Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good morning everyone. It's time to dance! Just a little jig, to
celebrate a little finish. I worked on this piece all afternoon on
Canada Day and got most of it done. A bit of stitching on my
lunch break the next day and it was done. This scan makes the
thread look like it's bright red, when in fact it's a darker shade,
but it's still a good representation of the finished piece. I really
enjoyed this project and will do another someday soon.

Meanwhile, I've put a few stitches into Cottage Garden,
but not enough to show, and I've made a new beginning.
I've started the design on the lower right of the chart
above. At the moment it's just squares of gray and
mauve, so not worth showing, but'll look
like the above picture. No fancy stitches, and just a bit
of backstitching, so this will be an easy project. But it
is solid stitching so will take some time to do I should

Sitting on the deck yesterday afternoon, while DH trimmed
the lilac tree, and the maple tree, and serenaded me with his
sneezing, I stitched away. And this is my view looking along
the back of the house. It's warming up at last, and perfect
weather for sitting and stitching.

And at the end of the day, after dinner, we went for a drive.
But we did it in style! On Friday, after three months away
being restored, DH welcomed back his pride and joy (aside
from me that is. Lol!). And here we are looking oh so
DH has had this car for about 25 years. She's a 1955 Buick
Special, four door, hard top. Her exterior is all original,
and so is the interior. The only work DH had done was to
the mechanics, such as brakes, and ... er ... stuff like that.
She's a tank! All chrome and metal.

She's been sitting in the garage for about 6 years, not
running and in need of work. This year DH decided it was
time to get her done before she got any more run down.
Of course he picked a dandy time to do it, with gas prices
now skyrocketing, but what can you do.

In this picture you can see a portion of the dashboard.
Pretty spiffy, isn't it? Love the curve of the dash, and
the wonderful retro look.

DH still needs to get new tires for her, and she needs
a few more trips around the town to get her working
up to speed, but it's great to be able to take her out
when we want.

There's a group of 1950's car collectors who meet in
the parking lot of a local grocery store once a week in
the good weather to admire each other's cars, and
socialize, and DH wants to go sometime. Should be
fun, but I refuse to wear a poodle skirt or saddle

I finished reading Silent in the Grave late last week, and
loved it so much that I had to start the second book right
away. This one is taking it's time introducing the March
family, with all it's gloriously eccentric family members,
and setting up the storyline, which is fine by me. I think
I'm on page 120 or so and so far there's been no murder,
although I'm sure that'll change soon. I am counting this
author as my favourite new author read so far this year.

Some more Ebay stash arrived this week to add to my
collection. My first M Designs charts are these three,
and there are three more to come. Lovely colour
choices, and a few specialty stitches to challenge my
limited skills.

And these Lizzie Kate charts also came from an Ebay
dealer. These are two different lots, with one repeat.
I'm expecting another lot of Lizzie Kates soon and if
there's repeats there I'll offer them to anyone who
wants them out there. I especially love the Valentine
design, the Easter basket, and Peace, Love and a Cure.

Work's been hectic because of first of the month, so
no stitching during my lunch breaks because I'm only
taking enough time to eat and read for a bit. Hope-
fully things will calm down again soon.

Have a great week everyone.



Barbara said...

Wow, your DH's car is awesome! I'm not a car person, but it's gorgeous. I'd even wear a poodle skirt. LOL!

Lovely new stash - can't wait to see you working it up. :D And speaking of working, that piece you just finished is really gorgeous!

tkdchick said...

Your little HD is lovely!!!

Congrats on the new start I look forward to when you have enough done to share with us.

Your DH's car looks so fun! I bet there are some great lines to photograph on/in that car.

I hear you've been invted out to Kathy's for the long weekend in September. I hope you can make it out! I'd love to meet you after talking via blogs for over a year now!

staci said...

Wow, the car looks great (and so do the two of you!)

You're one of my PIF names, could you email me your snail mail info??

Rowyn said...

Fantastic finish. I look forward to seeing your progress on City Gardens.

Love the photo of your deck and all the pots, so summery!

That's a fantastic car your DH has. It was nice to see a photo of you both in it, too.

Vonna said...

I LOVE your DH's car! How cool is that?!
And I love your finish...are you going to make it into a biscornu?

Your book choices look good...I've been reading a lot of Johanna Lindsey of late again - re-reading old favorites....I might have to get that Silent Grave one!

Andrea said...

Wonderful car. A lot of TLC needed to keep it in tip-top condition, I bet.
Great new stash and WIPs too.

In reply to your question, it was you wasn't it? LOL. Yes we got to go around the house of Kingston Lacy, beautiful marble staicase. Photos #25 & #26 are the old stables, now used as the tea rooms.

Stitcher said...

Lovely finish, and nice stash too. I'd love to see that car for real. It's a real beauty.

Heidi said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping in at my blog and leaving a comment. I enjoyed it. I am just so honored at how many seemed touched by the thoughts I had about my own heroines. And then I come to visit you in return and find you are a stitcher too. I love the City Gardens but it looks very involved. Have fun with it. Congratulations on your finish too!

DHs car is amazing! What a fun thing to go about town in. Of course, that is only when you can tear yourself away from that lovely deck and your stitching. :)

Hugs ~

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your finish! Yay :o) Your new start is lovely.

Your DH's antique car is amazing! My dad restored a 67 (I think) Chevy so I'm familiar with the antique car scene :o) The details are amazing. Just think, that car will live that much longer now.

Woohoo, stash! I'd love to swap for your extra LK Hip Hop (is that what it's called?). I have an extra LK June Flip-It if you don't have that one already :o) If you are interested, just email me (in my profile).

Wendy said...

I love your car! How much fun would that be to take a drive and feel like you are living 50 years ago... well except when you pull up to a gas station! She is a beauty though.

And great new stash. L*K's are fun and easy to do.

Beatrice said...

What an amazing photo of you and your DH in that great car. We love old cars and have one not that old ]'82 olds.]

Happy dance for your finish,

I'm impressed with all of you new stash. There are some lovely pieces there.

I hope you will make it to Kathy's the Sept long weekend. I look forward to meeting you!
Take care.

monique said...

Pretty finish! And oh-my-gosh I love your deck!!

stitcherw said...

Beautiful finish, and your new one City Gardens looks like it will be lovely as well.

Loved the car, glad to hear you got it back and are out and about enjoying it. Also, glad you enjoyed Silent as the Grave so much, I'll have to look around and see if our library has a copy.

Fun new stash too! Hop Squared and Easter are adorable, but then I have a weakness for cute designs, and those bunnies certainly fall in that catagory.

Beatrice said...

Well I sure am looking forward to meeting you at Kathy's. I will be there most of the weekend...not sleeping there. I'm only 12 min. away!
Bring all your stitching so we can see!!
Have a good week.
Isn't this rain and stormy weather crazy???
Take care