Sunday, November 30, 2008

My life is a whirlwind of activity and commitments. It is
a constant thought in my head that I "should be" doing this
or I "should be" doing that right now. But in my usual
way I'm doing what I can and ignoring the rest. Or just
postponing it to a later date. And trying not to stress over
it all.

Yesterday was a good example. Was suppose to go to the
post office, go to the grocery store, go see Mom and then
go to a special do in the evening.

But then I slept in on Saturday morning, and when I did
get up I couldn't get moving. My old winter boots had sprung
a leak, probably through the hole in the toe, and so needed
replacing before the next big storm (more about that later).
And a strap on my purse broke so I needed a new purse too.
So this meant a trip to the mall for more then just a visit
to the post office.

Boots didn't take long. I hate buying shoes so I get my
self into the store, choose what looks best, try it on, pay
for it and get out again. Mission accomplished. Choosing
a purse however was something else again. I just pick
out something from Walmart which is cheap and suits
my needs. I'm too rough on purses to spend more then
I can help on one. But there wasn't a great deal in our
Walmart that appealed to me and I rummaged around in
their shelves for awhile before settling on something that
would "do" for now.

Meanwhile time was flying by and stress levels were
rising accordingly. So after finishing things in the mall
and picking up a few things at the grocery store it was
home to ponder our next move. We decided that we
should perhaps arrange to visit Mom on Sunday, when
we'd have more time and were more able to enjoy the
visit and be more sociable. So I called and she was fine
with that. DH and I ate a late lunch and then dispursed
to our various favourite napping spots and had a bit of
a kip. I don't usually nap in the afternoons, but a small
headache required a time out, and so I took it.

The rest of the afternoon I goofed on the computer and
vegged. It felt pretty good to just do nuthin'. I'm good
at that. DH enjoyed his nap too. He's crazy busy these
days as well with choir commitments, church events and
committees and stuff.

My stitching time is still limited to lunches and breaks at
work, visits with Mom and perhaps the odd bit of time in
the bus depot waiting for my Go bus to Georgetown at the
end of the work day. But here's my progress on LHN's
Kitty Cottage Sampler. And as usual the ecru I'm using
doesn't show up terribly well on the fabric that I chose to
stitch this on. So I'll probably have to back stitch the
fence and the foot stool to get them to show up better.

And congratulations to Rowyn of Rosie Kiwi who guessed
the identity of this project last week. Your prize is in the
mail Rowyn and as long as the post office strike doesn't
mess things up too much I would think that you'll see it
on your doorstep in two or so weeks. I hope.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this week myself
and am just thrilled to bits with it. This is from the
incredible Barbara of Mainly Stitching fame, who made
me this lovely bookmark in lovely colours and using
a selection of great Quaker images, plus my initials.
It's been added to my small collection of stitching
treasures and I'm enjoying looking at it. It reminds me
of Barbara, one of the nicest, funniest, most talented
people around. A visit to Barbara's blog is a joy and an
inspiration, but I'm sure you already know that yourselves.
Thank you Barbara. You're the best!

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the founding of
our church, St. Andrews United, here in Georgetown. On
Friday night DH and I attended a meet and greet at the
church where a large crowd of past and present members
gathered to visit, eat and listen to performances by the
various choirs belonging to the church. DH is in two of
the choirs and the above picture is of the praise band
Kahilla. DH is the tallest guy in the middle of the picture.

Then last evening was a formal dinner, with entertainment
afterwords. Dinner was at six and since we'd both had a
quiet, relaxing afternoon DH and I were in a much better
frame of mind (mostly sane) to enjoy the meal and the
entertainment. Dinner was a catered affair and the main
course was roast beef. Yum!! Dessert was a crepe with
ice cream and raspberry sauce. Double yum!!

When thinking of winter, and especially Christmas, we
all have a certain image in our heads of what it should
look like outside during this time of year. The picture
above is pretty close to my imagined perfect winter. Of
course reality is something else again, and tonight we
are suppose to be getting our first big hit of reality for
this year.

Rain and snow, mixed together. The temperature and
location will determine who gets what. We're further
north then Toronto, but still shielded by the escarpment
so we don't get as much snow as places even 15 minutes
further north of us by car do. Bad case scenario would
present us with about 10 to 20 centimeters of snow.
Just in time for rush hour tomorrow morning.


Mom is doing well, and says that she has noticed an
increase in the strength in her arms and legs. She
was measured and fitted for a new wheelchair this
week since the one that she was assigned was not
comfortable for her back. Apparently wheelchairs
do not come in one size fits all. News to me. Mom
has long legs so needed a different wheelchair to
suit her. She starts therapy on Monday and that
should make even more progress possible.

I'm a little short on things to write about this week for
some reason. And since it's lunch time I'm going to
bow out for now and go feed my grumbly tummy.
I'll leave you with this weeks picture of Phoebe sharing
her blanket with Rupert, who figured that since he
needed to stretch out he'd do so right over Phee. What
a guy.

Thanks for visiting and take care all. Cheers!!


staci said...

{{hugs}} You be sure to take a little time for yourself :) I'm glad to hear that your Mom is improving, that must be a good deal off your shoulders :)

Cindy F. said...

Your life is truly exciting. Don't forget to enjoy it...drink it in slowly:)
Good news about your mom!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like the silly season has started off in a roar for you! Take it easy and don't wear yourself down too much.. you'll get sick!

I'm glad to hear Mom is doing well!

That Kitty Cottage is pretty cute, but then I'm partial to our fine feline friends!

Lelia said...

Lovely Kitty cottage LHN (so far) Your rupert is so charming!!! Don't cats do the most interesting things??? Glad to hear your mom is improving.

mainely stitching said...

Oh, I hear you on the commitments thing! And you really do have such a lot on your plate. I know I've said it before, but your Mom is so lucky to have you for a daughter. :)

I'm so so SO glad you like the bookmark. I really want to make you a few, as I know how much you love reading, but I figured that I better get this one out in the mail before too much time could elapse. I'm notorious for intending to post something right away, and suddenly realizing that WEEKS have passed by. :0

Take care, and maybe make some time for another nap now & then. Sounded very therapeutic.

Lelia said...

It has been snowing since I got up this a.m. We are in a "snow belt" which means the wind blows accross Lake Michigan and we get lake effect snow often.
Are you reading any good books now? You usually have great stuff on the shelf!!!

Anonymous said...

Just back from a short holiday on one of the few places where it snows here in Portugal (Covilhã). I've never been so close!!!! Glad to know your mom is getting well. Each day must be regarded as a victory.Love the music playing!!! Best regards

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,
I have been vegetating myself. I haven't spent that much time on the old computer.
I decided to try one of my sons computers instead of the usual one as it was taking me forever to get somewhere (I think one of the reasons I wasn't checking blogs for a while).
I just had a lovely surprise while reading your blog. This beautiful music that I also had came filling the room. I have it on my ipod and I often listen to it while stitching.
I'm so glad that your Mum is improving. My Dad had to go and have a chest xray the other day and gets the results this afternoon to see if he has pneumonia. My youngest had to have one late last week and thankfully his lungs are now clear.
The middle son passed his drivers test first go which is good and I now have a lot of time to myself. He has flown the coop and comes home on the weekend.
It's funny we had snow 2 weeks ago. One day we are in our light and frillies, the next we are all rugged up and then back to the frillies again. Crazy weather. They talk about global warming.
Can see that you have been stashing up again with some lovely charts. I try to restrict my self to the occasional one. My next project though is going to be a right challenge. I think it is going to be more of a challenge than doing Dutch Beauty over one. = Take care = Sandra.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, Me again. I was just sitting at the computer talking on the phone talking to my DH when your message came through.
In answer to your question re music on my ipod. It was Connie Dover singing Ubi Caritas. The other one is Enigma. I also like Celtic music. My Connie Dover is on a CD called Celtic Spirit. I also have another one from the CD company called Celtic Odyssey. I like Enya, but my son has lost my CD somewhere. My other favourite in Celtic music is Clannad. Enya's brothers and Sisters and friends. I have a few of their CD's.
My music taste goes from classical (Vivaldi, Bach and for some reason very church inspired music. The sort that you would hear in a great cathedral.
My ipod is nearly full of all different types of music that I have in different play lists. It depends on my mood.
Haven't heard how Dad went as yet as his appointment isn't for an hour. Will let you know the next time I post.
Well better get off my butt and go and do some more work. Before I know it DS will be home from school and the next thing I'll know is that it's time to start cooking dinner. Where does the time go.
By the way, LOL I am now listening to that lovely CD on my CD player. - Sandra.

samplerlover said...

Forgot to tell you. Check out Casa Mia's blog. You can get to it from mine. She has just posted 2 lovely "freebies" of angels in bells. You have to go to her cross stitch page to see them at the moment and then click onto the freebie part on the top of the page. - Sandra.

Beatrice said...

First of all I have never stitched a Mirabilia sooooo....a challenge for sure.
I too am so busy right now with the singing.
I'm glad you found the boots the weather is going to be interesting over the next few days by the looks of things.
My decorating is done and I don't have much shopping to do so I think It can come.

Do take care it's easy to get caught up in the bustle and forget to look after oneself.
Pretty stitching going on. I haven't been able to do too much.

Have a good week and stitch with happy fingers!

Sharon said...

Oh my, it definitely sounds like you are caught up in the Hustle and Bustle of the Holiday Season! Just be sure to take some time out to smell the roses~or should we say Pointsetia's??? Tee Hee

Love your LHN piece! Such beautiful stitching. I wouldn't mind at all taking that new Stash off your hands~wow, you've got some gorgeous stuff there!!! It's been a while since I've received a haul such as that.

Ohhhh, very happy to hear that your mom is feeling stronger. Such awesome, awesome news! Hopefully she'll feel even that much more better, once the new wheelchair arrives. What a dear she must be.

Love, love, love the photo of the kitties. Oh, they are too beautiful.

Take care and have a fantastic weekend. Hope you can find sometime to relax with some stitching!

Erynne said...

Your Kitty Cottage wip is adorable!!
Oh yes, I know all about that snow and it has just kept on piling up ever since. I'm in Hillsburgh but work in Brampton and can't believe the difference!

stitcherw said...

Glad that your mom seems to be doing better, and that they've identified she'll be more comfortable in a different chair and are getting her one. Your Kitty sampler is looking so cute. The edges of the fence and stool do seem to blend from the picture, so maybe a soft grey or such in back stitch would help them stand out a bit more, I've done that on occation myself. Remember to take it easy this holiday, it is way to easy to overdo and stress yourself out to the point you don't enjoy it. Sometimes as you've found taking a break and maybe a nap is a perfect alternative.

stitcherw said...

Oh, I forgot, gorgeous music you have playing, who is it? Beautiful and restful, perfect evening music.

stitcherw said...

Ok, me again, helps if I scroll down, it is Connie Dover, Cantus. Beautiful, I think I need a new CD. :)

Hazel said...

Just flying over from Barbara's blog to say hello and to read your lovely posts. xx

Pumpkin said...

Are you falling apart Judy???? LOL! I don't envy your time out in the stores :oS

Your Kitty Sampler is looking really good! Is it just the lighting in the photo because the ecru doesn't look that bad.

That IS a lovely bookmark that you received :o)

At least you're not getting snow one day and then mild weather and rain the next. We have no idea if we're coming or going out here! LOL!

Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. I learned all about wheelchairs when I saw my Gram. They're pretty custom fit these days.

Silly kitties!!!!