Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last evening I finished Rose in my on going project Cottage
Garden. I know this is taking me forever to stitch, which is
frustrating because these are quite simple to stitch, but there
are so many things to do these days, and only so many hours
in the day to do them in. And I'm not a fast stitcher.

But I love this square, both for it's wonderful, rich colour
but also because of the little details in the design that charm
me. The little fence around the house is so sweet, and the
two birds are a nice change from bugs. All pictures are
clickable for closeups if you wish.

And during my holidays two weeks ago I made a new
start. I've had my eye on this project for awhile now
and decided vacation was as good an excuse as any to
begin something new. But this project is not going
as well as I'd hoped, mainly because of problems with
the chart.

To begin with, the lightest colour in the girls hair is
not listed in the colour key. So I've made an educated
guess about what it should be, which I'm not terribly
impressed with now that I've stitched one side. But
I'm not ripping it out now.

I also don't like the way the designs in this book
(Sweet and Simple Country Cross Stitch - Lori
Gardner) are coded. Little wee squares of colour,
which you have to translate from the chart to
the list of thread colours below. Some of those
colours look similar in shade but in reality are
different colours entirely, so it's hard to know
which one you're suppose to use. (is that a light
shade of beige or is that a light shade of yellow?)
I've been stewing over the colours in the girl's hat,
trying to decide which colour the flower is suppose
to be. Grrrr.... Don't know if I'll keep working on
this one or not.

Last weekend was cool, damp and very windy. We didn't
spend too much time outdoors because of that. This
weekend Summer arrived with a vengeance and during the
peak period of the afternoon it's too hot and humid to be
outside. Very frustrating. But my pots are doing well,
and the garden in general seems to like the cooler
temperatures and of course the rain. I'm taking
pictures regularly to record their stages of growth over
the summer and to help me remember for next summer
what worked best this summer.

This is the edge of the deck, with a corner of the stairs
showing. The blue pot is new and I've filled it with
pink Petunias, which look wonderful in it. We picked
up our hanging baskets yesterday too and have got
those hanging around the deck and garden. This is
the best time of year for the garden, before the bugs
and the heat take their toll on everything.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. It made
me feel good to hear from all of you. I received two
bouquets of flowers on the actual day, including the
one above from my god-parents with flowers of red,
pink and white that were so lovely together.

And this bouquet came from my friend Charmaine and her
family. It's bright, cheery colours of yellow and white nestled
in a white basket were exquisite. And I'm not the only one
who thought so.

Behold the Phee.....after I'd had a seniors moment and
thoughtlessly left the yellow flowers on the kitchen counter
after watering them one day. DH found her with her face
buried in the blooms. Fortunately she was just sniffing at
that point so didn't get sick on them, but she did get her
nose and ruff covered in neon yellow pollen, which took
several days to wear off. Well, it does match her eyes.

I've been sucked into the wonderful world of Ebay in the
past few weeks and have won some lovely stash. But oh
my goodness that place is addictive!! I've got to rein
myself in and try not to get carried away with it all.
Which is easier said then done. I got a huge pile of
charts, some of which I love and some not so much,
and I'm waiting for some threads and some Lizzie
Kate charts to arrive, which I'm really excited about.

I've been reading of course, and finished Kelley
Armstrong's latest novel Personal Demon, which was
a wonderful romp and read as usual. Sexy, funny and
enthralling are apt descriptions of her style of writing
and I'm a huge admirer of hers.

Had a movie weekend last weekend, and my friend
Darlene and I saw two from our list of movies-to-see
this summer. The latest Indiana Jones movie, which
was lots of fun, and the latest Narnia movie which I
also enjoyed. I think I like this one better then the

Indy was great but it probably ranks third out
of all of them for me. Raiders was best, and Crusade
came a close second. Harrison Ford hasn't lost his
touch, looks as handsome as ever, and can still
buckle his swash with the best of 'em. Wonderful
to see Karen Allen back again too. She should
have been in all of the movies, start to finish.

I've got visits to blogs and commenting to catch
up on, after getting behind during the past couple
of weeks. I'll be around soon to see what you've
all been up to.



staci said...

Your LHN project looks really lovely, I love them all stitched together.

I know what you mean about the charts in Sweet and Simple Country, I have that book too and the color key can be a little confusing...especially if the lighting isn't really good or if the eyes are tired!

Barbara said...

Your flower houses LHN project looks so lovely. Sorry your new start is giving you fits. I've been known to go down to the copyshop and get certain charts blown up for clarity - a few of the Brighneedle ones have given me fits in the past.

Your garden looks so nice. I'm a little bit jealous - in a nice way - of these lovely gardens. Ours is about as big as a postage stamp and is littered with kids' toys and holes the dog has dug. Certainly nothing for photos.

I'm currently reading Kafka on the Shore, and while it may not be to everyone's taste, I plan to start it again as soon as I've finished the last page. Not sure what I'll pick up after that. Our library have very slim pickings and I spent my little bit of birthday money on cross stitch stuff. LOL!

Kathy A. said...

Nice work on your LHN project. Looking good. It is just a pain when a chart is so difficult to use.

Lynn said...

Your cottage garden is sooo pretty Judy! I'm a slow stitcher too and some weeks there are just not enough hours in the day. I feel cheated when I don't get my stitching time!
Your kitty looks so cute with her yellow ruff! As soon as I saw it I knew what she'd been into.

I'm an ebay addict. I've been buying for about 5 yrs now. I'm much better at using restraint now than when I first joined. I usually just search it now when I can't find somethng elswhere.

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy,
Your LHN project is coming along beautifully. They look lovely all stitched together.
Your Garden is looking lovely. Your pots look beautiful. My garden is in sleep mode at the moment. We are still having the usual rain, rain, rain. I know we are in a drought but one does get sick of it. In the perfect life we would have lovely sunny days and rain in the evening when everyone is asleep. That would be perfect.
I'm still on my Charles Dickens feast. I'm currently reading Bleak House. I bought the DVD's on Classic BBC Dramas (one of those things that go on forever and ever) from the newsagents. Looking forward to watching the 3rd edition of Bleak House. Will go up the road later and pick it up. It's very good.
Have put the claim into the RTA for a new tyre. Just have to wait and see if they come through. They have fixecd the pot hole by the way. - Sandra.

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! That is SO funny about Phee. Love the new hair color ;o) We used to have a cat that plucked all the petals off the flowers. Never ate them, just plucked them off.

Your flower houses are beautiful! How many are there all together?

I like the idea of recording your gardening. Your plants all look so lovely :o)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Your "Cottage Garden" project is awesome. I haven't been a great fan of them individually because I just haven't known what I'd do with them, but I love your solution! Beautiful! And your own plantings are gorgeous, too. Have you visited my book blog? Get a link from my stitching blog! Hugs, Deb

BeckySC said...

Oh, I agree with everyone else, your LHN project is stunning :)

Michelle said...

Your LHN project is beautiful! I just love those little designs. Happy belated birthday! I can't wait to see both the new Indiana Jones and the new Narnia. Glad you enjoyed them!

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on finishing Rose. Those threadpacks are such fun. I just finished Schoolgirl lessons and am thinking of starting one of the fruit ones again. Watermelon would be perfect for the summer.

Phee looks so cute with her yellow chest. You wouldn't think flowers would have enough pollen to do that. Glad she didn't get enough in her face to irritate her eyes.

I saw the new Indiana film as well. Fun to be able to see him and Karen Allen back again, they make a great pair. Like you, the original and then Crusade are still my favorites, I loved Sean Connery in Crusade.

Gina E. said...

Ah Judy, I love visiting your blog. It's like visiting a close friend and catching up on all the gossip. Your kitty stories and photos are just adorable, the books you read all sound fascinating, and as for your reckon you're not a fast stitcher!!??? I wish I was as slow as you then - LOL!!

Gina E. said...

...and as for eBay - you have only just discovered it? I hate to think how many thousands of dollars I have spent on that site. But on the other hand, I have some great books and stash that I would never have seen if it wasn't for eBay. Addictive, yes!