Monday, November 17, 2008

Prolonging the holiday. I'll be stitching on this one for a
long time, slow stitcher that I am, so Halloween is going
to be an extended holiday for me. But I'm determined
not to let this one turn into a UFO, and especially not
when I'm half way through the cat. That would not do!

So here is my progress so far on Waxing Moon Designs
Halloween Short Stack. This is the first time that I've
stitched one of their designs and it is fun. This is also
one of the infamous false starts from a few posts back,
which is meant to be stitched using three strands of
thread. I'm using two. It works for me and it keeps me
from loosing my mind over what should be a relaxing

I'm using my magnifier to stitch this one, which means
that I can only work on it at home, and since my stitching
time is severely limited these days its not getting the
attention it deserves. But I'll keep putting a few stitches
in here and there when I can.

I think the pumpkin has a very cheeky grin.

Prolonging the holiday....part two. It's a good thing that
Fall is my favourite season. I started this one last week
while I was on holidays, and I got pretty obsessed over it.
So obsessed that my plans to dust and clean the library
fell to the wayside and got trampled. So much for best

This is Prairie Schooler's design from the November
chart. I love it!!! It's being stitched on 32 count fabric
which means that I have to use my magnifier for this
one too and it's another project exclusively for home.
I had to do a bit of frogging one day, but other then
that this one has been smooth sailing. The fabric
colour is Lambswool, which does not show up in this
photo at all well.

I've got a travel project as well, which is another LHN
design. It's being stitched at work and while visiting
with Mom at the Rehab facility. Not a lot done on it,
thanks in part to another visit from the froggies, so
it's identity will remain a secret until the next time I
post and have (hopefully) more to share.


Santa Claus arrived in Georgetown during the weekend,
and in Toronto as well. He came to Georgetown on
Saturday evening which was unfortunate because the
weather was absolutely rotten. It was cold and windy
and pouring with a mix of rain and sleet. It had been

raining for much of the day and was suppose to slack
off late in the afternoon but unfortunately that didn't
happen. Instead, it got worse.

DH was suppose to join the other choir members from
his church to sing on the church's float. But he's been
battling a cold for a few weeks now and there was no
way he was going to stand on a float in that weather,
exposed to the elements and trying to sing.

We heard the next day that some of the bands that
were suppose to take part in the parade canceled
because of the weather. And the number of spectators
along the parade route were significantly lower then
in previous years when the weather was more
temperate. Not surprising.

The Toronto Santa Claus parade was the following
day. Specifically on Sunday afternoon. By that time
the rain had passed, so they had cold temperatures

but no precipitation.


Traditionally, on the weekend that Santa comes to town
we decorate the house for Christmas. I know, I know....
it's a bit early. But I've found that from now on the days
will just get busier and busier, and time will get shorter
and shorter. So I have a schedule that I follow every
year to prepare for the festivities. 1) Start shopping
during weeks vacation. 2) Put up tree on weekend of
Santa Claus Parade. 3) write up Christmas cards.
4) more shopping. 5) Baking. 6) Rest.

DH gets the boxes of ornaments and the tree out from
storage, along with a cloud of dust and a few dissected
spiders, and then my friend Darlene and I start the
unpacking and the setting up and the trimming. It
takes all of Saturday afternoon and evening, and part
of Sunday to get done. We had Swiss Chalet for
dinner. Yes, the Festive Special. Yum!!

I decorated the book case in the upstairs hallway and
added a colourful backing to try and enhance the appearance
of the decorations. The normally white background of the
bookcase doesn't do much to show off the decorations.
So I cut cardboard to fit, and wrapped each piece in red
wrapping paper, and this is how it looks. Not bad, if I
do say so myself. These are the top three shelves. The
bottom three shelves are still full of books. Note: this
use to be our linen closet.

And this is how we decorated the room divider in the
living room this year. It's good to take pictures so that
next year I can refer back and use the same arrangement.


So the season begins in earnest, and now I've got to get
onto the cards, and make sure that the overseas ones
are sent out in a timely fashion. Of course the little
matter of a strike at the post office, which started today
and effects admin and technical workers might be a

The post office claims that service will not be affected,
but the Union says...Oh Yeah?? Wanna bet???

It's nice when all the traditions of Christmas are
followed, don't you think??? Santa Claus Parades,
putting up the Christmas tree, drinking egg nog,
watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the
Grinch on tv, and the Postal service out on strike.
Ah...all's right in the world.

So what do I do about the stuff I want to order
for presents on the computer and are delivered
via the post office??? Nuts!!

I've been reading epic fantasy in the past few weeks.
The third trilogy in the Farseer series written by the
truly marvelous, always enthralling Robin Hobb.
I just started the third book in the series today and
since it's over 900 pages it'll probably take a couple
of weeks to get through. We'll see. Then I'll be
devastated because it'll be the end of the Farseer
series and I'll have to bid the characters farewell.


Mom has settled into life at the rehab facility,
and we're actually quite pleased with how things
are going. She still has pneumonia and is getting
another course of antibiotics to deal with that.
She's out of quarantine, and so each day they
get her up and dressed and she has to go out to
the dining room to eat her meals with the other
patients. Today she used her walker to walk down
the corridor near her room, escorted by a couple
of care givers. I am thrilled about that. So we're
keeping our fingers crossed.

They have a computer at the rehab centre so I
was showing Mom some of your comments that
were sending her your best wishes and healing
thoughts. She was delighted and very touched
by your kindness. As am I.

Rupert found this pile of bedding waiting to be put
back on the beds and got himself settled for a nap.
When I told him he had to move this was his response!
You can fill in your own caption....

Well, this is another epic post. I still have a lot of
blogging to catch up on, but it's nice to be back in
the swing of things....somewhat.

Take care everyone. Thanks for coming...



mainely stitching said...

You tell Rupert to watch his language, this is a family blog! LOL!

Glad your Mom's doing okay, and please pass along my sincerest get-well wishes to her.

I love both your WIPs. Doesn't PS do autumn gorgeously?? I mean, those colors! And I love how she charts leaves - they look so weird (to me, at least) until suddenly, they're perfect and I cannot imagine them any other way. :)

I'm hoping not for a magnifier this year (though the day looms nearer) but for a good stitching light. I've been telling my better half that this is what I want to the point that I feel like one of the kids saying, "I want that!" every time a commercial comes on TV. LOL!

Wendy said...

Great to catch up with you, Judy! Sorry to hear that your Mum has been so ill, but it sounds like she is in a good place to recover her health. I love your Christmas decorating and it was a great idea to back the bookshelves with red paper - much more festive looking. Great stitching too!

Cindy F. said...

Such pretty wips and great progress on both. I can't believe it's time to start shopping, decorating, etc., etc.!! It was June just yesterday!!! Great decorating :)
I hope your mom gets over her pneumonia very soon!

Kathy A. said...

Glad to hear mom is doing better Judie. Love all that Fall stitching.
Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful. I almost miss the snow (NOT).

Beatrice said...

Ahhhh Rupert. You must let him get his
Your Wip's are stunning. I love the fall piece. It's nice to extend the season a bit. Winter has come too soon!
Have a good week and I hope all goes well with your Mom.
p/s your Christmas decor looks so pretty!

Andrea said...

Wonderful WIPs. I've only just finished with Halloween myself! Beautiful decorations.
Good to hear your mum is continuing doing well. She might be better off now that she is seeing other people during the day.

staci said...

Your Christmas decorations look lovely and festive :) We usually get the tree up and everything decorated the weekend after next weekend!

Anonymous said...


Hope your mom keeps getting better!
Christmas is, I believe, most people favourite time of year and red is the most lovely colour for this season.
I enjoy reading a lot and going through some US blogs I became awear of how many authors I don't know because they are never edited here in Portugal, although I tend to read if possible in English or French. My favourite's are Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Brin, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, etc, etc
Will be back again
Sorry for the long speach

Pumpkin said...

I love patterns by Waxing Moon. They are so colorful and cheery :o) I love the blue fabric you are using Judy. Btw, didn't you know that all pumpkins are cheeky ;o)

You picked another favorite of mine as well. This seems to be a very popular design this year. Too bad mine won't get done. LOL!

Wow, you sure start Christmas early then! You're quite the decorator too :o)

What! CP on strike??? How did I miss that one? I guess it's just expected after so many years of dealing with it. ROFL!

That's wonderful that your mother is doing much better. Over the past month, I have been worrying about my Gram and I wish she was as close to me as your mother is to you. It all takes time but it sounds like she's coming along at a steady pace :o)

ROFL! What an awesome picture of Rupert!!!!

Michelle said...

I love how you did the red backing for your shelves...great idea! Your pumpkins are all looking marvelous!