Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Spring! No, Winter! No, Spring ....

Greetings and welcome.

I am delighted to be able to share a finish with you today!
Here is Little House Needleworks design with a few little
changes here and there to make it my own.   A cute design
that is perfect for this warm and green growing time of year.

Um .... yeah!

These pictures were taken on Sunday, May 15th.   Phil
went out to mow the lawn even though the sky was heavy
with clouds and it was obvious that we were in for some
sort of precipitation.    When the lawn requires mowing
there is just no stopping Phil.

Clicking on the pictures will allow you to see and fully
appreciate the irony.

I looked out the window and there was my husband pushing
the lawn mower up and down the yard with grim determination
while the snow came down in a steady, fierce curtain.   At one
point I could barely see him through the snow!   I opened the
back door and suggested that perhaps he might consider taking
a break until the worst of it had passed but ... oh, no! ... he
motored on through it all.   

We had several periods of this throughout that afternoon and
since I'm much more pragmatic and sensible about these things
I just locked myself in my craft room with the heater humming
at my feet and refused to look out the window. 

One week later and it was the Victoria Day long weekend.   The
sun shone for all three days and the temperatures soared into the
mid 70's Fahrenheit and we relished every second of it.

Our cherry trees bloomed at the beginning of the week and put
on their usual glorious display of blossoms.   One day of 
strong winds has pretty much finished off the display unfortunately
and the driveway now looks like it's still snowing out there.

We painted our three year old red bench ... which was
peeling and shedding it's red coat alarmingly ... a cheery
yellow colour last week and have been accenting it with
matching flower baskets to enhance the results.   We
still have to get more flowers and stuff but this is a nice

Martha Washington geraniums are one of my favourites.
Pretty, frilly flowers in a wide range of colours including
this sweet little plant.   The garden centre where I found
this had just the one like this and as soon as I saw it I
had to grab it.    It's in the pink watering can .... see
the previous picture.

I'm a fantasy geek.   Did you know that?   Fantasy books, TV shows,
movies and graphic novels are all things that make me very happy.
This week's book order (yeah,  I order books every week ... why?)  
included the above two Elfquest graphic novels and they are 
as gorgeous as ever.   Not familiar?    This series was created by
Wendy Pini who writes the stories and does the art work.   Her husband
Richard also writes the stories with her.    First published in 1978 the
story has continued until present day and is the longest running, 
independent fantasy series published.

I found the series way back in 1978 and have been a fan ever since.
The art work is breathtakingly gorgeous and the story is exciting,
captivating and engrossing.

A few other books arrived as well,  and of course as soon as
I'd removed the books from their box Rupert took over.  It's
an agreement that we have.

I'm also a Trekker.   

Whilst at the post office this week I found these specially issued 
collector's packs which are to commemorate the 50th (!!!) anniversary 
of Star Trek.   I thought that they were pretty cool and decided to 
add them to my collection.   I can't believe that it's been 50 years
since the series began.     

We've been having rain and thunderstorms off and on today
which also makes me happy since I love the rain and a good
thunderstorm.    We've managed to do some planting of our
pots between each performance of inclement weather and then
we take refuge in the house again until the next wave blows over.

Ah summer.



Andrea said...

A wonderful finish. How are you going to finish it off now? Wow, it sounds like all four seasons in one week :) Hopefully brighter days are ahead for all of us. Have a good week.

Brigitte said...

You have a beautiful stitchy finish here. I love this design a lot and are about to start mine. It's a restart as the first time I didn't like the fabric colour I chose but I'm not very far into it by now.

Our May was just like yours, we just didn't have snow although the night temperatures were often below 0°C and if I still had to go to work I would have had to scrape the ice layer off my car windows. But nevertheless the garden is blooming although some lilacs and a hydrangea froze during the cold nights. And some days I even could sit on the terrace reading :)

I love to see pictures of new book hauls. When I come to your blog I rarely go wrong when expecting these pictures, lol. I wish I could read that much but my mind is completely caught by my stitching projects. Which doesn't mean that I don't read, no. I read every day but I'm a slow reader. I hope that the summer days will bring more reading time on the terrace - my favorite place for time with my books.

Kaisievic said...

Great post, my dear - lovely stitching finish, great new titles to read, a cat in a box, pretty flowers, Star Trek (oh, James T. Kirk, my first crush) and snow - what more could a girl want?? (P.S. I think that we have similar tastes in reading).

Judy S. said...

Love that pink geranium and your most recent finish! Here's to no more snow except the petal kind!