Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Wednesday...

I've been ignoring my blog again. Well, things have been quiet around here and I haven't been inspired to write. I read everyone elses blogs faithfully, about once a week for each and I love to see the pictures that people post of their current cross stitch projects. It makes me feel connected in a small way to a world wide community of cross stitches and inspires me to keep stitching away at my own small pieces. I would love to tackle some of the bigger projects that many others do, and I do have some patterns like that sitting in my cupboard, but I have this niggling little voice in the back of my head which keeps insisting that "I could never do something like that". So I work on my smaller projects and try to build up my confidence to start a bigger project, such as "Scent of Old Roses".

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a project by Lori Gardner, from a book that I have of hers called "Sweet & Simple Country Cross-Stitch" .
The pattern is "Stacked Animals" and is a variation of that classic country design of four or so farm animals standing one on top of the other. This one is a chicken on top of a sheep, on top of a pig, on top of a cow. I may give this one to the little brother of the Laura, Hannah and Naomi. His name is Josiah and he's just over a year old. I have done about 3 quarters of the cross stitch and then I just have all the back stitching left to do. I've been taking it to work with me and getting alot done there.

We have a bunny coming to our backyard. He shows up early in the morning and again at night. He first appeared in the front yard, munching on the fermented cherries that fell from our cherry trees in the spring. Then he moved to the back yard and the bird seed that covered the ground under the bird feeders. I didn't know bunnies ate bird seed. Anyways, I've been taking him a carrot chopped up into bite sized pieces whenever I see him out there. I can get within a foot of him and I think that he's begining to recognize my voice and knows that I mean him no harm and am bringing him treats. I can sit close by and watch him eat, and groom himself (herself?) and hop around looking for food. Of course he has helped himself to one of the plants in my garden, and stripped the leaves from many of the stems. But new leaves are growing in and I figure that it's a small price to pay for such a delightful visitor. Yes, I'm smitten. A sucker for a furry face. Cheers!

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