Sunday, February 01, 2009

She's Home!!!!!

We picked Mom up from the rehab facility at 10:00 am on
Saturday morning. We just had to put a few things in the
suitcase, load everything on a cart, bid the nurses a final
farewell, exchange phone numbers with one or two of the
other temporary residents, and then we were on our way.
Here she is in the front entrance hall, waiting for the guys
to load the cars with her stuff. Does this woman look

Our friends Pete and Terry brought their car and took
some of the stuff home for us since our car wouldn't
have been able to carry it all. The help and extra trunk
space was greatly appreciated.

A half hour drive north and we were back to Mountainview
Residence in Georgetown. Mom got out of the car without
assistance, took her walker and walked right into the place
without hesitation or faltering. And then we began to meet
people. Friends who knew she was coming back that day
were there to greet her. Others who didn't know that she
was coming back greeted her with double looks, expressions
of astonishment and cries of delight. All agreed that she
looked incredible. The sign in the window of her room was
another warm welcome home.

Fridays and Saturdays there is a hair stylist who comes in
to do the residents hair. Mom is a weekly customer who
loves nothing more then to have her hair done. It's something
she really missed and fretted over when she was away. When
Elaine (the hairdresser) heard that Mom was due back on
Saturday she left word that she'd wait for her and would
do her hair for her if she wanted it done and wasn't too
tired. Mom dumped her stuff in her room and went right
back out to the salon that's set up in the residence.

And here she is afterwords! This is my Mother!!!

After getting her hair washed, cut and styled it was
time for lunch. Was Mom too weary to go to the
dinning room for lunch??? Oh no! We went in,
greeting people all over, and were seated at a
reserved table where Mom ate a good lunch and
didn't stop beaming throughout.

After lunch, with one of her closest friends joining
us, we went back to Mom's room where we unpacked
and set things to rights for her. Then DH and I went
to the grocery store to pick up a few little things for her
while she and her friend Flora chatted and caught
up with news and time lost. They've missed each
other terribly. We left her around 4:00 to relax and
rest in her room before dinner and returned home,
tired ourselves but very, very happy.

Stitching news is light this week. I made a bit more
progress on My Needle's Work which includes
stitching my very first Rooster. Handsome fella.
I also worked on the border for Wayward Garden,
and am beginning to enjoy it without fretting about
it's size, it's complexity or it's potentially far distant
completion date. Your encouragement and your
enthusiasm have really helped me to ignore, if not
conquer my reservations about this project. After
all, we're doing this ultimately for fun and relaxation.

I had two Ebay wins arrive in the post this week, both of
which are Prairie Schooler designs. I love both of these
and am thrilled to have them added to my collection.
Now if I could just win Prairie Schooler's A Prairie
Year II, book #23, I would be dancing indeed. I've
been wanting that one for ages. I'm watching one on
Ebay now. Fingers crossed.

I was awarded two (!!) blogging awards this week and am
very grateful for both. Nice to know that my often long
winded posts don't scare you away. Thanks to Rowyn for
this award. And back at you my friend.

And thanks to Lynn for this award, which also comes with
a request to list my addictions. Where to start???

1) Books 2) X-stitch 3) cats 4) chocolate 5) blogging

I am suppose to nominate five other bloggers for each of
these awards, which is really, really hard to do. How on
earth do you choose??? Everyone on my blog list on the
right is special to me, and I have a list of other blogs tagged
that I visit regularly too, but don't comment on. There's
just not enough time in the day/week/month/year to
talk to everyone. At least not until I 15 years or so.
So I'm nominating everyone who's blogs I read, whether
you know I do or not. I've said it before and I'll undoubtedly
say it guys are AWESOME!!!

Did I mention my number one addiction was to books???
Do you require proof??? May I present exhibit A.

And exhibit B. Please note that right now I am blushing and
grinning sheepishly. Oh heck. You all know me by now. I
just can't help myself. Some of these were on sale, and all of
them have been on my wish list at Chapters for ages. Aren't
they pretty??? Does anybody else out there hug their books??
Oh. No one??

I'm reading Inkspell (the sequel to Inkheart) at the moment
and I'm loving it. But it's a bigger book then the first was,
and that one was pretty big too, so it may take me awhile to
get through. And then there is Inkdeath, the final book in the
series, which is also an enormous tome. I really do need to
retire. Darn work is wasting valuable time that I need to
dedicate to all my addictions. But then of course I wouldn't
be able to afford my addictions, would I?? So frustrating.

It's been cold, frigid, freezing, breathtaking, and down
right nippy outside these days. And we had more snow
last week and yesterday. The piles at the end of the
driveway are higher then DH's head and it's getting
harder to toss the new snow on top of the old. Note
the snow fort on the left side of the drive which was
built by the neighbourhood kids last week. They put
in a lot of time and effort on that thing and are very
proud of it. And now we can't throw snow on top of
that side of the drive because of the fort and therefore
must drag it to the other side and heave it up there.

Has anyone else seen the new designs from Blue
Ribbon Designs which are being released next week
during Nashville?? Anybody else loosing their hearts
(and minds) over them?? I love the winter one, and
the bookmark one. And I've been hoping to get
Peppermint Twist since it came out late last year.
Oh shoot. Guess I've gotta keep working. Wonder
what else will be coming out from Nashville next

To D. Wright who keeps leaving comments here
about Jan Karon and her website. Hi. Thanks
for stopping by. It's always nice to hear from
fellow book lovers here too. I do visit Ms Karon's
website every once in awhile and enjoy it very much.

Well, it's time to go and do some chores. Hope you
are all well and having a great weekend. Thanks for
visiting. Cheers!


stitcherw said...

Your mom looks thrilled to be going home, and even happier once she had her hair done. I'm so glad that she was able to have such a good day on her return. Visit with friends, nice lunch, lovely welcome sign, and to top it all off have her hair done the same day so she can go into the week feeling she looks her best. Her spirts must have lifted a 100 fold from where they were, and just knowing she was going home would have sent them pretty high to start.

Nice progress on My Needles Work, the rooster is very cute. Glad you're feeling better on your larger piece as well, just take it one stitch at a time and you'll get there. Fun new stash too, and great books. As to hugging books, yup, I confess I'll do that to the ones I especially love too. I haven't started my copies of Inkheart or Inkspell yet, but they are on my dresser (along with the first two in the Twilight series). Still need to pick up Inkdeath, which hopefully I can find as good a deal on as the first two.

I have seen the new ones by BRD, they're great. I still have Peppermint Twist on my wish list, and It's Cold Outside is just to cute with the little penguins, so that is on the list too. Like you, I need to retire to have time for all the stitching, reading, etc... that I want to do. However, working pays for the fun stuff, so guess I need to keep at it.

mainely stitching said...

Yay hooray that your Mom is back! I'm so glad, and I really enjoyed reading about how happy and energized she was by her return! :D

I don't hug my books, but I ... um ... pet them.

Vonna said...

Wyat a full day...and one filled with lots of good things :) Your mother is a beautiful lady and clearly has a beautiful heart and a wonderful daughter...not to mention a passel of good friends. What a testament to life!

I'm with you on the new BRD's! WOW...I love them all but Baby Its Cold Outside is my favorite!

Brigitte said...

A great day for your mom. She seems to be very happy on the pictures.

Congratulations on winning those PS charts. And I keep my fingers crossed for the ones you still are short of. One day you will get them ...

Kate Atkinson, Jennifer Donnelly, Jodi Picoult are just among my favourite authors. A great haul of books.

Maggie said...

It's great that your mum is back where she belongs, she looks well and a cut and blow dry can do wonders for the spirit!
Your WIP is coming along nicely, and i totaly agree, i need to retire too to fit everything in! if only we could get paid to stop at home eh?
Maggie x

Anonymous said...

I'm so so happy about your mom. She looks really pretty and must be a wonderful lady. It is so good to know she was able to get back to a place and be around people she enjoy!!
I totally agree with you. Early retirement is the way: there are too many books and a whole lot of stitches waiting for us.
Give a special portuguese hug to your mom.
Love your blog!!

Beatrice said...

Oh my doesn't your Mom look wonderful. What a thrill that she was able to get back home to her friends and regular life.
That must be a great relief for you!
All of your books are ready and waiting for you. Wow how do you do it?I can't seem to read a book 9in a week. Too busy stitching I guess!
Nice stitchy pieces you have on the go.
Brr I'm with you on the weather's nuts!!! Oh well it's NOT only in Canada. Look at Australia it's tooo hot.
Take care girl and once again I'm tickled that your Mom is happy to be home.
Give her a big hug when you see her and tell her it's from your stitching and blogging friend.

Von said...

It's so great that you mom is healthy, hearty, and happy to be home once again! Your post is full of so many wonderful pics of stitching, reading, and snow - enjoy it all! :D

Kathy A. said...

Yep, your mom is beaming!! Glad she is home and happy. Take care girl

D Wright said...

Glad you are moving along on your stitching! I had to stop working on my needlepoint! My fingers were hurting! This is my stitching time of the year!
I know it is a blessing for you to have your Mom home and doing well!

Maren said...

Yay, your mom's home and it sounds like she is definitely glad to be back! Congrats on the new stash, even if that pesky job does cut in on all that time you could otherwise dedicate to enjoying it. :)

monique said...

Your mom is lovely! So happy she's home again :)

I have to confess that I skipped bits of Inkspell and went straight to Inkdeath LOL

Sonda in OR said...

So glad your mom is home and what a lovely thing for the hairstylist to do for her. Needles Work is looking great. I think I'm going to put a cat instead of a rooster when (and if) I ever do that piece.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Judy I'm so glad your Mom is out of rehab and back home again! I bet she's just over the moon with the welcome she's received and is looking forward to getting back to normal.

Your WIP is lovely as usual!

Sharon said...

Hi Judy

What absolute wonderful news to hear about your mom! She must be beyond thrilled to be back home and around her friends once again~it sounded as if though she was greatly missed by all. I just bet there has been loads to get caught up on.

Your mom looks so beautiful, what a treat it must of been to have had her hair done, soon after returning home. Such a sweet thing the hairdresser did, to wait for mom to arrive home, too.

Your WIP looks just awesome~especially that cute little Rooster. My sister has her kitchen decorated in Rooster's, and I find them to be just adorable. They are detailed with some of the prettiest colors I've ever seen.

Congrat's to you on the PS Ebay wins. I'll be cheering for you in that you can come across the A Prairie Year II sooner than later. I know their patterns go for mega bucks at Ebay and of course, they are hard to come by, at that.

I do not envy you with all of that snow. We have been so fortunate to have not seen that much snow since the end of December sometime. Saturday saw us with a high of 53* and a lot of melt off from the tiny piles of snow that we did have. Nice to see the snow go, but ohhh, lots of puddles as a result.

Congratulation's on the awards you received! You surely are deserving of them. Reading your Blog is such a joy~always interesting and not at all boring! Lovely pictures to share too.

Thank you kindly for visiting my Blog and as always, leaving such sweet comments. Only a week to go now, and our Grandbabies will be here for their two week visit. I am bustin' at the seams to see them~hug and kiss them~it's been seven months since they moved out of state-seems so much longer though when not being able to spend time with them.

Enjoy your Sunday, hope it's filled with loads of stitching and reading time. Wink! Wink!


Lynn said...

What a beautiful woman your mother is! I'm so glad to hear that she is now home again. She must be thrilled.
Your new stitch looks great! I get that familiar itch every time I see a new start. I haven't seen the new BRD yet but I did get Peppermint Twist just a couple of weeks ago. Wish I had the time to start it now but I just swamped at the moment.

I prefer to smell my books rather than hug them. There's nothing like the smell of a new book. I'm starting to get back to more reading this year and less stitching. At least that's the plan!