Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hello!! Remember me???

It's been far too long since last I posted any sort of an
update on my blog and I've missed being able to do so.
My computer was in for repairs for over two and a half
months (!!) which was about one and a half months
too long in my opinion. It was under warranty so I
didn't have to pay for the work ... thank goodness ...
but the length of time that it took to get this thing up
and running again was shameful.

I could go into all the gory details, but that would just
get me all hot and bothered all over again and would
probably bore you to tears. So let's just sum up by
saying: I-Mac computer - pretty, versatile, awesome
to use ... pain in the lower extremities to get repaired.
And don't hold your breath waiting to get it back in a
timely fashion.

So let's just forget that this summer ever happened
and move on, shall we???

I think the most exciting news that I have is that I finally
bought myself an awesome, freakin' wonderful new camera!!
I'm so excited about this, let me tell you! I've been all over
the place with it, taking pictures left right and centre and
then getting all giggly happy over them when I download
them to my computer. All of the pictures that I'm posting
here today were taken with my new Powershot camera.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed taking them.
Prepare for this blog to become very, very image oriented
from now on.

I haven't been stitching a whole lot this summer which
is both sad and frustrating but there are only so many
hours in a day, week and month to do everything. The
trouble is that I have so many things that I love to do,
and not enough free time to do them all in. I'll bet
you're all nodding your heads and agreeing with me on
that score.

But I did manage to finish Sew Red by Carol at I Stitch
(see sidebar for blog link - but you all know Carol anyways
don't you?) I used that wonderful DMC variegated red
thread #115 and thoroughly enjoyed creating this little

And here is a "glamor" shot taken with the new
camera and showing a close up of the stitching.
I use to envy all you folks who would take close
up shots at all levels and angles to showcase
your stitching and now I can too. Did I mention
how much fun I'm having with this new toy???

During one of my weekend walks this summer I came
across a garage sale and stopped to poke around and
see what was available. Lo and behold I found this
little gem in amongst the stuff for sale and didn't
waste any time in grabbing it up to take home with
me. I don't have many scissors in my collection so
this little milk glass thingy is just dandy for the four
pair that I do have.

Thought that you might like to meet a couple
of very special (to me) people who I've often
mentioned here in various posts and one of
whom you've heard from directly during this
past summer.

Linda is on the left (black shirt) and is the gal
who introduced me to cross stitching and got
me started with this wonderful hobby wayyyyy
back twenty (YIKES!!!) odd years ago. She is a
talented lady who is a constant source of inspiration
and encouragement for me. She can do anything!

And on the right (green shirt) is Darlene, who is
another source of strength, support and comfort
whenever I've needed it. She was kind enough to
post a couple of blog entries for me so that you
could be kept up to date with things when my
computer was off being ... ahem ... fixed.

This picture was taken in August during our
annual Christmas party. This is the third
year in a row that we've had it in August and
it's always a blast. This year was a bit ... um ...
difficult for Phil and I since it was the first party
without my Mom who always loved coming to
the parties that we'd throw and seeing all the

I was enjoying the last days of our annual two
week August vacation in the days prior to the
party so was able to devote some time to cooking
up a few delicious dishes for our "Holiday" meal.
I wonder ... do you say that you are "cooking"
when writing about making salads??? Anyways,
above is the table with all the main course food,
except for the meat and the lasagna and the baked
beans that a friend made and brought for our
considerable enjoyment.

Most of the deserts were brought by our guests
so here we have the sweet and treat table.

Another view of the sweets and treats table.
My mouth is watering for some reason.

And here is the guy who did all of the
barbecuing for the day, wearing a color
combination appropriate for the festive
occasion. Note the Santa hat wearing
guy in the picture. Our god son Ian.

I've still got lots of stuff to write about but
it's time to start dinner so I'll have to leave
it all until next time. Thanks for dropping
by and not forgetting about me. I'm so glad
to be back.



Judy S. said...

Of course I remember you. Welcome back!

Vonna said...

I'm happy to see your slim self (!) back among us! You've had a busy summer and can't wait to continue to catch back up with you! Your finish looks great :)

Lynn said...

It is sooo good to see you back Judy! Woo hoo, a new camera! Isn't it fun? I love your Sew Red finish.
It was great catching up with you.

Jennifer said...

So glad you are back Judy! Have missed reading your blog and getting your emails. Love your sew red finish.
I am going to blog soon and include a pic of all the goodies you brought me . Hopefully you received my thank you note.

Kathy A. said...

Hello there Stranger. Miss you - you bet I did. Welcome back.
And a new camera - how fun!!!!!

BrendaS said...

Judy --
I'm so glad to see you back! I can't wait to see all your wonderful pictures and what you've been up to.


mainely stitching said...

How utterly WONDERFUL to see a post from you! :D :D :D YAY! Great to catch up a bit on what you've been up to. Congratulations on that fabulous new camera!!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Glad the computer is up and running again! And a new camera to boot! Nice to see you again,

♪♥Miss Cupcake♥♪ said...

Nice scissors! :)

Siobhan said...

It's so good to see a post from you again, Judy! I hope the computer issues are a thing of the past. ;P Lovely stitching!

Andrea said...

Welcome back! Yeah! New camera! Love the Sew Red finish.