Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It was with great delight that I opened my mail one day
last week and discovered the latest issue of Victoria.
And it featured an article on one of my favourite
writers, Jan Karon. I've been browsing through this
issue here and there since then, and enjoying every
page. I find it a very relaxing and soothing read.

And here was my progress on my red sampler as of Monday.
I've been working on it a bit since then of course, but not
enough to warrant taking another picture. I have started
stitching the last row of this piece although I have stuff to
put in beyond the small alphabet yet. And there's the
outline of a book to stitch with backstitch in that big empty
space above the key.

And of course theres stash. From Mary Kathryn. Some
32 count fabric in Waterlily and Lambswool, since I'm
more comfortable stitching in that count now then I was
before, so I'm collecting more fabric in that count, as well
as my old favourite 28 count.

And since I want to build up my thread stash I ordered
some Carrie's Creations threads. I just ordered them
by name, without looking at the actual colour, because
I wanted to surprise myself. Lol!! I'm especially
pleased with the red (Ruby) and the blue (Bluebird).
And the Dusty Rose and Rose. Oh heck....they're all

DH and I had a busy weekend, with two major events
on our social calendar. On Saturday afternoon we
went to the 7th birthday celebration for our friends
son Jonah, which was a blast. Jonah's Mom
Charmaine is an amazing talent in the kitchen and
she made some absolutely scrumptious food for the
occasion. And the weather was spectacular on
that day so we were all able to sit outside and enjoy the
most perfect of Spring days.

On Sunday we were up bright and early (groan!!)
to head into Toronto to attend a service at DH's
old church. They were commemorating the 40th
anniversary of the arrival of a minister there who
started up a youth choir called the Chancellors.
DH and a great many of our friends were members
of this choir, which traveled all over Ontario
singing at various churches. They even recorded
four albums of music, and one year they went to
Holland in an exchange with a youth choir from

Sadly Rev. Fields died a number of years
ago, but members of his family attended the
service, which was also attended by many
Chancellors and their families. And needless
to say the sound of all those voices singing during
the service was wonderful. It seems that many
were able to remember the old arrangements
for some of the songs chosen for the service. At
times there wasn't a dry eye in the church I think.
Afterwards there was a luncheon and then a
Hootenanny after that where old favourites were
sung and memories were relived and friends now
gone were remembered.

This week I've been getting ready to close this
old computer down in preparation (I hope) of
getting a new one next weekend. So if you
don't hear from me around the blogging
community for awhile it's just because I'm
getting acquainted with my new Mac. Or
because I've locked myself out of my new Mac.
Or have blown up my new Mac. Whatever.
(a computer geek I am most definitely NOT!!)

Lynn, when I ordered from Barnes and Noble
I paid full shipping costs which would have been
prohibitive perhaps if I'd been paying full price
for all those books. But since each book was
vastly discounted, and one was free, I think
it all worked out pretty good. I wouldn't order
from them all the time necessarily, but once
in a blue moon, for a special deal is okay.

Anybody been naughty with the On Line
Needlework Show???

I finished reading All Together Dead by
Charlaine Harris, and then read The Silver
Bough by Lisa Tuttle and now I'm deep into a
Nora Roberts book called River's End.

Cheers all!


Kathy A. said...

Nice work on your red sampler Judy. I love all those new Carrie threads. Where did you order them? Sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend. Glad to hear the weather is improving.

Carla said...

The red sampler looks really nice!! And great new stash too!!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, lucky you getting a new computer. We got a new one before Christmas and its become a right pain. It keeps shutting down on us. I keep telling my DH to take it back, but you know men. I think half the problem with him taking it back is around an hour drive to our closest large town.
Well, in regards to the weather, it is 1.41pm at the moment and the temperature is 10.5 degrees C. It is always colder up in the mountains then it is Sydney. We actually get snow up here in the Winter although not like you get it. It usually snows during the night and it is gone around lunch time when the sun out.
Its quite beautiful up here at the moment as all the trees are changing colour. If I look out my kitchen window I can see that the Pin Oak, Forsythia and Cherry trees are beautiful Autumn shades. Our Plum, Apricot and Apple trees have already lost their leaves. Although I have a white Banksia Rose over our carport and there are a few flowers that for some reason have come out.
If you read Charles Dickens read David Copperfield first. It is so good. I have the firsty 4-5 Jan Karon books but unfortunately I haven't seemed to be able to find the rest. I agree with you she is a lovely writer. I just enjoyed reading about Father Tim and his adventures with some unique people.
Your sampler is getting lovelier everytime I see it. I have nearly finished Margaret. I am on the bottom border now and all I have to do is filling in the flowers. Not much at all. If people don't bug me I will finish her tonight. Yay she says. I have already started doing Beatrix Potter and have finished 2 motifs.
My youngest son is at home on school holidays so I don't get much time on the computer as he is always on it.
Tomorrow is Anzac Day which is our day to remember all the fine young men who went to war and lost their lives. We celebrate Anzac Day tomorrow because this is the day that so many young men were killed in one of Australia's greatest war battles in Gallipoli Cove in Turkey in WWI. Also this year there are rememberance celebrations in France where thousands of young men died in the Battle of the Somme.
Hopefully I will be able to update my blog on either Monday or Tuesday as school goes back on Tuesday. Yay she says LOL. Anyway its nice to have a chat, talk to you next week - take care = Sandra.

catandturtle said...

Pretty sampler and stitching. I love all the spring thread colors.

Barbara said...

Your stitching looks great! And congratulations on the new Mac - I hope you two make friends super-fast! ;)

Vonna said...

I love that magazine too...oh and Jan her books :)
28 ct. ya can't go wrong with that ;)
And good luck with the new computer!!!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Judy! I saw on Barbara's blog that she is a friend of yours...and any friend of hers, is a friend of mine! :] Loved visiting your blog. I'm bookish, too! I'll be back!
Hugs, Deb

Sonda in OR said...

Red sampler is looking great. Requested a couple of the books you've reviewed from the local library. Love your kitty cats!

Michelle said...

I've been enjoying my Victoria issue too. I'm wanting to read the Mitford books by Karon. They look good. Right now I'm reading one by Jennifer Chiaverini - love her stuff! Those threads are gorgeous!!

tkdchick said...

Your Red Sampler is looking wonderful!!!! Keep sharing your progress!

Pumpkin said...

I loved that magazine! I have no idea where to get it anymore. There used to be a store two hours from here that carried a lot of the items in it. I think I spent more time in that store than I did at school ;o)

Your sampler is really coming along! Great stashing too :o)

Good luck with your new computer!

stitcherw said...

Nice progress on your sampler. I've never done a one color design, but I just started Schoolgirl lessons and I think I may get addicted to them. There is something so relaxing about just stitching and not worrying about color changes all the time.

Love your new stash. What yummy colors of floss you got. The new patterns are great too. I have Always and Forever on order. Isn't the Mer Bleu you recieved wonderful? That's what I'm using now and I love it. It's kind of funny, Schoolgirl lessons was designed in the Rose and I'm doing it in the blue. However A&F was designed in the blue and I'm doing it in the Rose. But then the one is for me and the other for my DD and we have different color preferences. However, I heard there is a wonderful deep purple one, so I may need to check into that one for my DD, as she also loves purples.

You've been busy on your book reading. I'm just reading a light quick one, Decaffeinated corpse by Cleo Coyle. It is in her coffeehouse mystery series. The series is fun, and I like all the little pieces of information on coffee and its history it gives. I just finished reading Sins and Needles by Monica Ferris, which was a quick read too.

Good luck on your new computer, I'll keep my fingers crossed the transition goes smoothly for you.

Lynn said...

Great idea to collect up those Carrie floss! The colours look lovely.
Wow, a new computer! Lucky you!