Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Greetings everyone!   I've been sitting around here for
the past week since my last post waiting for something 
exciting to happen around here so that I might have 
something interesting to blog about ... but so far ...
nothing!!!  Nadda!!   Zilch!!   

So I went through my picture files to find something
pretty to feature at the beginning of my post and I
came across this lovely little lady.  I'd found her 
during one of my walks last summer, perched on 
her rock in someone's front garden and she was 
nice enough to pose for me while I took her 
picture ... and her little dog too!!

Ok, that takes care of my intro.  Now what??  

Well, how about another chapter of Wildlife in
Georgetown???   Specifically this tiny fellow
hiding in our garden underneath the flowering
dog wood bushes.   DH spotted him in the
yard from an upstairs window and I immediately
grabbed my camera and rushed out to take a 

Bunny was camera shy and as soon as he 
heard me clomping down the stairs of the
deck he ducked into the bushes and froze.
I went in after him ... well, kind of.

Didn't want to scare him any more then
he already was so I just knelt outside of
the bushes and put my hand holding the
camera in for a few quick pictures.  

I have no idea how one goes about judging
a rabbits age but this guy was pretty darn
small ... and stinkin' cute to boot.  Didn't
see any other bunnies around so he must 
be old enough to be on his own.   Hope so

 A sure sign that summer is here is the opening of
the local Farmer's Market.   Everything from 
locally grown produce to incredible baked 
goods and hand made crafts plus booths 
selling real maple syrup, soap, cheese, pottery
and kittens (!). 

Okay, the kittens were in the window of
the pet supply store Creature Comforts and
were from Cats Anonymous, a no kill shelter
but still ... there were kittens!  

Whenever I go out for my 10k walk on Saturday 
mornings while the market is running I 
always stop there on my way back home for
whatever tickles my fancy ... or for a treat
for DH to have with his morning tea.

Since last February we've been in renovation 
mode here in our humble little home.   It had
been many, many moons since we'd last done
any decorating or updating of the main floor
of our house,  and most of our furniture was
at least 25 years old and/or hand-me-downs.

We've been in this house for 20 years and 
my taste has changed in those years ... quite
a bit.   We've been dithering around for the 
past few years about doing some reno work
for this area and this year turned out to be the
year.   Finally!!!

Above is the living room as it was.  Ignore
the floor stand in the middle of the picture
please.    Flipping through my iPhotos this
was the best "before" picture of that section
of the living room that I could find.

And after ... everything new (or in the case of the
pictures on the walls ... reframed to suit the decor).
More pictures to come in future posts.  

P.S.  the picture over the couch is of my 
grandmother.  It was made in Belgium and is
 done in pastels.   My grandfather had it drawn 
from a picture that he had with him of my 
grandmother while he served there during 
the first world war.   A week after he picked
 up the finished picture the shop was bombed 


Let's see ... what else to write about??
DH was kind enough to take me to 
Michaels on Saturday to let me do a 
bit of shopping.  I had a gift certificate
from my birthday that I wanted to use.

I didn't buy any stitching supplies though.
Instead I bought stuff for my journaling
and paper crafting hobby ... my other

I gathered up a jumble of paints,
papers, embellishments, glue gun,
ink pad etc, etc.  while DH patiently
sat on a bench out side the store and
waited for me.  

My free time these days is split 
(not often evenly) between stitching
and scraping.  I've been making
Junk Journals / Junque Journals /
Scrapbooks / Smash books out of
all kinds of things.  And having a
blast doing it.

This was an existing book with lined
pages that I stuck fancy papers and
cards and stuff into.  I used glitter,
stickers and gems on the cover
which already had the flowers on it.

The pages fanned out (actually the book
won't close flat ... it stands by itself like
this all the time) so you can kind of
see inside.  It's very three dimensional
which I love!

A few of the pages.  I've put everything from
photos to movie tickets to magazine clippings
and all kinds of other stuff inside these books.  
Sometimes I put cards in whole, sometimes I 
just use pieces of the cards.  We've got lots of
cards for all kinds of occasions that we've
received over the years that have been 
sitting in boxes neglected and, well, 
forgotten.  So I decided to use them in my
paper crafting ... sort of recycling them.

Another page spread.  The book mark is a
treasure that I received from Barbara (Mainely 
Stitching).  The note that she sent with it is on
the next page over.

This is a page spread from a much larger scrap
book that I'm working on now.  My godson
Ian played Richard the Lion Heart in this
production last winter.  I stole the poster
on the left from my Curves workout centre
when the production was over.  Sshhhhh.
Don't tell!

I've got a huge .... no make that HUGE
.... bin full of all kinds of stuff that I've 
saved over the years and I'm now working
to put as much of it as I can into these 
large and small journals/scrapbooks. 
Long way to go ... but I'm having so 
much fun doing it.   I love making a 
mess in my craft room!!

And will you look at that!  I full blog post
after all.  Not bad for someone who had
little or nothing to say, eh?

Thanks for dropping by.  


P.S.   evidently Blogger made some
changes to their site and the way that
posts are created during the year
that I was away.   I don't like it!!
Now I've got to try and figure things
out again!!    


Kaisievic said...

What a lovely, long, chatty post, I really enjoyed reading it. Do you live in Georgetown, Washington D.C? TraderVic and I were there in March this year - beautiful town.

barbara said...

Judy, your journal-work is so utterly gorgeous!! And I love the picture of your mother. Great to hear from you!

Judy S. said...

Nice to see what you've been up to! Love the cute bunny photo. We've had a few tiny ones in our yard lately, tiny but with huge appetites! That's a very pretty journal you made.

Brigitte said...

Hi Judy, it's so nice to see you posting again after your long blog pause. But you seem to have been busy in other fields, lol, like the renovation of your house. Your new living room looks very good and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of the changes you made.
Ohhh, I love your scrapbooks. They look gorgeous and are worth every minute you work on them. I also have a drawer full of pictures and bits and pieces that I don't want to throw away because they are full of memories. Maybe I should try scrapbooking as well ...
Farmer's markets, what a pleasure to go to and look at all the products and buy the fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately ours is always in the mornings during the week when I'm at work. But two or three times a year there are special markets during Sundays, but they are more like fairs and have nothing to do with Farmer's Markets.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Judy your new livingroom looks fantastic! Wow! A 10K walk every Saturday, good for you.

I'm really struggling with weight again how are you doing on that front?

Lynn said...

Ooh, I love that little statue! I wouldn't mind one of those in my garden either.
Your updated living room is gorgeous! I love the colour of the walls! You must be so pleased with the results.
You are so lucky to have a market nearby. Ours here is pitifully small and lacking in so much.
I've stayed clear of any other hobbies for now. I've already spent far too much on stitching alone!

Andrea said...

What a lovely post. It's nice to have a bit of a change now and again.