Saturday, January 04, 2014

No, this isn't a picture of our house during the brief
thaw that we had a week ago.  I wish!    I took
this picture and the one below during a day trip
into Toronto a few years ago ... June 2011 to be exact.  
I took a ferry from the pier in downtown Toronto 
to Toronto Island for a day of hiking, picture taking
and to escape a stinking hot day on the mainland.

A picture of the ferry terminal taken last summer.
It had just been renamed the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal
the previous day in honour of a local politician who
had passed away from cancer a year earlier.

From the island you have beautiful views of downtown
Toronto ... as long as either the smog or the weather is
being co-operative.  Parts of the islands (there's 
actually three islands linked together .. or is it four?)
have cottages on them, large parts are parkland,
there's a children's amusement park, an airport
and beaches ... including a nudist beach.

Why am I posting these pictures today?  Well,
I don't have  much else to show you from the 
previous week and a blog post without 
pictures is pretty bland and boring IMHOP.

We did have a brief thaw at the beginning of
last week which allowed the thick ice that
had been coating everything outside to melt.
It cleared off of tree branches, power lines
and eaves troughing but not off of all of
the sidewalks ... alas.   

Then a couple of days of frigid temperatures
hit on Thursday and Friday which had 
everyone huddled indoors.   With the wind 
chill it dropped to -35 Celsius which made 
being outside something to be avoided at all costs
if possible.   I walked home in it on Thursday
night.   Train station to home took 40
minutes.   I was dressed for it but even so
I was a human icicle when I walked in our
front door.    Should-a called for a ride.

I've been drawing/doodling again.  A
couple of pages of this and that.

My neighbour and her daughter came over 
one afternoon and we sat at the kitchen
table drawing, drinking mugs of tea
and munching on Christmas treats.
That's when I started the above tangle.

New Years was quiet but enjoyable.
We had some friends join us for
dinner and visiting though our
numbers were fewer then normal
because of those dreaded "bugs"
that are going around.  Just about everyone 
is affected it seems.  Either getting 
sick .... being sick ... getting 
over being sick .... or married to sick!

So there were seven of us to dine
on my usual go-to dishes of home
made lasagne, mac n cheese, asian
salad and other yummy party
fare.   Then we sat around yakking
and laughing and drinking 
lots of tea and eating lots of

And the last guest left before 
midnight!!!   Yes, we are
a rowdy bunch of New Years
revellers aren't we?  Oh well.

My current read.   I stumbled on this
at the bookstore just after Christmas
and as soon as I read the description
of the story on the cover I knew it
was my kind of book.    I've been
reading it ever since and loving it. 
This is the author's first novel and 
I believe that this is the start of a 
series.  If you've read and loved  
Deborah Harkness's All Souls trilogy 
then you'll enjoy this book too!

I can't believe the holidays are
over already.   We haven't
taken the tree and other 
decorations down yet because 
frankly I don't want to.   I love
my tree and hate taking it
down even though it's been
up since Nov 16th.   I am
giving myself one more week
to enjoy it before we pack it
up until next November.

That's it from me.  Sorry for the
uneventful post.   We're expecting
a snow storm tomorrow evening
that is predicted to deliver about
15 to 20 cm of the white stuff.
Hope the weather isn't being too
harsh where you are but it does
seem that nasty weather is happening
everywhere ... and Winter is only
three weeks old!   Yeesh!!!


You know ... I can't remember if
I've posted those pictures of
Toronto Island before on a blog
post or not.  It's bugging me.
Oh well.


Rowyn said...

Such beautiful photos of Toronto, Judy.

Still love your tangles!

-35 degrees Celsius? Brrr. You must need some pretty heavy duty clothes to cope with those temps!

Brigitte said...

Isn't it great to look at pictures that were taken on a hot summer day when the actual temperatures outside are so low that you start freezing when going outside? -35°C is something I even can't imagine. I live in a mountaneous region and in the winter we always have low temperatures, but not THAT low. Brrr. You are brave to walk home in this cold!

Your new drawing hobby looks so nice, so delicate. I can easily imagine that it's a lot of fun to do this drawing, particularly in the company of friends.

I will be taking down the tree today as it's Three King's Day, a holiday in the southern part of Germany. And the traditional day to take the Christmas tree down. And I'm glad that it comes down as I haven't watered it enough so it definitely looks a bit sad after two weeks, lol.

You seem to have had a very nice satrt of the new year. We also had a quiet evening, just my husband and I. And since the first day of the year I have been busy busy stitching the days away. And the nights, too, lol.

Wishing you a wonderful 2014!

Andrea said...

Beautiful photos ... oh for that sunshine again! Our news programmes have been showing the weather in Canada and USA. I hope we don't get all that as it usually gets to us along the jet stream. Your tangles are lovely, it's funny how doodling has become so popular and so creative.
Stay safe and warm.

Jennifer said...

Love that pink house Judy! and love your tangles! Have been enjoying reading your blog and all your wonderful entries. I hope to get back to blogging very soon as I have a big reveal . Sure has been cold here hasn't it ?!! Your tree was beautiful and it was nice to see you got to do a lot of Christmas adventures with friends etc. Are you going to be off in the spring? Let me know and hopefully we can get together this time. Happy New Year Judy!