Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer time...

It is quite warm outside right now. Even in the shade the heat is a presence sitting across your shoulders like an enormous blanket. I sat out on the back lawn, under our silver maple tree, eating sweet green grapes and browsing through a book. But even that minimal amount of activity proved too oppressive and so I fled to the house for a break in its air conditioned atmosphere.

This morning I was up at 7:00. Those who know me well are probably gasping in shock. I don't do mornings. At least not voluntarily. I have to get up at 5:30 during the work week, but I'm darned it I'll be an early riser on the weekend. But today I had incentive to rise and shine at such an un-Godly hour. Our local library was having it's annual sale. Every year, in June, the Georgetown library lugs boxes full of books out to the front lawn of the building and sells them for real cheap. Some of these books are obviously old library books that are no longer being read, I guess. But others have to be donated by people just for this sale. Over the years I've managed to pick up a few great deals. I'm picky about my books, when bought second hand. I don't want them to look worn, or dirty, or torn. And they certainly must not SMELL! You know, that sour, musty smell that mildewy books have. I only buy books that, for all intents and purposes look new. Or close to it. Well, last year I did make an exception for a book about Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan but that book was special. Its a little well used, but still in reasonable condition. Anyways, I guess that makes me a books snob or something. We all have our faults.

The book sale is also on the same day as the official opening of the Georgetown farmer's market, with lots of vendors and events. The street is closed off to traffic for the day and its a very festive occasion. Lots of things to see, buy or eat. You run into tons of people you don't know, and a few that you do, not to mention their dogs.

Tomorrow is Classic Cars for Cancer at the fairgrounds. Rows and rows of cars of every vintage and make and model arranged for viewing by the public. The entrance fee going to the Cancer Society, of course.

Oh, and I bought 6 books at the sale. Two novels and three "reference" books and a book of quotes from Canadian actors called "Standing Naked in the Wings" which I've broused through and found to be hilariously funny. One reference book is a Pierre Burton book about the Klondike, full of old pictures. One is a picture book about the Rocky Mountains, full of glorious photos. And one book is about Canadian nature. Yummy stuff.

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