Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello. It's Sunday morning here and the skies are heavy
with grey clouds, and the neighborhood is sodden and
misty with rain. The proverbial April showers are making
the most of the final days of that month here, but hey, at
least it's not snow!!

The weather started out beautiful here yesterday morning,
although strong winds made my plans to have an afternoon
spent sitting in the sun cross stitching a bit of wishful thinking.
Just holding a book to read became a struggle as the wind
snatched at the pages and tried to lift the entire book out
of my hands. So I ended up taking refuge in the house,
sitting in my comfy chair, with my magnifier and Ott Light
for company. And Phoebe of course.

By late afternoon severe weather warnings were being posted
and DH, who'd been sitting in the relative shelter of the back
yard reading a book, came in to start battening down the hatches
(windows) as the dark and threatening edge of a storm approached
from the north. Once the house was secure DH and I sat out
in front of the house and watched that first storm as it swept
north of us without so much as a drop of rain to spare for us.

But not fifteen minutes later another menacing storm front
appeared, and this one headed right for us. We got lots of
heavy rain, which lashed against the house in waves, driven
by strong gusts of wind and there was thunder rumbling and
grumbling over our heads to add to the drama. We'd been
warned that we might get hail but thankfully (here at least)
we didn't see any of that. It rained off and on for the rest of
the day, and during the night as well, though the wind has
finally died down.

Moving on to stitching updates....

Here is my progress on my butterfly project from My Aunt's
Attic. The first of four butterflies is done, and isn't she
lovely?? Stitching time continues to be minimal here, so
I have only been able to work on this piece during the week
end. I have also started my next square on the Prairie Birds
project, but there's not a whole lot to show there yet so I'll
wait until next time to post a picture.

Yesterday there was a book sale held at the local high
school and of course I just had to be there. DH, long
suffering but patient and understanding, drove me
there and chose to remain and help to carry any
treasures that I might find during the course of the
hunt. We got there at 8:30, half an hour before the
doors opened, and I spent the time waiting chatting
with a lovely older gentleman who was there to look
for books both for himself and for his Autistic grand-
daughter. He was from England originally and so
of course we talked about England, as well as about
books. It made the time pass quickly and pleasantly.

In the picture above you can see some of the books
that I came home with. When the doors to the school
auditorium opened the patiently waiting line up of
people filed through the doors like an orderly tidal
wave of humanity, and once in the room we dispersed
down the various aisles of books and began our quest.

I hit the craft section first, looking for books on cross stitching.
The five books pictured above were the result. For $2.00
each I was quite pleased with this haul let me tell you. A
nice, diverse selection of styles and patterns and the one,
Sampler and Antique Needlework, is especially wonderful
as it's full of historical information as well as patterns, and
it was put out by the publishers of Just Cross Stitch magazine.

I picked up a wonderful book on the history of the Royal
Alexandra theatre in Toronto as well and that book is a
real treasure indeed. A beautifully illustrated history of
that magnificent, venerable old building, where I've seen
many a great live show over the years. Les Miz, Mamma
Mia, and Crazy for You, just to name a few. Over a hundred
years of theatrical history. I'm going to enjoy reading this

It was great fun browsing the tables full of books, and the
boxes of books on the floor under the tables as well. You
never know what you'll find, and over the years of going
to this sale I've found some great stuff and since the
money goes to charity it's all good and relatively guilt

I read two books this week during my commute home
from work. The first book was a romance/fantasy by
first time author Lesley Livingston who turned out to
be from Toronto. I didn't realize that until I'd finished
reading the book and was checking out the author's
info on the back cover.

Kelley Winslow is a 17 year old girl who has moved to
New York City to pursue her dream of an acting career..
She is understudying the role of Titania in a production
of A Midsummer Night's Dream when the lead actress
breaks her ankle and Kelley finds herself taking on the

Kelley soon discovers that the magic and wonder of the
play that she has become a part of is by no means a
fantasy. While practicing her lines in Central Park she
meets Sonny Flannery, a handsome young man who is
charmed by her spirit and her beauty, and Kelley soon
discovers through him that the veil between the mortal
and the Fae worlds is a thin one indeed.

Sonny is a Janus, guardian of the Gate between this
world and the world of Oberon and Mahb and Titania
and all the sprites and spirits that are portrayed so
colorfully and brilliantly in Shakespeare's play.
It is his job to keep the often not so pleasant denizens
of the other realm from cross through the gate into the
mortal world during a crucial nine day period at the
end of October.

As is so often the case in Shakespeare's plays, all is not
often what it seems in this story, and that certainly
pertains to both Kelley and to Sonny, as well as to those
they work with or serve. They find themselves drawn
to each other other, while dangerously powerful elements
manipulate and deceive to achieve their own ends.

This was another light, cute read. Easily picked up and
read, fairly enjoyable but not outstanding, and then put
away and forgotten. I imagine that there will be sequels,
if good sales of this first book warrant them, and I may or
may not pick them up.

The next book that I read this week was one that I'd
seen mentioned in various blogs and was curious to
check it out for myself.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society turned
out to be a wonderful, charming and totaling absorbing
read, start to finish. I loved this book!!! It is a story
told through the letters written between the residents
of the Channel Island of Guernsey to a young woman
living in London who is herself an author.

The letters in this book begin in 1946 as a correspond-
ence between Juliet Ashton, writer and author living in
post WWII London, and Dawsey Adams, pig farmer
and founding member of the Guernsey Literary and
Potato Peel Pie Society. Adams finds Juliet's name on
the inside of a book by Charles Lamb that was once
owned by her and writes to her in hopes of gaining her
assistance in finding more books by that author.

Intrigued by the letter, and delighted to connect with
another lover of books Juliet writes back, and so begins
a correspondence that soon expands to include other
residents of the island (members of the Society and
others) as well as friends of Juliet's. When she learns
the story behind the forming of the Literary Society
during the years that the island was occupied by the
Germans Juliet is fascinated and curious to find out
more about that time and the experiences of the people
who lived through it.

I was enthralled by this book after just a few pages,
and couldn't put it down until it was done. Full of
dry wit and charm, it is also a poignant telling of a
terrible time during the war and how the Islanders
lived through it and endured the privations, and the

Juliet herself is a firecracker. Bored and drained by
post war life in London and from traveling through
the country promoting her first book Juliet does
not suffer fools (and irritating newspaper reporters)
gladly. She is not adverse to the occasional throwing
of a tea pot when provoked enough, and she is
passionate about books, loving and loyal to her
friends and she finds herself falling in love with the
people and the lives that she reads about through
the letters from Guernsey. So much so that she
eventually packs her bags and travels there to
meet her new friends and to take a break from her
life and from a persistent suitor determined to wed

This is a story that will have you laughing out loud
often, but will cause you to shed a tear to two as
well. It is a short read and you'll wish it were twice
as long by the time it's done, if not longer. I count
this as a book that I'll read again and again, and it'll
be one of my "treasured books" that I cherish always.

Do read this one!!

The next bunch of daffodils to open in the front garden
were these sweet little beauties with their bright orange
egg yolk centers. I've heard several people in the neighbor-
hood say that this has been an exceptionally good year for
daffodils, with lots of blooms. Don't know why this should
be so, but it is. The grass is almost totally green and
buds are appearing on bushes and trees. Spring is most
definitely on a roll now.

I'm keeping up with my walking faithfully, and adding
a little bit to the route each week to make it last longer.
I still hate exercise and would far rather plant my ample
butt in a comfy chair then take it for a brisk march through
suburbia, but sacrifices must be made I suppose. It's all
toward the greater good. Monday night it was raining
steadily when I headed out and since I can't walk without
swinging my arms, and carrying umbrellas impedes that
motion, I went without. I was pretty much drenched when
I got home but felt pretty proud of myself for having the
fortitude to get out there and make the effort in such
inhospitable conditions. I suspect that walking in heat
and humidity during the coming months will be more of
a challenge for me then soggy feet and dripping noses.

Congratulations to Lynn at Kearnals Corner who had a
fantastic, gorgeous finish this week of Cirque de Cercles.
Go see it as soon as you can because it looks amazing!!

Time to finish this off and get on with the days chores.
Hope you have a wonderful week everyone and thanks
for stopping by!



Cindy F. said...

Judy...proud of you hanging in with the exercise! You're doing much better than me;) Nice stash you found and cute butterfly!!
Hope you have a great week:)

Maggie said...

Judy..Good for you for keeping up yor walks, i keep promising myself everyweek but always find something else to do when i get back from work, shame on me!
I do like the sound The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, i will go in search of that one,thanks.
Glad you found some treasures at the book sale, they can be great fun.
The weather in the UK has been quite good to us the last few weeks, wonder how long it will last though!.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,
What a great treasure you found amongst your book finds. I bought the Sampler and Antique Needlework book when they first came out many moons ago. I have both books and when they came out over here I paid over $50 for them. They sometimes come up on ebay and they go for a good price. So hang on to them. I think I have done about 3-4 samplers out of the first book.
Good on you for stcking to your diet and exercise. It's not the easiest thing to do loosing weight. Although sometimes the loosing part is easy. It's keeping it off thats the hardest.
Sounds like you had a good storm front over there. We have had a lot of strong wind over the weekend and it is getting colder every day. I have my log fire going all day now. Down in Victoria where the fires were they had snow over the weekend. It's possible we might get some today as well.
Not feeling very well at the moment as my DH has given me his flu. Hope you are well - Sandra.

Carol R said...

Pretty butterfly!

I have both SANQ books too and also their quarterly magazines from number 1 to date!

Judy S. said...

Love the butterfly, and thanks for the book suggestions! Hurrah for spring!

Suzanne said...

What a great selection of books you found. Book sales are always such fun. The butterfly is really cute.

Beatrice said...

I'm so pleased to hear you are still walking good for you.!!!
I had to take my walk at Wal-Mart today because it's raining way to hard for me to walk outside. That works but it always costs me some money lol.
The butterfly is so pretty. I love that site it's too bad she is finished. I managed to download most of her charts.
Nice stash and books you bought.

Andrea said...

Looks like you found some bargains. Great start on the butterfly. I have used some of her charts too.

Von said...

April showers are the theme of the week here in Kennewick too! I'm keeping the memories of the sun we had in Victoria close in my thoughts along with the hope for sunshine that the weatherman is giving us for the weekend! Perhaps you're getting some stitching in along with your reading. Whatever it is, I hope you're having a great week!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you are really brave. I should do the same kind of exercising but haven't managed to get my lazy body off of my stitching sofa or reading chair to take up those walks. Yet. We'll see, maybe it will happen this year. Sigh.
I'd love to go to book sales, too, if there were any around here. Your craft books look so great. And they were such a bargain. Lucky girl.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lynn good for you, out walking in the rain! It makes me think I should be getting on my treadmill this evening, right now I'm more inclined to fall asleep in my stitching chair.

The butterflies are off to a lovely start!

Sonda in OR said...

Way to go on the exercise. I have 10 pounds to lose and I myself am struggling. Unfortunately all of the food that I like is not the best for me. I did just get a new blender and have had a fruit smoothie practically every day for the past week. My son loves this.

Your butterfly is lovely. I have been wanting to stitch this pattern for awhile, but others keep rising to the top of the pile first.

Siobhan said...

Pretty butterfly! Great stashing, too. I have The Guernsey book on my to be read list!

YGG on continuing to walk thru the rain! I don't mind a light mist but when it's heavy rain and I get soaked--not so fun. I have a knack for making it to the furthest point on my route and then the skies will open up! LOL

Jaimie said...

I love those kinds of book sales where there are just boxes of books to choose from. What treasures! Your butterfly is lovely as are your other pics!

stitcherw said...

Your butterfly looks lovely, can't wait to see more of them, and your next birdie square, they are so cute. You found some great buys at the book fest too. I love going to our local libraries and schools when they have the book sales also, you can find such great goodies to read hiding there. Good going sticking with your walking routine. I'm trying to get a bit more in as well, although like you I'd much rather sit and stitch or read.

Gina E. said...

The butterfly is gorgeous - variegated thread, right? What kind of floss is it!
You sure got a bargain with those books for $2 each - I have most of them myself, and paid a lot more than that on eBay!
I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society a few months ago, and like you, loved it to bits! So much like "84 Charing Cross Road", another of my favorites.

Anonymous said...