Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi there everyone. I'm late posting today. I had to get my
Sunday chores done early this morning because I was going
to my Mom's for lunch and an afternoon visit. So it's evening
here on a bitterly cold Sunday and everyone with a bit of
sense is hibernating indoors. It's -17 Celsius, but with the
wind chill it's at least ten degrees colder then that out.

Spent the afternoon with my Mom working on a jigsaw
puzzle that she had started in her room. We both love
doing puzzles, but I don't have much of a chance to do them
here because Rupert keeps trying to steal the pieces and
either hiding them, or eating them. Sort of the same thing
that he does with my DMC threads if I don't watch him
like a hawk.

I'm seriously behind in my commenting this week because
it was first of the month at work and that meant long hours
and very tired eyes from extreme computer use. I was too
fried at the end of each day to string two sentences together,
never mind make semi-intelligent comments on people's
blogs. I'll be doing catch up this week, as things at work
should be calmer and saner....well, one can hope anyways.

So here's an update of my currant project, which is now in
it's fourth week. I've been working on the bunny's face
and I think the expression is adorable. I used Colonial knots
for the eyes and they turned out pretty good. Must
remember to give the blue bird an eye too. I hope to finish
the bunny this week, and then put on the next image which
will be either a topiary or a bee hive


Yesterday DH and I went out and bought a tv. A simple
statement for a not so simple action. DH has been keeping
an eye on the fliers in our local paper for good deals, and
found something that was pretty much what we wanted
on sale at Future Shop. So off we went.

I can now announce that we are the proud owners of a 42"
Panasonic Plasma tv, with surround sound, 5 disc DVD
player and 8 months of free HD tv from our local cable
provider. The tv is being delivered next Saturday, since
there was no way we were going to be able to stuff it into
our car, although we brought all the other stuff home with

It works out quite nicely, since I'm off that week on
one weeks vacation, so I'll have the new toy all to myself
during the day. I've got some new DVD's to watch,
and I can't wait to watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
on it!!!

While out and about, we also stopped at Michaels so that
I could pick up some DMC threads that I was getting low
on. I also bought a magnifier for use at home, which
will make stitching on smaller count fabrics much easier,
I hope.


We have had some serious weather in the past week,
with a really major snow storm, packing a double
whammy, hitting us on Tuesday/Wednesday. The
first part of the storm arrived overnight on Tuesday
night and was going full tilt when we left for work....
of course. Then, it tapered off around noon and
things were calm was time to go home
again!! Then we got dumped on some more. In
total about 30 cm of snow, perhaps more.

DH shoveled the driveway twice on Wednesday night
and still had to go out and shovel again on Thursday
morning before we could drive to work. And he had
to chisel the car out, because of a bit of freezing rain
that coated the car with ice before it was blanketed
with snow. Will this winter never end????

I started reading Atonement last week, but I'm still
a day or two away from finishing it. I have found the
writing, at least in the first section of the book, a bit
of a slow go to read. Lot's of description of the
characters thoughts, motivations and actions. It's
not a quick read by any means, although it's not a
big book. The second section is moving along much
faster and I've been able to loose myself in the story
more. Or perhaps I've just gotten into the writer's
rhythm at last, I don't know.

And finally, a picture of Phoebe flaked on her blanket,
on the desk next to my computer. I love how relaxed
cats get when they sleep. Twisted into impossible
shapes, and in Phoebe's case wheezing as she sleeps.

Cheers everyone!!


samplerlover said...

Hi Judy, it's me again.
Your needlework is looking very cute. Love it.
I now have The Atonement. I borrowed it from my son, but have to finish The Pillars of The Earth first. Very thick book.
I found 2 mystery SAL's this morning while surfing. They both look quite good.
The first one is by Papillon Creations and is called "How Does Your Garden Grow" It's up to part 2 and comes in 3 versions.
The 2nd is by Periphaeria Designs and is called a Spanish mystery SAL. This officially starts on 15th March but you can download the Basting Line Charts and information to get ready. I'm thinking I might have a go at this one as I quite like Spanish samplers. - Take care - Sandra.

stitcherw said...

It is looking so cute, love the bunny. Phoebe does look very comfy. I love watching cats sleep, they do get in the oddest postions. You wonder how they can possibly be comfortable. Most times is seems to me their neck is at the oddest angle and I really wonder why they don't get a neck cramp.

As to snow, yup, we got that same layer of icy stuff that froze up and then got all that snow on it. I ended up cleaning out the drive three times. Yuck what a mess. I sure wish spring would get here. Glad you had a good time doing puzzles with your mom.

Lynn said...

We got that snow on Thursday at our place but not nearly as much as you did. Be careful driving in all that mess!
Your WIP is so cute. I love the bunny too!
Phoebe is adorable. My Mom's cat does that wheezing bit so loudly that it can keep you awake at times!

Barbara said...

I think I'll have to re-read Atonement. I read it some time back and didn't particularly like it, but I've had that with his novels: Didn't like them the first go, but found something new in them the second time around.

Congratulations on the new TV! When we had to replace ours, which Niek bought in his student days, I just told him to go out and get whatever he wanted, so long as I didn't have to listen to long conversations about the pros and cons. LOL!!

Shannon said...

I love your WIP :D The bunny is very sweet - the colours are so enticing. It looks like fun to stitch.

Glad to hear you managed to dig out from the storm. My arms are just recovering from all the shovelling... and it sounds like there's more to come this week. Bah humbug !

Congrats on your new t.v. ! Sounds ideal. Let us know how you like the HD :D

Pumpkin said...

I knew it was going to be a rabbit!!! :o) I LOVE bunnies :o)

Oh, a new tv! YAY! I can't wait to get a new one although I won't complain about ours. It's just that it takes up SO much room!

I was wondering about that book and will keep an eye out for it at the library :o) Did you see the movie?

Beatrice said...

I love the little piece you are stitching. It is so cute.
Your Phoebe is looking pretty comfy.
Can you imagine curling up like that. I'd never get undone.
It sure has been cold brrrr.
Have you looked at Ann's blog of Knowledge and Needles she is having an open house soon. Maybe you can get down to it????
Have a great week.

Jaimie said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Congrats on the new T.V. That is the size we are looking for but who knows when we will actually get it.
You are certainly having some cold weather there. We have been getting a break here, (not that is gets as cold as it does there) and it has been up in the 60's and even 70's one day. It is so nice to open the doors and let in some spring air even though if only temporarily.
It seems like everyone who has seen or read Atonement has really like it so I hope you enjoy it as well.

monique said...

Oh my gosh! You sure didn't mess around with the TV Isn't that about the largest size?? LOL!

Cute bunny and sweet kitty :) I hope you are staying safe & warm in these icky winter storms.

Michelle said...

Your current project is so cute - and really coming along. Glad you got a new tv - it sounds wonderful. Enjoy watching LOTR on it!