Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall is ...

Fall is my most favourite time of the year.   The cooler 
weather suits me a great deal better then the heat and 
(especially) the humidity of the summer season.  And
I love the decorations that can be put out on display to
celebrate all things Fall.    When I began hauling out
my Fall decorations I realized that I couldn't remember
just exactly where I'd put each item the previous year.
Well of course not .... everyone knows how short my
memory is.   So I winged it and just put things where
they felt right to be.   And then I took a picture so 
that next year I'll have a visual reminder of where 
everything goes .... as long as I remember that I
took a picture.

Today is one of those dull, dreary, pitching down
rain Fall days that inevitably appear at the end of
October.   Colder temperatures and a brisk wind
make it rather unpleasant to be outside today and
this morning we had the first scattered flakes of
.... gulp!!!!! .... SNOW mixed in with the rain.
(Taking deep breaths here)  And yet we also have
had some brilliant sunshine to tease and entice
us to venture outside for a while to enjoy the
fresh air and the waning garden.  DH did just
that, planning to do a bit of gardening work,
and got caught in the inevitable return of the

And still I love the Fall.

Not a lot of cross stitching going on 
around here, although the urge has 
hit me strong and I may just pick
up needle and thread pretty soon.

Meanwhile this year I've become 
enamoured with Zentangling ....
or Zendoodling and have been 
making tentative attempts at my 
own creations.

The above is more of a doodle and 
represents an afternoon on the deck
in August with pens and paper in hand.

A zendoodle for sure.   I'm learning
all the various patterns ... and there
are lots and lots of them being 
created all the time .... and some
are easier then others.   I like adding
colour to mine with markers since I
am not too great at adding shading
for depth

And here is a Zentangle mandala 
that I made.    

There are a ton of great blogs and
websites on the net with Zentangle 
patterns to see and tutorials on 
how to draw them.   

I received a lovely Halloween treat in 
the mail on Friday from Paula in Portugal
who stitched this terrific Prairie Schooler
design for me.     Love it!!    Thank you
dear Paula for your thoughtful gift.

A year or so ago I read Sarah's Key
by Tatiana De Rosnay.   A tragic
story, so incredibly sad and disturbing
but very well written for all that.  So
last week I read another book by the
same author and enjoyed it as well.
A bittersweet story about a man's 
search for the truth about his mother's
death when he was a child.

Oh look, the sun is back out again.
Cheeky thing. 




Andrea said...

Great to hear from you. Lovely autumnal display. Please don't mention that word .. snow!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

OMGoodness! You made those doodles?! That is stunning work!

Rowyn said...

Great to see a post from you Judy.

I love your zentangles - wow! I might buy some paper and pens and give it a go myself! :-) I have already started googling and have seen some amazing stuff!