Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn in Georgetown

I bought this wee treasure during a quick trip to our
local mall yesterday. I had a coupon and my discount
card for that particular bookstore chain so got it for
a decent price. This is one of those instances when
it doesn't matter if you should be treating yourself
or not to a new book, what with Christmas coming
and all that. This is an author and a book that you
just have to have now!!

Well, I do anyways.

I haven't cracked it open yet since I'm finishing up
another book first but judging by the thickness of
it this installment in the lives of Jamie and Claire
must be well over 700 pages. Perfect!!! Thank
you Ms Gabaldon. It's usually a three year wait
between installments of this series, but I'm willing
to wait because I know it'll be good. So good!

Since we're in the midst of the season when the
leaves turn from green to the most amazing
reds, yellows, oranges and golds I decided to
take my camera when I went for my walk
yesterday morning. It was a perfect morning
for being outside and enjoying the very
special pleasures that Autumn offers.

Note: all pictures are clickable for a better

Breathtaking color!

I love this house, with it's bright red door and the
little roof over that door also being the same
bright red. This is an older part of Georgetown,
that has a wide range of house styles ranging from
cottages to big farmhouses and everything in
between. Lot's of huge, old trees adds ambiance
and charm to each street.

This little play area is in the Georgetown fairgrounds.
I love trees!! Especially these really tall ones with the
long, graceful trunks.

Another section of the fair grounds.

The back of a home as seen from the road that
leads into the Georgetown fair grounds.

Not everyone decorates their home for Fall and/or
Halloween around here, but it's nice when an effort
is made to celebrate this wonderful season in some
way. So, pumpkins, corn stalks, chrysanthemums
and the last efforts of the past summer's garden plants
make a nice showing on this home's front porch.

This house has a mix of Autumn and Halloween
decorations. Can't say I'm too thrilled with that
giant spider by the door, but I like that fellow in
the green cloak that's just hanging around.

Some local businesses get into the spirit of the season
as well. This is the front door leading into The Shepherd's
Crook pub.

And then there are the Halloween decorations. I love
these "headstones" in someone's front yard. Pretty
realistic looking, aren't they??


Not a lot going on around here at the moment ... hence
the walking tour of Georgetown as seen above. I did
stitch a bit on the weekend, and am almost finished
the last cat on Phoebe's sampler. Would probably
have finished it by now if I hadn't had to rip out a
bit of stitching thanks to some dang frogs that
hop-pened by. (Get it???)


I did get myself a new winter jacket while at the
mall yesterday and am quite pleased with it. The
old jacket doesn't fit anymore, and the weather
here last week was downright cold so I decided
that I couldn't wait any longer to pick out a
replacement coat. Of course now that I have the
new coat the weather for this week is suppose to
be warmer, so I can wear my Spring/Fall jacket
and be comfortable. Figures.

Leaving you with a bit of furry sweetness. They
actually do get along pretty good....most of the



Kathy A. said...

Those are some gorgeous fall photos. I like the pink toned house in the first photo!
Don't you dare write a blurb about Echo in the Bone till I get it read during my trip to AZ. I've had the book for two weeks or more and I'm saving it. lol

Rowyn said...

Enjoy your new book Judy.

I love your Fall photos, what gorgeous colours!

That is an adorable photo of your kitties. So sweet!

mainely stitching said...

Gorgeous autumn pictures, Judy!

There's a book I'll be on the lookout for in the near future! :)

Vonna said...

The walking tour was brilliant! So did you decide to join Curves?
I had my 4th week weigh in last night and I lost 4.4 lbs for a total of 12.6! I tell you I've not been more pleased with myself or more proud of the goals I'm meeting each week and its due largely to you wonderful ladies that have shared your successes with me :)

I've not read any of the outlander series, but I'm thinking I'm going to download the first one soon.
HUGS to you!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I too am a crazy Claire and Jamie fan....I do not have as much restraint as you, I'm about 200+ pages into it, and I won't spoil anything but let you know, it is a great read.

Your photos are gorgeous...

staci said...

Wonderful pictures! Enjoy your new book and your new coat!!!

Andrea said...

Wonderful photos Judy. I love the colours of Autumn.

Siobhan said...

Enjoy your new book! I read the first two books a looooong time ago and think I might just get them on audio, to reacquaint myself. I feel like I'm missing out by everybody getting excited about the new book, but it's nice to know it's there for when I work my way back through the series. :)

Thanks so much for sharing the autumnal pics. I miss the riot of color that we had where we used to live in Delaware. We get some colors here but not as much.

Love the kitty pics, too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What gorgreous colours in Georgetown!

Love those furry kitties!

Brigitte said...

I just loved doing this walk around Georgetown with you. It must be wonderful to live in such a nice neighbourhood with all its beautiful houses and the trees that show its beauty right now in fall. That's what I particularly love about fall, all the amazing colours in nature.

stitcherw said...

Fun walking tour of your area, love all the colors. Colors here are beautiful as well, but alot of the leaves have dropped so the trees are starting to look a bit spare. Enjoy your new book, one of these days I need to get to reading that series. Fun picture of the fur babies too, they look like they are having a lovely cuddle.

Gina E. said...

Great photos of your walk around Georgetown! I did a walk around Eltham for my blog last week - it's fun seeing where blog friends live!
You'll never believe this: that book you recommended, that I wanted so much to read - it is not going to be released in Australia! sheeeet...we are so backward down under...maybe I can pick it up on Amazon some day...

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Judy! That book is on my pile, too, but I'm trying to finish three others first. How'd you get those kitties to be so nice to each other?

Pumpkin said...

Love the pictures! I never got out in time to get some really good ones around here :o( The houses in your area are so cute! Those are the kinds of houses that DH and I like :o)

No stitchy pictures???? Are you okay? ;o)

Sweet, sweet kitties :o)