Friday, July 09, 2010

Hi everyone!! This brief post is another notification that
my computer problems have not been resolved and so this
machine is being returned for further repairs. Hopefully
to be completely fixed this time.

I have no idea when I'll get it back so will just have to hope
for the best. Just wanted to let you all know what's going on.

I also want to thank all of you who left messages of condolence
for me on my previous post. I cherished each and every one of
them and each helped to raise my spirits and ease some of the
sadness and made me smile. You are all so incredibly awesome!

I hope this will be a brief hiatus and that I'll be able to get back
to blogging soon. Holidays coming up in August and I can't
wait for some free time to catch up.

So until further notice my e mail will be unavailable, and so
will my blog and my spot on facebook. Bye for now.

Great Big Hugs to ALL!!! Love Judy


Maggie said...

Hope to see you back real soon Judy :-)

Lynn said...

We'll be waiting for you when you return. Enjoy your summer!

Siobhan said...

Hang in there, Judy! Hope things get sorted soon.

Pumpkin said...

Drat! I was hoping your computer problems were fixed :o( Isn't it bad that we rely on technology so much? Argh!

Have been thinking of you my friend and hope you are doing well :o)

Suzanne said...

Hope everything gets sorted soon. Take care and look forward to your next post.

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear your computer is still acting up. Hope it is able to be straightened out soon. BTW, read a couple of your recent book review items. I enjoyed Souless and Heretic Queen so much I also got out from the library to read Changeless and Nefertiti as well. Thanks for the very enjoyable recomendations. Hope to see you soon. {{hugs}}

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lala said...

Hope to see you soon..

Enjoy your time