven't had a break in the cold weather
 for a month or more the snow just keeps piling up.
At this point we're running out of places to put the 

The back yard.   Note the pile of snow on top of
the birdbath to the right of the picture.   Phil's
bench is almost buried.    We were originally
only expecting about 5 - 10 cm of snow which
wasn't worthy of much attention given the
winter that we've had so far.   HoHum!  But
the night before the storm the weather service
 suddenly decided that it would be closer to 10 - 
15 cm and we began to sit up and take notice.

We actually got 21 cm of it.

It's snowing again today (well, it has been
almost four days since the last snow fall!)
and we've been told we're only suppose to be 
getting a few cm in total.    Since it began this 
morning it's been snowing non stop although 
it's been just a fine snow and not heavy flakes.

So what to do when winter breaks your heart?
Go to Michaels!!!!

I picked up a few choice Michael's coupons in
the local paper on Thursday night (A 30 
percent off entire purchase coupon for non 
sale items and a 20 percent off of sale items 
coupon  and a 40 percent off of one item coupon) 
and then convinced DH that actually the "official"
gift to give on Valentine's Day isn't roses
(as one has been given to understand over
the years by an evil Florists conspiracy) but
is actually craft supplies!   No really, it's

So off we went!  :)   

He got me the two Martha Stewart punches to
add to my collection and ... um ... I got the

And what does one do with such bounty you
may be asking?  (Well, aren't you?)

I found an online collage/doodle class on sale
at one of my favourite art blogs and jumped 
at it. 

Here is the link 

The sale is on for another week and you
get 7 videos at around 12 minutes long
each that takes you step by step through
the process of making one of these 
doodle/collage combos.

If you're interested you can go to the Feb 
1st post for the offer which is running for 
another week.

Right side of page.   Flowers from 
scrapbook papers along with my
markers, washi tape and magazine
cut outs and old book pages.

Left side of page.    I started this
Saturday afternoon and couldn't
leave it alone so poor Phil 
didn't get much supper last night.
(Hangs head in shame)    I still
want to add a saying or something
to finish it off.

Rowyn was interested in the washi tape that
I'd mentioned before in previous posts.   Here
is my humble collection of tape.

Washi tape comes in every colour and in
an incredible array of patterns as well as
solid colours and in different widths.  It's
paper tape that can be seen through when
placed on a page to some degree.

You can use it for any kind of paper project.
Note:  washi tape is as addictive as cross 
stitch thread.

The newest rolls that I picked up yesterday.
Pretty patterns, pretty blues.

The only thing that I love more then washi tape
is scrap book paper ... and markers ... and 
punches ... and trims.

Okay, I love it all.

I'm not watching the Olympics since sports of
any sort bores me to tears.   Most of the few
TV programs that I watch are being pre-empted
for the Olympics (Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
or are over for the season (Sleepy Hallow) or 
won't be back until March (Once Upon a Time).
So much for television.

I might mention that I'm really, really looking
forward to the Outlander TV series that's coming
this summer.   

I picked up this book at the second hand
book store not long ago and just 
finished reading it last week.   I'm not
really a huge Anne Murray fan music
wise but I do admire the lady and
found the book to be very interesting
and often quite funny.

Time to go make dinner.   Don't 
want to make Phil miss it two
nights in a row.   He won't
take me to Michaels again.



stitcherw said...

Fun tape collection, lots of pretty colors and lovely patterns, I can see how it could be addictive. As to snow, we've gotten more here too, ugh!, totally sick of the stuff now.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

That's a mighty fine collection of Washabi tape if you ask me :)
I think your collage/doodles are fabulous and I'm anxious to see whatyou create after the videos!
I must admit, we've had a horrible winter here, but seeing your pictures. You've beat us by a mile! We had snow here from before Christmas until last Sunday, when it finally melted. But then guess what..?! It snowed 10 inches that night. So we have it stacked up again all over. And more on the way...

Judy S. said...

Looks like you're making the best of your snow time! Brrr, those pictures make me COLD.

Rowyn said...

Wa-hay, so many pretty colours and designs for Washi tape. Thanks for sharing your collection.

I seriously hope Spring is just around the corner for you. The one and only time it snowed here, we were over it after about a day! So I can't imagine what it must be like on an ongoing basis. Oh well, a good excuse to keep cheer yourself up with some crafting!

Andrea said...

Your collage/doodles are fantastic. I thought they were shop bought pretty papers. Wow incredible.

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, I can relate to your pictures of all that snow you have. It usually looks like this here, too, at least for a couple of weeks during the winter - just not this winter. In the next town which is even somewhat higher than our town they have to load all the snow on trucks and transport it out of town, when there's no more space along the streets and boardwalks. So I can fully understadn you that you need some retail therapy from time to time, lol.
Your collection of washi tape is great and yes, I can see that one can become addicted to it. Wonderful scrapbooking!

staci said...

Gorgeous!!! I've been finding so much journaling and sketching inspiration on just to find the courage!!!