Saturday, June 16, 2007

A weeks progress on "The Bookshelf". It moves along fairly easily, with
just a few scattered stitches that require careful planning to make sure
that the threads don't show through the linen and spoil the effect. I find
it interesting how the designer has chosen to use somewhat plain, muted
colours, with just a touch of a brighter red thread used here and there.
The gold thread, which will be used mostly on the bindings of the books
stitched at the top of this piece, will add a subtle glint and remind us that
these books are as precious as fine gold.

I started reading "Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson this week and it's
fantastic. Kerry, you mentioned having this in your "to be read"
stack. You will love this story!! A wonderfully well written fantasy,
with a story told from the view point of three characters, in
alternating chapters. I thought this might be the first of a trilogy
but it now appears that it's a stand alone story. The author does
currently have two books out that are part of a trilogy but I don't
think those books have any connection to this one.

Shannon, I've always tried to read books in order of publication.
Even Kathy Reich's books, which I don't consider to be as heavily
into the main character's relationships as other writer's (such as
Elizabeth George) can be. Or at least her books aren't as detailed.
Still, reading a series in order you get to know the main character
in much the same way as you would a real person. Hope you enjoy
the books as much as I've done.

Work is still crazy busy, and that along with the long, sun filled
days allowing for evening time spent working in the garden and
just sitting outside on the deck, means less computer time. I'm
behind on reading and commenting on blogs. Life's just too busy.

Our local library had their yearly book sale today, and the
farmer's market opened as well. Since both events were in the
same area of Georgetown we attended both. Picked up a pile of
lovely books at the sale, including a beautiful National Geographic
book on China, and a couple of hard cover novels in excellent
condition. I also picked up two cross stitch books. One is of
Kate Greenaway's illustrations translated to cross stitch. The
other is a sampler motif book by Brenda Keyes.

At the market we picked up some lovely strawberries to enjoy
for desert tonight, and some meat from the local butcher for
the barbecue, assuming the weather holds. It's gotten quite
overcast this afternoon.


Kerry said...

Thanks for the comment on Elantris. I'll keep it on my list of books to read.r

Karen said...

I love the bookshelf. So far I can see two books in it that I love and possible third (if my guess of secret garden is correct). I look forward to seeing more of this one.

You have me intrigued on the book "Elantris". What is it about?