Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello. My name is Judy. I have a problem. I'm an addict.
What is it that I am addicted to you may be asking?? Well,
let me tell yo....

"You're addicted to cross stitch!!!"

Oh ... well ... yes I guess I am. But that's not what I'm talking
about tonight. This addiction is actua ....

"I know!! I know!! You're addicted to books!!!"

Er ... um ... yes, I suppose that's true too. Yes, books are another
of my addictions. But that's also not what I'm trying to explain
here tonight. This addiction is much mor .....

"Blogging!!! It has to be blogging!! We're right this time
aren't we??? It's blogging!! It's obvious!!"

No!! Not blogging!!

Ahem. As I was saying, I am an addict. And the thing that
I've been addicted to so ardently lately, almost to the exclusion
of all else, is Ji .....

"Chocolate!! Cats!!! Walking??? Vampires???? Those
little candy coated Easter Egg thingies???"

JIGSAW PUZZLES!!!!!!!! I'm addicted to JIGSAW PUZZLES!!!


That's why I haven't been around blog land for awhile now.
I was loaned three puzzles by my Mom's friend Flora,
who loves to spend part of every day working on a puzzle,
and I haven't been able to leave them alone. I especially
adore puzzles made from Charles Wysocki paintings. I
collect those.

They sit out on the dining room table and they call to me.
I wander over and put a few pieces in while dinner is cooking
... and hopefully not burning. I put a few pieces in while
guarding Phoebe while she eats her dinner (Rupert tries to
steal her crunchies if we don't watch him). I sit down for
"just" half an hour before going to bed and end up an hour
or two later glancing at the clock and realizing that it's
almost 11:00 pm and we get up at 5:30 for work!!

Well, the third puzzle was finished this weekend and so
I have no new ones to do. I can finally return to my first
love which is ....

"Books!! Cross Stitch!! Blogging!! Cats!!"

All of the above actually. Hi gals (and any guys out
there as well). How's it going??

I finally bit the bullet and took one of my stitched pieces
into Michael's to be framed. I got one of their coupons
out of the local newspaper which gave me something like
60 % off the regular price and I put it to good use. This is
one of my most favorite projects of all time and I've been
wanting to get it framed ever since it was stitched about
two years ago. I'm delighted to have it done and it does
look pretty darn good. Someday I'm going to have me
one of those big, wondrous stitching walls like some of
you talented stitching folks out there. It'll probably take
a couple of decades given how slowly I stitch but I'll do it!!

This is a short post tonight just to get myself back into the
swing of things. I have a few things to post about next time
that might just interest yo ....

"Book reviews?? New stitching stash?? New book stash??
New stitching projects??? Personal observations on
currant events??"

Uh, yeah.

Missed ya!! Thanks for putting up with me.



Kathy A. said...

Love those puzzles. I have a whole stash of 3D puzzles if you are interested.
I love your piece framed. It is beautiful and will look lovely hanging!

Judy S. said...

Love that red sampler! Puzzles have a way, don't they? Like Kathy, we have some here....not 30 but some.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog world. Already said that love the sampler. Puzzles, although I love them, never call to me!!!!

Maggie said...

Welcome back Judy :-)
I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in years but can see how they become addictive!

Love your framed sampler, why can't we have a Michaels in the UK then i could get money off framing too, lol.

Have a good week:-)

Gina E. said...

I have a few jigsaw puzzles that have never seen the light of day! They were given to me by friends who are addicted to them, and can't understand anyone who doesn't love them as much as they do. I don't have any feeling one way or the other about doing them - I just don't have time to think about doing them! Rather be stitching or reading (or doing a Sudoku puzzle - there - I've admitted it!)
I love your red sampler - it looks stunning in that frame! I frame all my pictures once they are finished. Only a few have been done professionally, because it is so expensive. The rest I do myself, using frames I've found in opshops (thrift stores to you).

BrendaS said...

The puzzle looks great. You will have to go find some new ones to feed your addiction!

Love your framed piece, the frame is beautiful.

Lynn said...

Welcome back! Puzzles have never appealed to me. Good thing, 'cause I'd have no where to do them except on the dining room table. And then we'd never eat since I'd never complete them. Hmmmm.....maybe that's a way to control my eating!
Your red sampler looks lovely framed! I'm thinking of taking some of mine in for framing. I'm just waiting for another sale.

Andrea said...

Haven't done a jigsaw in years. I think it's either something theraputic or would drive you absolutely insane.
Love the framed piece.

mainely stitching said...

I didn't know you were a jigsawaholic! I will admit that I bought one recently just because I loved the picture, LOL!! (Don't tell my husband!)

Jennifer said...

Your red sampler looks beautiful Judy! Hey , every once in awhile we all have to do something different and doing a jigsaw is a great plan! Hope to be able to call you very soon!

Siobhan said...

I have a friend who LOVES puzzles, too--and stitching. :) I wouldn't mind doing them but know I'd get sucked in. I have such an addictive personality. I love Charles Wysocki's artwork--I can imagine how beautiful the puzzle is close up!

Gorgeous frame job!!

Suzanne said...

I love jigsaw puzzles as well, but with the two children, I can't do them. The girls scatter the pieces everywhere and they just can't keep their fingers to themselves.

Too bad you live so far away, I have so many large puzzles looking for a new home.

Pumpkin said...

Judy, you are too funny ;o) LOL! I love puzzles too and even bought one for DH for Christmas but we haven't touched it yet :o(

Your framed piece is gorgeous! I have to say, Micheals did a good job.

Carolien said...

Well, we have lots in common, Judy! I love jigsaw puzzles too. I can't understand why my daughters don't like to make them. I really don't, what a strange creatures, don't you agree? ;)I started at an early age with puzzles and when I start one I can't stop ... that's why I don't do it too often, I mean the household ... ;)
Your jigsaw is very pretty, by the way.
Your framed stitches are beautiful, you can be very proud! And that wall will come, I'm sure.

Bye, Carolien

Brigitte said...

LOL. And yes, puzzles can be addictive. I also love Charles Wysocki's paintings and want to stitch one of them one day. When I will have time. The painting on your puzzle would be a great stitching project, too.
Wow, your stitched piece looks wonderful in that frame.

Beatrice said...

LOL ...I hadn't read this post..I laughed so do have a problem and it is a very good getting bored for you!!!
I was also a lover of puzzles..I did many many many, now I stitch stitch stitch!! lol
Your framed piece is lovely...and oh yes, there is no cure for startitis I checked..crazy illness that is.
have a good weekend!