Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Better Late Then Never....

A busy weekend, with guests and good weather, meant
that my Sunday morning blog update was not possible.
Monday night, when I originally planned to get
caught up, the weather was still nice and since I'd pretty
much ignored my stitching over the weekend, I
decided to sit outside and stitch instead. Tonight it's
pouring down rain, so here I am.

Gate with Lantern is well past the half way mark,
and I'm now working on the upper portion of the
design. Adding the window box has defined the
portion of wall on the right hand side, so it no
longer looks like a blob of blue. I'm concentrating
my efforts on the window above the window box
at the moment.

Mary Kathryn had a sale... (E I E I O) .... and in that sale
were some really pretty things .... (E I E I O) .... with a
Bent Creek here and a Drawn Thread there, here a
chart, there a sampler, everywhere a must have... Mary
Kathryn had a sale .... (E I E I O).

Um....I was bad.

It was a movie weekend, which meant that my friend
Darlene came to stay, and we spent Saturday afternoon
at the movie theatre in Brampton. We chose two movies
to see, the first being The Mummy III. Waste of time.
Pretty boring and predictable. Save your money folks.
If you must see it, rent it.

The second movie was the one we really, really wanted
to see....Mamma Mia. Wow!! It was wonderful!!!
Gorgeous scenery, incredible cast, toe tapping gotta-
sing-along-to music, and lots of laughter, tears and
cheers. Oh, and Meryl Streep is a goddess!! I'm just
saying. I plan to see this one again. Soon. Often.
When's the DVD coming out???

Another highlight of the weekend was a stop at the
bookstore. Did I mention that DH drove us to the
movies and was nice enough (long suffering) to
stop at the bookstore first so we could have a bit
of a browse. He's a good guy. Think I'll keep him.

Darlene was looking for a birthday
present. I was looking for the above book. The
fourth and final book in Stephenie Meyer's series.
Oh yes Vonna, I have indeed read these books.
And as last summer belonged to Harry Potter,
this summer is Edward and Bella's to command.

My main concern was getting the book and
reading it before stumbling across something
somewhere which would give major plot lines
away. I'd hate that. I have my own thoughts on
how this love story will play out, but I'll wait
and read the book to see if I'm right or not. So
I started reading it today, and hopefully will
be finished by Friday.

And just to add my two cents worth to the
opinions out there....the guy who's playing
Edward in the movie Twilight....Ugh!!!

While in the bookstore the only rain storm
of the weekend (at least in these parts) blew
up and dropped a load. The car windows
were a third of the way down. The seats
got wet. Darlene and I went into the movie
theatre with damp backsides. Nice.

After the bookstore, and the movies, we
ended our day with DH picking us up and
going to the pub for dinner. The perfect
ending to a wonderful day.


Sunday we had Mom join us for a barbecue.
The four of us (DH, Darlene, Mom and I)

took a nice drive through the countryside
in the old car and Mom thoroughly enjoyed
that. Then we came home and listened to
ABBA music and visited. Had steak,
with onions and mushrooms, baked
potatoes and salad for dinner, with apple
pie and ice cream for dessert. Yum! It
was a great day.

Last Thursday evening DH and I took the
old car to cruise night at the local Price
Choppers (a sort of grocery store) here in

Apparently this event occurs every Thursday
during the summer and fills an impressive
portion of the parking lot. DH estimated at

least 100 cars were there that night. Most
were from the 50's, 60's and early 70's, and
most were either modified or restored. Lots
of hot rods, muscle cars and such. Ours is of
the era but wouldn't really qualify as a "cruising"
style of car.

It was fascinating walking around
looking at all the different makes and models
of cars. There was rock n roll music playing

over loud speakers, and people brought lawn
chairs and everyone seemed to know everyone
else. DH was great for explaining about many
of the cars, pointing out design details and
talking a bit about the history of the vehicles.
It was quite interesting, and some of those cars
sure were pretty.

So Prairie Schooler has four new charts out. And the smaller
design on this one, November, is my favourite. Oh dear!!
The Halloween one is cute too. I love their witches. And
scaredy cats.

Well, I guess that's about it for this week. A shout out
of congratulations to Cathey at Pumpkin Patch and Co.
for finishing Stargazer this week. What a beauty!!
You've done a wonderful job on her Cathey.

And Michelle at Cozy Egg finished Barnabee's Quest, in
spite of an incredibly busy life which would have had me
flat on my back. What a lot of stitching and detailed work
is involved with that project. It's a beauty Michelle.

Some furry goodness to end this post. Phoebe and
Rupert sharing a blanket and a snuggle. Awwww....

Take care everyone. Thanks for stopping by.



samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, who was a naughty girl shopping at Mary Kathryn's LOL. Great stash by the way.
I have heard that Mama Mia is really good. I have it on my list to go and see. But I think I might have to wait till it comes out in DVD.
Your stitching is coming along beautifully. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.
COLD and wet here today. My Sister told me that apparently it snowed last night. No sign of it when I got up.
Well better go and do some of the dreaded housework as I have been on this computer for too long doing some research. - Sandra.

Rowyn said...

Sounds like you've been busy and having a great time.

Glad you enjoyed Mamma Mia. I've seen it three times now! I had to take the soundtrack out of the car too, because the tunes are so catchy my sister and I had songs going through our heads even when we weren't listening to it. LOL :-)

Love all your new stash, and your cats are gorgeous!! Are they siblings? Two of mine are brother and sister, we often find them curled up on the beanbag together.

Have a great week. I always look forward to your posts.

Carla said...

Love your new stash and your wip is looking great!!

Can't wait to see Mamma Mia! I saw it on theather when I was on vacation in the US a few years ago and loved it!! I hope it gets here soon :)

Barbara said...

Love the pics of Rupert and Phoebe. Must get one of Spin and Rigby together.... ;)

So, sounds like life's been VERY fine in your corner of the world. Hooray! Love your splurge during M-K's sale. What good taste you have!:D

I am waiting for Mama Mia to come out on DVD. Meryl Streep in this sort of role totally cracks me up. And the soundtrack! OMG! Even Max has been humming it under his breath! :D

Your classics car experiences sound so fun. I'm not a car kinda gal, but I have to admit that I would linger over the beauty that you and your DH have!

Vonna said...

Oh well HECK! I thought I might introduce you to something SPECTACULAR!!!

tkdchick said...

Okay I'm going to stop reading this entry... I JUST started Twilight and I can't put the stupid thing down!!!!

Your WIP is looking great! Did you know Ann of Knowledge and Needles is having a "retreat" its a one day stitching day and the only cost is pot luck food. Its next weekend (the 16th) and she's put out a general invite on her blog. She's in Brighton I'm not sure how far that would be for you... just wanted to let you know. Looks like there's going to be a lot of stitchers there... like me!

Lynn said...

Went to see Mama Mia with my son this week and loved it so much that I'm going again this coming week with my friend Michelle. Just an all around feel good movie.
Your gate with lantern is looking lovely! I love the colours in this one.
What type of books are the Stephanie Myers series? I'm looking for a good read.
BTW my sister just got a new kitten and guess what they called it?.... Rupert!

Karin said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Congrats.

Andrea said...

Great new stash you have aquired. LOL. WHy can't a girl have a little bit of retail stash therapy once in a while.

Pumpkin said...

That piece just keeps getting more and more beautiful. My eyes just focus in on all those striking colors.

Ohhhhh, nice stash! I'm glad I didn't see this post before knowing about MK's fabric sale ;o)

Glad you and Darlene had a great time. I really want to see Momma Mia and have heard nothing but great things. Meryl Streep looks fabulous just on the trailers!

{blush} Thank you for that nice plug Judy ;o)

Your kitties are just so sweet looking :o)