Friday, June 08, 2012

The Wildlife and Flora of Georgetown ... and Stitching!!!

I have been delighted and thrilled with the warm welcome that I've 
received from all of you since my post at the beginning of the week.
Thank you so much for your understanding and your encouragement.
It's good to be back!!!

So I thought that I'd just throw a short blog post together, sort of to
get myself back in the swing of things and to get my brain working
in blogging mode again.   Must remember to start looking for 
photo ops and for events to blog about in the future.   I still have
to take pictures of my current stitching projects to share with you
plus there's the little matter of our renovations that are almost ...
very nearly ... done!    Pictures to come once things are settled
and sorted.

We've had the flowers for our collections of pots for the backyard
for a couple of weeks and I've managed to plant up quite a few of
them but theres still lots to be done.   I hope to get at them this
weekend some time but tomorrow's weather looks iffy and I've 
got several things that need doing (hair appointment for one) so
I'll probably have to do it on Sunday.   Meanwhile, here is a 
photo of some of our flowers patiently waiting for their turn to
be potted.

At 6:10 am last Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of 
a sort of trilling noise coming through the bedroom window.
I had an idea of what it was so got up to take a look.

In the neighbour's back yard were a Momma Racoon and her 
three sweet little babies.    I grabbed my camera and managed
to snap a few pictures although the quality isn't that great.  I
tend to get flustered at times like this.   

Momma checking Jr over and giving him a bit of a grooming.

Look at that face!!   I know ... raccoons are
pests and can cause a lot of damage in attics
where they try to set up housekeeping.  Who 
knows where this clan are nesting during the
day time.  But darn it ... they're adorable.

I took this picture during one of my early Saturday morning
walks.   Chippy posing on a bench in someone's yard.  We
have quite a few chipmunks in our own yard and they're 
great fun to watch.  They cram their faces with bird seed 
spilled from our feeders and scurry off to take it home to
the wife and kids.   But if we leave the shed door open they
skip the bird feeders and head directly for the source ....
stealing peanuts and seeds from the bags they're stored in
in the shed.   Cheeky little beggars!!    Oh well, I can't
help myself .... I'm a sucker for a furry face!

Another blossom from the garden.  I tried to stay with
pinks, mauves and white for our pots this year but I 
couldn't resist a few Lantana plants because I really
love them.   So a bit of yellowy gold in amongst the

Well look at this.  It appears that I did have a 
picture of one of my current stitching 
projects after all.   I've done more since
this picture was taken but at least you can
see that I am still stitching a bit.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a great



Dani - tkdchick said...

Judy its GREAT to see some stitching again!!!!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm so happy to see you back, stitching and gardening and sharing with us.

Judy S. said...

Nice photos! We heard that same sound once coming from under our front porch...mama and her babies. They are cute but can be very mean and deadly to cats. Nice stitching too!

Maggie said...

Lovely photos of the local wildlife Judy :-) and you flowers look so pretty and colourful!

Glad to see that you have been stitching some during your absence too :-)

barbara said...

Absolutely love your pictures, and it's a joy to see you posting again!

Mary Ann said...

I LOVE the piece you are stitching! And, great photos of the flowers and critters!! : )

Jennifer said...

Hey Judy ! Guess what ? I'm working on the same project!!! LOL! I started from the top though . I will try to post pics soon as the children are done school next week so the time is ticking . Your pictures and stitching look beautiful. Hope all is well.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Judy, Welcome back to blogging. Luckily the cross stitch blogging world is really inclusive and supportive - everyone will just be happy to have you back so that they can visit with you again.

hugs, Kaye