Monday, March 10, 2008

Adding pictures to my blog post has been like pulling teeth
these past two days. Usually I can add 5 at once, no problem.
Yesterday I couldn't add any at all. Kept coming up as a
server problem at Google. Today I've been able to add
pictures, as long as I do them one at a time. So, I'll post a bit
today, and see what happens.

Here's a snowed over the weekend. Actually, it
snowed all over the weekend. Starting late in the afternoon
on Friday, and finishing up Saturday night, we probably
received about 25 cm of snow, with some ice pellets mixed
in for good luck. Add to that the blowing wind which tossed
the snow back up into the air after it had landed on the ground
and caused snow drifts to form that were pretty deep in
And once it stopped and we were able to venture outside
to shovel out the driveway (hey...has anybody seen the car??)
it was mainly up to DH to do most of the shoveling because
he was the only one who could reach the tops of the piles of
snow left over from previous storms to dump the new snow.
See the above picture? See the pile of snow that DH is
standing next to? Keep in mind that DH is 6'5" tall. :)

This picture was taken from our dinning room window,
looking out into the backyard. The deck is piled with
snow that has fallen off of the roof (we have a metal
roof....the temperature rises....we get avalanches) and
DH also digs a path so that the meter guy can get to
the gas meter. See the bushes at the back, in the corner?
There's a bench in front of them. Really. Oh, and we
have raised gardens surrounding the yard. Yes we do.

See the bench? There it is!! This was taken a couple of
summers ago. Just to give you a point of reference. Ah you remember summer??? Will it ever come

I've been hitting the online bookstore again. Got caught
up on some books that I'd been wanting. All but one in
this pile are by authors that I've never read before. And
I think that all of these were mentioned on other bloggers
sites at one time or another, and since they sounded good
I wrote down the names of the authors and the titles of the
books to get them for myself.

I've already read Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast.
I'm half way through Betrayed. I'm not reading these
books, I'm devouring them!! If you loved Stephenie
Meyer's Twilight ~ Eclipse ~ New Moon trilogy (with
book four due out in August) then you must read this
series. They are suppose to be Young Adult books, but
they are so well written, and well plotted, that I wouldn't
hesitate to recommend them to anyone, of any age.
And much as I love Meyer's books, this series is (to me)
much better.

No stitching to report on. No time last week thanks to

Cheers all!


Kathy A. said...

I can't believe all the snow you guys are getting. I am not a fan of winter, that is why I winter in Arizona. Now, I'm not sure I want to go home until there is NO sign!!!
Hopefully spring is on it's way soon.

Kerry said...

I was having a terrible time trying to post pictures to my blog yesterday too.

I got my copy of Tangled Webs yesterday and I'm just over halfway through and loving it. It's gentler than the original trilogy, but lots of great interaction with characters we love. Great.

tinylittlelibrarian said...

You're in for a treat with You Suck, it's hilarious? Have you read Bloodsucking Fiends? (Probably, I'm probably the only one who read them in the wrong order. :) )

Barbara said...

Niek and I both love well-written 'young adult' books. I'm reading Endymion Spring right now - he read it in two sittings. ;)

That's really some amazing snow!!!

Gina E. said...

Judy, I simply cannot imagine what it would be like to live with that amount of snow! I'd be afraid the weight of it would crush the house...does that ever happen over there? And how long does it take for the snow to melt? I understand from our news reports that it has been one of the worst winters on record in parts of the USA. The same thing in reverse here in Oz - we haven't had good rainfall for 12 years. I guess your snow would come in useful if it could be shipped over here, lol!

Lizzyblack said...

So much snow!! We've had rain in the last few days, but no snow sign :(

Pumpkin said...

Yup, that looks like what we have at the moment. Sigh! Oh, your backyard looks SO beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see green grass and flowers again. Just wait though because then I'll be complaining about mowing the grass ;o) LOL!