Sunday, February 02, 2014

Guess what?    It snowed!!!    Again!!!!


If it's snowing this must be Saturday.


The blasted groundhog saw his damn 
shadow, didn't he?


One weather system moves out (extreme
cold)  and another moves in  (snow, warmer 
temperatures, freezing rain and rain ... then
back to cold again). 


Will it ever end?????

Another big branch came off our tree.   There's
still four or six limbs dangling up there that
will probably require the attentions of a 
tree service to take them down.   Plus there is
still a huge branch skewering our Lilac tree
that will need to be cut out somehow.

However getting ahold of a tree service
these days is something of a challenge.   There
has been so much damage from the ice storm
those guys are just running from one end of
town to the other on a daily basis.   And
they will probably have to wait until Spring
arrives and the snow melts ... sometime around
the end of June I'm thinking .... to do a lot of
the more difficult, higher up limbs.

My craft project for this week.

I've been putting my ... um ... artsy photos
in one of my Smash books this week.   I had
them printed as 5 x 7 's to do this project
and I've been enjoying matting them
and placing them in the book.

I still have room for more but need to 
choose which ones I like best and get
them printed off.   Meanwhile I'm
pondering how to decorate each page.
Some I'm not doing much with but 
others, such as this spread, I'm
using Washi tape to create borders.

The afore mentioned "Green" Smash

Another spread.   Won't do much more to
this.   I love the sunset paper background
and don't want to cover it up any more
than I already have.

And I love this paper too.   So will keep
the trims to a minimum here as well.

I finished reading "The Virgin Cure"
by Ami Mckay this week.   Not a 
big book but a well written story
that takes place around 1870's and
tells the story of a young girl in
New York city names Moth.

I read Ami McKay's first book
"The Birth House" and enjoyed
it so kept an eye out for her 
next book.

More doodles.

Another one.

A Dude ... not a doodle.

Sorry.   Bad pun.    Rupert.

Happy February everyone!!!



Brigitte said...

It's definitely some crazy weather at your place, and over here as well - just the other way round. We haven't seen snow (I mean real snow) since the beginning of December, just some flurries every now and then. And you are covered under it. I hope that when February is over you'll see the beginning of spring and I hope that we won't get dumped with snow in March and April. Wouldn't be the first time.

I love your scrapbooking. Just by looking at the pages you create I get some ideas how to decorate mine.

Brigitte said...

I forgot, I've also read Ami McKay's books. I was completely taken by her first one, The Birth-House and I also liked The Virgin Cure, but not that much. It was a nice read but not as fascinating as The Birth-House.

Rowyn said...

Aah, so that's what washi tape can be used for. I've seen it mentioned a lot on the internet.

Sorry to hear you're still getting snow. Never mind, I am sure spring will be here before you know it. This year is already wizzing by!

Your doodles are amazing. I have a way to go before mine look anything like that!

Your smash books are looking great too. Oh, I wish there was more time in the day for crafting! :-)

Rupert is very handsome!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your smash books are wonderful! The weather is not so wonderful...and we've been having a doozie here too...
LOVE the dude :) And the are amazingly talented!

Sonda said...

Your doodles are so lovely. And the smash books, too. Hope you get a break from the snow.

Judy S. said...

Looks like you're finding lots of pretty projects to work on while snowbound, Judy! That groundhog saw his shadow here, too, and the temperature took a nosedive. You'd probably think it warm, but here temps. in the 20s are unusual and wreaks havoc in the garden.