Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hello. How are you??? So nice of you to stop in and visit
for a little while. Please make yourself at home, and watch
out for crazy cats and tumbling piles of books. Can I make
you some tea???

I was dreading this post today because I didn't have all that
much to talk about. It was one of those weeks that flies by
and you don't know where it went, and what you did during
that time, but it's gone and you've nothing to show for it.
Well, except for a small bit of stitching, most of which was
done during breaks at work.

I'd say I'm at the half way point of the Cardinals square
on Prairie Schooler's Prairie Birds. The frogs have been
gleefully hopping around this one ever since I started it
and it's driving me batty!!! It's the dang branches of the
pine tree. I keep stitching blithely away on them and then
realizing after I've done a section that I've made them too
long. GRrrrrr!!

But I'm still enjoying this project, in spite of the #@%*$
frogs (and my own limited powers of observation). The
pine cones are so sweet and the whole design is quite, I
dunno, nicely laid out, and conceived. It's got a lightness
to it. Oh, you know what I mean. I will finish this square
next week and then move up to the second row and stitch
three more squares from the chart before I call this done.

Since I haven't much to write about in my life this week
I thought I'd show off some of the wonderful things that
were made for me over the years by my dear and very
awesomely talented friend Linda. Linda is the person
who introduced me to cross stitching (and should
therefore be responsible for the large stash charges on my
Visa bill.... but I digress) and who's mentored me through
the learning experience and beyond.

Linda doesn't sew as much as she use to, so I cherish
the pieces that I have all the more for that. So here are
some of the things she's made, many of which are in
the library. This is appropriate since Linda also shares
my passion for books and has been my inspiration for
pursuing my dreams for my library and collecting of books.

The blue bear is one of my most favourite things that she's
made for me. The fabric design is just lovely, and the
little touches that she's added to him are wonderful.

He's got a sweet face, with a tiny smile and a cute nose,
and the buttons for his eyes are perfect. Perfect seams,
stuffed firmly and put together to accent facial features
and the fabric's floral designs, this guy is just the best.

One Christmas Linda made me a bear pair, Mr and Mrs,
that I have displayed in my dinning room ever since.
This is Mr Bear, resplendent in his cap and vest and velvet
pants. He's very furry so you can't make out the eyes on his
face in this picture, but they are bright and cheeky.

I love the heart shaped buttons on his vest (yes, Linda
made the clothes too) and the tie around his neck.
Linda's always been about the details when she creates.
He's quite the sartorially well dressed bear. Perfect for
supervising and observing fancy meals in the dinning

Mrs Bear has quite a long skirt on but I pulled it up
just a bit so you can see her feet. More gorgeous
fabric for her skirt and jacket, and a jaunty hat
perched on her head allow Mrs Bear to compliment
her debonair husband perfectly.

When I saw a rocking horse that Linda had made for
herself I loved it so much that I asked her to make me
one too. And she did. The legs are hinged so that I can
adjust them and set them to allow the horse to stand
just so. Shiny threads are woven through mane and
tail for added elegance.

Mr Humpty Dumpty is another that I fell in love
with when I saw Linda's own. I love the fabric
that she used to make his clothes and he is a bit
floppy which allows me to prop him and pose him
anywhere in the library that I want to.

I have several variations of this doll, which are patterns
designed by Alma Lynn (I think). Linda took the basic
design and went to town creating clothes and trims and
other details to give each doll her own personality and
style. Trimmed with lace around her shoulder cape, and
with a band featuring sweet bunnies around the hem of
her dress, this little lady is all ready for Easter.

There's more to show you but I think they will have to
wait for another day since this post is becoming quite
picture heavy. But I'm glad to have the opportunity
to show you my wonderful treasures that my dear friend
has made for me over the years.

Added a few more books to the library this week, including
The Lace Reader, which has been featured on many a book
blogger's site during the past several months. Quite a
popular book, generally well reviewed, which I am looking
forward to reading. In fact most of these books have been
mentioned on book blogs, or have been review on them, and
have caught my interest.

I'm reading a book by Anne Easter Smith right now, the
second book of hers that I've read. I'm about half way through.
So review will have to wait until it's done, probably next week.


DH and I drove down to London again yesterday to see our
Godson Ian who was taking part in the graduating class play at
the Galleria Mall location of Fanshaw College. They did their
own version of A Three Penny Opera, which was a modern
take that they not only performed but also wrote parts for.
The main focus of the play was poverty in the London area
and the students researched various aspects of the problem
and wrote those observations into the play. This research
included visits to homeless shelters and food banks as well as
other services, and on line and in-library visits.

The performance was about two and a half hours long but
the time flew by. Some parts of the play were a bit abstract
and the set design was quite minimal but the performances
were outstanding and often very intense and powerful. I
never found my attention wandering, or the time dragging
at all during the performance. Such a wildly talented bunch
of young people. DH and I are so very proud of Ian and what
he's accomplished in his two years of study at Fanshaw, and
we know he's relished every minute of it.


It's hard to believe that Easter is next weekend. I'm looking
forward to having Friday off work and hope to get some
premium stitching time in. We've already got plans for both
Saturday and Sunday so Friday is our only free day.

The crocuses are in full bloom now, and the daffodils are
probably going to be in bloom in time for Easter, which will
be nice. Tulips are just starting to make significant headway
now but are still probably several weeks away from blooming.

We had a ton of rain on Friday, which broke records and
caused some flooding in areas. The sun came out yesterday
afternoon though and it's a beautifully sunny day today,
although a bit cooler then the average temperature for this year.

So now it's time to move on to the usual Sunday chores and
stuff, so I'll wrap this up and bid you all a good day. Hope
you have a great week and get lots of time to stitch, with
minimal intervention from the frogs. Take care and thanks
for visiting.



Judy S. said...

Your friend Linda is very talented, but then,so are you! I love your current project. Is it a recent PS pattern? I always enjoy perusing your reading pile, too!

Sonda in OR said...

I still can't believe how many books that you have!!! The PS birds are awesome... Isn't is so nice to have the spring flowers blooming? I love bulb little work for so much return?

Suzanne said...

You are so amazingly well read, I really am impressed. Your PS piece is looking lovely. That frog seems to have taken up residence at my place!!

Love the pieces your friend has made.

mainely stitching said...

Oh my goodness, your friend is amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous gifts she's made for you.

I'm enjoying your PS piece, too. Right now, I'm stitching some fish from an older PS booklet and am enjoying it. The designs are very restful, even when the frogs swarm in. ;0

Looking forward to your next round of book reviews!

Anonymous said...

How wonderfull to have friends making such nice things. The blue is wonderful, but the bear couple is really magnificent.
Reading is one of the better things to do in life. It is the best way of learning.
Hope you have a nice Easter!

stitcherw said...

Wow, you've moved right along on your PS birds, great start on the cardinal. Sorry the frogs are being such a pest on it, but it looks great.

Loved the bears, and horse, and such. Linda is an amazing stitcher. You're so lucky to have so many lovelies. The blue bear is my favorite as well. I love blues anyway, and his face is so sweet.

Glad you had such a good time at the play. I sounds like they put quite a bit of extra work into it. Going to the homeless shelters and such not only was good for the play, but I think that type of thing also give a very real perspective to the world that more people should have.

I thought we were getting spring here too, but crazy mother nature decided to pull a fast one today. We got about 4 inches of snow, others in the area got over 6 inches. It was the really wet and heavy stuff, so lots of downed lines and tree limbs, power outages and people ditch diving as they wouldn't slow down on the drive to work. Yuck!

Siobhan said...

Your friend Linda is so talented--and how generous, too! I love your stitching--the PS designs are always so pretty!

I enjoyed looking through your book stash. You will LOVE The Lace Reader!

Mylene said...

wow! You sure have a very talented friend, her works looks all great.
Your PS progress is looking wonderful.

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,
What a very talented lady your friend Linda is. I really love your bears. I think she is a bad influence on your or on your Visa card anyway lol.
Another great collection of books. Have seen a couple of them out here in the book shops. Will have to investigate.
Your PS is coming along nicely. Love the birds.
Don't you just love spring bulbs. We are heading towards winter here, but I saw in our local KMart the other day pots of hyacinths, tulips and jonquills. I bought a pot of cyclamens. Would have loved the hyacinths, but my DH can't stand the smell of them in the house. Makes him sneeze too much lol.
Well, Judy I hope you and your DH and Mum have a lovely Easter and that the weather is kind to you. -

Sharon said...

Judy, thank you so kindly for the offer of some Tea but since it's rather late here, I'll pass it up. Perhaps, next time. :-)

I was so excited to see all the lovely shares of the precious gifts your friend Linda has made over the years. Such an absolute lovely talent she has! I love how she pays attention to the details of her work~makes for an outstanding finish. You are so blessed with such an awesome friend.

The play sounded very interesting. I think I could of even sat through that and probably walked away amazed, once it was over with.

Your PS looks fabulous, to say the least. I just love everything PS. I do hope the nasties (FROG) will stay far away, long enough so that you get some good headway made, without any of THEIR help. Tee Hee Pesty little thing.

Have a most Blessed Easter weekend. Hope your Friday is filled with stitching, to the nines.

Cindy F. said...

Your PS is coming along so nicely! Sorry to hear the frogs keep jumping in the way:(
Your friend Linda has made you some beautiful keepsakes! What a very special, talented friend she is!

lynda said...

Hi Judy! Please come visit my blog...I have a surprise for you!

Linda Kaban said...

I love you Jude. Thank you very much for showing the treasures I made you.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Judy, thank you for the lovely long comment you left me!!! I hope you can find the same success and focus that I have and wish you all the best! It really is one of the best decisions I ever made and I haven't regretted a moment of it. Except when I'm surrounded by temptation! That's always hard.

Your PS piece is looking lovely, sorry to hear its giving you such a hard time in the frog department. That is so frustrating.

I hope you find lots of stitching time this Easter weekend!

Brigitte said...

Judy, I love your Prairie Schooler birds. I'm sure the frog will leave you once those twigs and branches will be stitched, lol.
Oh my, what a talent your friend Linda has. I can't believe what she made, just awesome. I particularly love that doll, the little Easter lady.
I've already copied the titles of the books in your new stack. I always look them up and when they are after my taste they land on my book list (which is even longer than my cross stitch list, lol). I've read a lot about the Lace Reader and will order it next month or so. So thanks for sharing your new pile.
I hope your Easter was great full of flowers and spring air.

Anonymous said...