Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been awhile since my last post, and for that I apologize. I've
been stitching instead of posting or commenting, though I have
been reading everyone's blogs regularly because I love seeing
what you're all up to.

I finished Daisy off in the Cottage Garden series and made a good
start on Rose. I think the pale colours used for Daisy caused me
to loose interest in this square for awhile, but when I started in
on the blue house my interest perked up and I was motivated
again. When I got the packet of threads out for Rose and saw
the bright, vibrant colours that this one is stitched with I dove
right in. The border colour is House Wine by Crescent
Colours and it is gorgeous!!!

I'm on vacation this week and of course I'm thrilled about that.
The weekend just passed was a holiday long weekend here as
we celebrated Victoria Day with fireworks, cold temperatures,
strong winds, and rain. We enjoyed the fireworks.

Usually the rule of gardening around here is that you don't
plant your pots and stuff until after the long weekend in May
because that's usually the latest date when we might see a
bit of frost. However, this year the long weekend is a bit
early and so it's still quite cool out, especially at night.

DH was out in the garden before 9:00 am yesterday puttering
around. He's the early riser in this family. But just after I
put the tea kettle on for my breakfast he came back in
declaring it too windy and cold to be able to work in some
degree of comfort. So he waited until after lunch to attempt
to go back out, when it was a wee bit warmer.

Mother's Day was Sunday May 11th, and here's a picture of
my Mom, me and DH in her room at the residence where
she lives. Every Mother's Day they have a magnificent
brunch there, with wonderful food and a great selection
to choose from. It's very popular. We gave my Mom a
couple of Andre Rieu CD's for her Mother's Day gift and
she loves them. She sits and knits along to the music.
Note: the pictures on the wall behind us are two of my
Mom's needlepoint pieces.

That weekend my friend Darlene and I went to our
first summer movie of the season, and of course we
saw Iron Man. It was fabulous!! Wonderful effects
and a great story, but really it's Robert Downey Jr's
movie start to finish. He is a perfect Tony Stark.

We plan to see two movies during our next movie
weekend, which will be the new Indy movie (of
course) and the new Narnia movie. That'll be the
final weekend of this month if all goes according
to plan. Looking forward to seeing both movies.

Two book finishes to mention here. Above is Julie Andrews
autobiography which came out earlier this year and for a
lover of musicals such as I am it was a must have for sure. I
enjoyed reading this very much and loved learning about Ms
Andrews early life, and how she started her career. And I
especially loved reading the chapters telling about her first
three major musical theater triumphs....The Boyfriend, My
Fair Lady and Camelot. This book ends just after Ms
Andrews gives birth to her daughter Emma, and when she's
been signed to star in Mary Poppins. I look forward to the
next book which will no doubt cover the years when she
filmed Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music.

For those of you who listen to audio books I see that
Ms Andrews has recorded her book, which will make it
an extra special treat to listen to.

And this is my most favourite of mystery writers.....
the incredible Elizabeth George. I'm a bit behind in
reading her books, which meant that when the next
installment in this series (the one after this book)
came out a year ago I inadvertently learned of a
shocking development in the series, which occurs
in this book.

As you might imagine this was a bit annoying for
me, but there was nothing to be done about it, and I
have to say that it really didn't spoil the reading of
this book for me at all. In fact, it may have heightened
the suspense and the anticipation for me even more.

These books are enthralling, sometimes unnerving
reads, with the endings not always being neat and
tidy, happy ever after conclusions. But they are
so very well written, and plotted, and the characters
are so three dimensional and believable. I can't get
enough of this author and highly recommend that
you check her out. But read the books in order, to
get the most out of them.

I don't have any major plans for this week, except to
enjoy each day, do a few chores (to sooth my
conscience) go for walks in the neighbourhood,
listen to music, watch some DVD's (if I can figure
out how to run the new tv and it's half dozen
remotes by myself), and of course stitch!! Heaven!!

So I'll leave you with a picture of my Phee, who's also
quite delighted to have me home for the week. There's
going to be a lot of cuddling and loving for her as well.



Vonna said...

Your Cottages are looking GREAT!!!
And I must say your family picture is sweet! How happy you all look!

Barbara said...

Oh, I bet Phee is just delighted to have you home! When I'm home for the day, Rigby generally curls himself up at my feet and doesn't move unless I do. ;)

That's a great series of cottages you have going - very pretty! I'm quite taken by the color of the border for the one you are now stitching. Usually I'm not a big fan of pinks, but CC does do some lovely ones!

I bet the Julie Andrews autobiographies are wonderful. I have to admit that I just love The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. :D I've never heard of the other author, that you like so well, but I'm years behind in what's happening with novels & literature. Never thought I'd be one to say that, but it's true.

Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture of you, your DH and your Mom. You all look so happy! :D

Kathy A. said...

Your cottages are looking very nice. I am not thrilled with this weather. I am still shivering. Maybe I should have stayed in AZ longer. LOL. Oh well, soon , I keep telling myself, soon, it will get better. Enjoy your week off. Happy Stitching.

Beatrice said...

Your Cottages are very pretty.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is waiting until the afternoon for the garden. The last few times out I've had to wear a coat....not really as pleasant as shorts and a T shirt. yesterday I was out off and on for 4 hours. Got a lot done!
Enjoy your time at home.

I love the picture of your family.
Your Mom looks lovely in her nice room!
Take care!

Pumpkin said...

Ohhhhh, the stitching is really coming along and they look SO lovely together! I can't wait to see more :o)

Great picture of you, DH and your mom :o) She has a very elegant looking room.

Since we are quite low, we can't plant our garden well into June :o( We still get frost up until that point. That's one thing we don't like about here. But it has been a COLD May though!

Phee is adorable! She does look very cuddly :o)

stitcherw said...

Cottages look wonderful, love the blue, that would have motivated me as well. The colors in Rose are lovely as well, glad to see that your interest has perked up again on this. Glad too that you had a nice visit with your mom and that you enjoyed the movie Ironman. I haven't seen that one yet, but I did get to the Indiana Jones one this weekend and enjoyed that one. Narnia is on my list to see as well.

Thanks for the heads up on the Julie Andrews book. I think it would be so interesting to read about all she has done, and since lately most of my "reading" seems to be listening to books on tape while I commute hearing her read her own book would be a real treat. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a good vacation, and give Phee a hug and cuddle for me.

tkdchick said...

Your Cottages are looking great!

Lynn said...

Like you I've been stitching and gardening lately rather than blogging so I'm catching up. Your Cottage gardens are looking so pretty! The colours are very summery.
I gave my Mom the Julie Andrews bio for Mother's Day. She loved it and finished it in 2 days.
Just got back from the Indy movie last night with my son. I won't spoil it for you though!